Rolling in Colors
I am laying down.
Ready for whatever is being put on me.
Afterall, I am adaptable.
Whether it is sweet or spicy.
I can take it.

I am plain.
Unable to hold out on my own.
A need for all kinds of relationships has grown.

A life full of colors.
People like no other.
Everything seems to fit with me.
It is so hard to believe.

The wide arrangement of hues.
Turning the heart from a gruesome black to a calm blue.
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers


Note: Birds of a Feather, I am finally here! The 180th poem. This has been a fun journey and can say this is the conclusion of "Kinkie Foodie Collection." heart I will now resume to writing any topic beyond the food range. I hope you all enjoyed this challenge/journey as much as I had. Thank you again for all the patience and support. Happy Reading! <3