Moving onwards from Advanced Academy... we have Enhanced Academy.
So, while AA was located in the States, EA is based in London, England. So the surviving members of AA (Jade, Christy, Syrus, Ray) move onto attend this school instead. The second installment didn't have much of a solid plot, even after I started working on it.

Joining our main cast is Alice (eidetic memory), Cody (Biologist), Louis (good with machines), and Tiffany (Ecologist). This story mainly focuses on Alice and Cody, and their adjustments and realizing what they are really capable of.
You see, original attendees of EA (before the merge with AA) are actually not /naturally/ gifted, like the students at AA. They have been genetically modified to have superior performance compared to normal humans.

The school, once again, is well funded. The eight students share a dorm which is basically like a house -- four bedrooms, two communal bathrooms, kitchen, living area. Bedrooms are shared by two students (Alice-Jade, Christy-Tiffany, Ray-Cody, Syrus-Louis), and the bathrooms are shared by gender. The living area is decorated based on the students' preferences, and I recall writing that there are beanbags and a TV in their dorm.
Besides classrooms, each student has access to a full "lab" -- this time the labs are tailored for the research of the student:

-Christy has history books.
-Cody has a disinfecting chamber by the door because his experiments need to remain contained, he is working on a project to cure the mutating plague (a super-bioweapon)
-Tiffany has like a mini-zoo. she has a lot of pets which she studies. and also a wall-length fish tank.
-Jade has a large cabinet which stores different elements and compounds and tailors it to exactly it's required storage temperature and pressure. cool chemist stuff.
-Ray has a world map rug, idk what else
-Syrus' lab is actually a mini-gym. there's also a closet for storing sports equipment.
-Louis was never important enough for me to care.
-Alice has direct access to the library. She also has really comfy chairs and a "reading room" which is super quiet. And of course she has side tables to hold her tea (how british!)
The science kids had their labs on the third floor (Cody, Jade, Tiffany), while the Humanities kids have labs on the second floor (Alice, Christy, Ray). Syrus' lab is on the first floor as it's next to the actual gym.