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The Life and Mind of DamnBlackHeart
This is to help me stay actively writing. So expect to see rants, tips on writing, thoughts on subjects, me complaining of boredom, reviews, anime, movies, video games, conventions, tv shows and whatever life throws at me.
My Thought On The Avengers: Endgame
I just finished watching it and my goodness there’s so much I want to talk about. First thing first, my plan of going to the bathroom just before the film started and not eating or drinking anything throughout the whole movie worked. I didn’t miss anything, but of course I was in a rush to go to the bathroom afterwards. XD I wasn’t the only one either.

This post will have SPOILERS. This isn’t a review, just my thoughts on some things and trying to make sense of something in particular.



Okay…so everyone had a pretty good idea that time travel would be involve, but it wasn’t until critics’ (supposedly) spoiler-free reviews came out that it was actually confirmed. I wasn’t upset, because a lot of the Avengers comics and cartoons about Thanos and the infinity stones had it in their plot. But those not familiar or new to the fandom wanted that to still be a surprise for them. Which is why everyone is now being extra careful (especially in their spoiler-free reviews) about what they say or write about Endgame. No one wants to be a dickhead spoiler.

The movie was very good and I felt satisfied to have it concluded the way it did. I’m still feeling that way, but now I’m thinking about the little things in an nitpicky way. It could be plotholes or just minor things that I felt could’ve have done better, elaborated on just a bit more or included.

So to start off with, time travel. They go back to the past to get the stones. What happens there does NOT affect their own timeline. Instead it creates an alternative timeline. They still made sure to return the stones to their exact spots (so that way everything continues in the same general course).

However, Steve decided to stay in the past with Peggy. Before he did that it seems that he might’ve had an off-screen discuss with Bucky about what he was planning to do. That would explain why Bucky wasn’t all that surprised. Steve said his goodbye to him in case they don’t meet again (since there was no guarantee that he would still be alive by that point in time – even with the super soldier serum).

He ended up having a life with Peggy (while the Steve Rogers in that timeline was still frozen in ice). Originally Peggy’s husband was said to be a US soldier during World War II and they had a son and daughter. That’s all we know of her husband as there has never been any information on him besides that. But with Steve in the picture…does that mean he was always going be the man that Peggy ended up with? If so, the whole Sharon Carter (who is the great niece of Peggy Carter) and Steve flirting and the kiss is now cringey.

Or did Steve breakup the relationship or marriage that Peggy had with another WWII solider (which in the Agent Carter TV series implied it to be Daniel Sousa)? Hmm, either way he got his happy ending. But there are people who are like what about the Bucky of that timeline?! Don’t forget that Steve of that timeline was still in ice and if things continued on the same course he’d eventually wake up, the Avengers will form, he’ll find out about Bucky and later on rescue him. So this – our current Steve didn’t have to do anything because he knew things will turn out okay in the end.

But how did old Steve come back to the current timeline? When Bruce Banner explained time travel to Scott and Rodney, he said that even if they did go back to the past to killed baby Thanos, it wouldn’t have effected their current timeline at all. It would’ve just created an alternative timeline that branched off from the moment they changed said past. And that apparently when you travel into the future, you return to your original future, not the new one created by the changes you made in the past. It’s confusing, yes…

So again…how did old Steve come back? Old Steve would’ve need to use the time travel suit again in order to come back. So isn’t this a plothole? Or is this implying that this was always meant to happen?

And the reason Steve took the hammer, Mjolnir with him was because it’s connection with the Bifrost allows for quick travel. He was going alone and needed a way to get to all of the stones locations to drop them off.

…I wonder what his reaction was to seeing Red Skull again when dropping off the soul stone.

As for the choice between Natasha or Clint. They both love each other and it would’ve been sad to see either of them die. But I realize this could’ve fail completely if it was any other two people. Seriously…out of the two people groups it was them to go for the soul stone.

Otherwise, the other group probably would’ve come back empty handed and be like “guys, we’ve got a problem. To get the soul stone someone needs to die, and it has to be someone you love or it won’t work.” That didn’t happen as it would’ve been extra work to deal with in order to figure it out, so instead they made it convenient by sending Natasha and Clint.

Hmmm, I felt like a twist could’ve been throw in here. Everyone knew a sacrifice needed to be made, but imagine if they both accidentally sacrifice themselves at the same time. What would the soul stone have done? Would it have been like damn…the combination of two souls that love each other is strong. I can’t choose and neither of them is willingly to give up the other. Would it have been enough to summon the soul stone into existence without either of them having to die? Or would nothing happen and instead we get two dead characters? It’s something to think about…

Also, where was Natasha’s funeral wreath in the river? I get that the funeral was for Tony, but it didn’t hurt to do something for her too. Maybe hint that they’re going to do something later (like a memorial statue or something).

So…does the past-Gamora stay in this timeline? Or did she go back? If not, what will happen to that Star-Lord? Will the Guardians of the Galaxy still form or not?

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