The last story of the 4-World Universe is of course, centered around an immortal from the last plane of the universe: Hell.

Zoey is a demon born in the underworld. Abandoned by her parents at a young age, she relied heavily on her brother Morin (the same Morin who is an apprentice in Kat's store) for survival. She was taught the sneaky, cunning ways of the shadow creatures: to lie, to steal, to bargain, and to do whatever it takes to survive.
But, one day Morin also abandons her for some kind of bullshit internship in the mortal world. Zoey takes it upon herself to find her brother in the mortal plane, but, at her age, if she wishes to leave the underworld, she must "fit in" with the mortals and education.
Basically you have a normal story of a demon navigating high school and pretending to be a normal person. She befriends other immortals who help her do things like sneak into a library into the underworld that tracks the deaths and death dates of every living creature among other really desperate attempts to find where her brother is.
The only scene I remember writing is her using her shadow manipulating powers to unlock her locker when she forgot her combo. And then her friend tells her to just memorize the combination and she's like, I'm not going to be here for long, why bother?
Zoey: Red haired, green eyes.
Kyla?? (Female?): Best friend. Don't know what or who you are.
Jack: Wizard.
Nathan: Sorcerer. Best friends with Jack.
((This is also the first time we see the difference between the Wizard and Sorcerer clans but that won't be revisited until much later.))
Darren: A shy and quiet boy who can see into the future.