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The Life and Mind of DamnBlackHeart
This is to help me stay actively writing. So expect to see rants, tips on writing, thoughts on subjects, me complaining of boredom, reviews, anime, movies, video games, conventions, tv shows and whatever life throws at me.
Devil May Cry 2 -- Ending
Just my random thought of it...

At the end of Devil May Cry 2, Dante willingly went into the demon world to stop a demon lord from escaping. It would be a one-way trip as the gate would close behind him, and he would be trapped there. With no way back to the human world, Dante headed deeper into the demon world on his motorcycle. We also saw Matier go to Lucia to comfort her, telling her that just like his father before him, Dante will return someday, and that she should have faith in him. Lucia patiently waits for him to come back. That was it.

We don’t know what he experience in Hell or for how long he was trapped there for (at least, not until later when interviews and the recent game told us). But I think that Dante went into Devil Trigger (often abbreviated to D.T.) while in Hell (Underworld, the Netherworld, the Dark World, the Demon World, or whatever you want to call it).

It’s a grim, treacherous realm where demons are capable of unleashing their full power and strength. It also doesn’t follow the same natural and physical laws as the Human World (for example gravity being inverted, ceilings serving as floors, self-rearranging environments, and even naturally occurring events of entirely localized space-time displacement). The Demon World is far from an ideal environment for humans to be in -- even for a half-human too.

Lesser demons have an easier time in crossing between worlds, but it requires a much larger portal to allow more powerful demons to cross. So basically the more dangerous and powerful demons are those in Hell. So I figured with how many demon are fixated on Sparda and knowing he’s a son of Sparda they’ll be drawn to him. He probably didn’t get much of a break and it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that he might've had to switch into his D.T. form for a bit.

I bring this up because in an old interview Hideki Kamiya or Hideaki Itsuno, (possibly both as I can’t remember for sure) said that Dante doesn’t age in D.T. However, he doesn’t stay in that form because he prefers to be human. I think it was Kamiya that said Dante didn’t want to lose his humanity, which would’ve happened if he stayed in his D.T. form for too long.

So Dante probably kept switching between forms for those 5 years. It would help to explain his youthful appearance despite growing older. But then I wondered how does time work in Hell? For all we know 5 years in the Human World could just be a year (or 10 years, maybe 1,000 years) in the Demon World. I don’t know. This is just speculations.

In the prequel novel Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare, Dante told Matier that the way he got out of Hell was because a portal unexpectedly opened up and he went through it. It led out to Dumary Island and apparently small port cities like Fortuna and Dumary have more issues with demons because those areas have higher chances of portals opening.

I find it interesting that in DMC5:BtN even Dante said that he wasn’t exactly a ‘young man’ anymore. He then contemplated his own lifespan in relation to Sparda’s and wondered when he’ll be considered an old man.

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