So after I had created that entire fantasy realm, I decided to take a different route and write a science fiction story.

The original concept centered around 10(?) prodigies who were in a special training school which allowed them to explore their special skill as well as train them to be secret agents fighting for control of something. There supposedly was a mad scientist who existed years before who formulated a way to control minds, so the governments/spy agencies that still existed sent trained (student) agents to find where the pieces of the formula are. The story supposedly took place after the events of World War III and IV.

We follow the education and spy mission of (primarily) Jade (long, dark brown hair w/ bangs, glasses, talent was chemistry, cold but cunning), Vincent (kind of a quiet, bumbling boy who never does his homework, not sure what his talent was, messy and kind of oily black hair ), Christy (tall, blonde, fit, talented in chemistry but with a kind soul).
We also had some less important characters: Ray [name reused from 4-World Kat's story] (dark blonde hair, brown eyes, charming and could speak/write/read many many languages), Cynthia(tall, blue-black hair, scowls, quiet and mysterious, good at forging documents), Syrus (equally tall, black hair, quiet but polite, athlete, one could think Cynthia and Syrus were siblings), Kendall (Ken) (math?), Bennett (Ben) (programming?), Allyson (shorter, brown wavy hair, a rocket scientist), and Lynn (a red-haired, reculsive artist). They all work for different agencies but don't know it, because they're sworn to secrecy.
A bunch of them are supposed to die because they aren't important.
In the end, the only survivors are Jade, Christy, Syrus, and Ray, as they move onto the next iteration on the Sci-Fi story.

The school they attend is called Advanced Academy, and seems to be a government funded school because it is equipped with lots of state-of-the-art equipment. Besides regular classrooms/living quarters, each student is given their own lab for research if they require it (the next iteration also does this, but better).

The plot mainly moves around a subtle battle between Jade/Vincent's agency (Gemini???) and Christy's agency (Scorpio) trying to get their hands on the mind control formula. So at some point the three of them have to fight each other but are friends so conflicts happen. I think there is also Jade + Vincent shipping but honestly I designed this 7 years ago so it's not like I remember everything clearly.