I think we'll move onto Annie (Conway) today.

So Annie and Cody were some of my first characters ever created (based on TDI, lol).

Annie is a dark-haired teenager who wears a lot of grey. Shoulder-length black hair. I think she was supposed to be athletic. She's not that special. She has a brother, Andrew, who is a seasons guardian. Her best friends, Kat (see previous entry) and Cody also probably have more interesting lives than she does. She spends a lot of her time at Kat's house, or the trio are together a lot. She's also in love with Cody, who is a shy-ish, artistic white boi with soft brown hair. He's very gentle and sweet and also very dorky.

Annie's story was never really settled for. I wasn't sure if I wanted to get her involved with the other universes or if I wanted her to stay human. There were two main plays on it:
1. Annie is a spy for the government of wherever she lives. I loved martial arts movies and also spy shows like Totally Spies, so Annie had to balance that secret life + normal human who also goes to school life. She fights someone I'm pretty sure is named Dr. Evil (or something equally stupid) and tries to foil his plans to destroy mankind or take over the world or something. Cody gets involved and things get personal.
2. Cody is secretly immortal. (Well, so is Kat.) One day, the pair take Annie to the Crossing (magical plane) and tell her that it is her duty as described in a prophecy to save ... something. It had to do with "Capricorn" (Annie is a Capricorn, so that made sense to me at some point in time). The trio go adventuring in the Immortal world, and Annie has to adjust to immortal life and whatever.