One thing I really, really enjoy is driving late at night, between 2 am and 4 pm. Just driving alone, with my favourite music, and the highway lights. Its so pleasant...

And of course, the adrenaline of the high speed is addicting heart . Well not extremely high, something around 120 and 160 km/h.
After 140 you can feel the torque of the engine, and one cant just all of sudden. Or I just feel it wont be something good to do.

I am not a bad driver, I guess? But I do consider myself juuust a little but reckles. Looking back, sometimes I wonder how did I not have some accidents... stuff that I definitely dont do it anymore, like driving after drinking alcohol, or driving while extremely sleepy (I kind of fell asleep once, but not a single scratch!).

Now I dont push it anymore, not worth it. Just music and the glow of the dashboard <3