Ash Smothered Earth

"I'm sorry, but I have to do this"

whispered the Ash to the Earth.

Drowning the sorrows and suffering.
Smothering the irreversible damage.
All due to the large ravaging group known for nothing more but their act of savage.
Spreading beyond.
Breaking and abusing has been far gone.
The ancient stones of varying sizes accept their fate
the ages of the past and present covers their sitting state.
The Ash, the warm blanket that lovingly wraps its arms in comfort to
Earth's neverending wrath and flame.
Urge to mercilessly throttle and maim.
The flourishing green are no longer more.

"Since you like destroying everything in your wake, the floor is all yours..."

Undergoing the unnoticable process of disintegration.
[The blades become dull.]
[The sea life becomes dead and numb from lack of action on the sickly ocean.]
[No amount of those who want to save me will make it.]

Say it with me now:

"It is far too late."
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers


Note: Hello Birds of a Feather, I have returned once again. I got one more poem to go for this food series. Gosh, it took me this long to get to 180? I seriously look forward to getting out of writing food-related poems and writing whatever subjects I have clicking in my mind. Happy Reading. heart (My offer to what I should write next still stands.)