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The Life and Mind of DamnBlackHeart
This is to help me stay actively writing. So expect to see rants, tips on writing, thoughts on subjects, me complaining of boredom, reviews, anime, movies, video games, conventions, tv shows and whatever life throws at me.
Anonymous Asked: Dante's Age (Updated)
anonymous asked:

Wouldn't Dante have to be 34 in the animated series if Patty was 8? Cuz 10 years later when Patty is 18 would make him 44? I know the new timeline retconned Dante's age in DMC1 to younger which is kind of silly but maybe I missed something

XD At this point I don’t know anymore. I thought I had it figured it out. When I went back to look at my messy notes with fresh eyes, I saw that it still didn’t work. There’s always something off, because something got retcon or Capcom just made things more confusing. If I ignored everything else and just focused on only Patty. The ages would be something like this…

DMC 3 Manga = Dante is 18 years old
DMC 3 = Dante is 19 years old
DMC 1 = Dante 28 years old
DMC: The Animated Series = Dante is 34 and Patty is 8
DMC 2 = Dante is 35 and Patty is 9 (It is said that Dante goes to Hell for a bit – supposedly for 5 years) He comes back at 40 years old and Patty is 14
DMC 4 = (If it’s 2 years later…) Dante is 42 and Patty is 16
DMC 5: Before the Nightmare = Dante is 43 and Patty is 17
DMC 5 = Dante is 44 and Patty is 18

This should work, but then I have to consider the others sources and in doing so I got something like this…

DMC 3 Manga = Dante is 18 years old
DMC 3 = Dante is 19 years old
DMC 1 = Dante is 28 years old
DMC: The Animated Series = Dante is 33 years old
DMC Vol. 2 Novel = Dante is 34 years old (these events happened in the same year, just several months before DMC2)
DMC 2 = Dante is 34 years old (At the end he was in Hell for 5 years…)
DMC 4 = Dante is 39 years old
DMC 5: Before the Nightmare = (Hm, lets say 3 years later…) Dante is 42 years old
DMC 5 = (1 year later…) Dante is 43 years old

We don’t actually have a definitive age for Dante in the anime. So there’s wiggle room to adjust it to make better sense. It could also work with Dante being 30 years old in the anime, which would make him 31 years old in DMC2, 36 in DMC4, 40 in DMC5:BtN and 41 in DMC5…eh, close enough.

Either way, Dante is suppose to be in his 40s in DMC5. It kind of matches up with how he was in Hell for 5 years at the end of DMC2, popped up in DMC4 and then (according to interviews and a novel) another 5 years later is when DMC5 begins. This might work better. Patty would be still 8 years old the anime, 9 years old (in DMC2), 13 (in DMC4), 17 (in DMC5:BtN), and 18 (in DMC5).

I’m definitely off by a year or two. Some canonically things will have to be ignored or tweaked in order for this to make compete sense. Like Devil May Cry 4: Deadly Fortune novel, which originally wasn’t consider canon but now it is semi-canon? They’ve officially made it canon that Nero is Vergil’s son by confirming it in the actual game. However, some of the events in the novel still contradict the DMC4 game, so it’s not completely accurate.

The same could be said of the Devil May Cry Vol. 1 novel. It can’t be canon because in DMC3, Dante already has his pair of personally customized, semi-automatic handguns (designed to rapidly fire bullets instilled with his demonic power) in it. So the events of the novel are impossible to fit into the timeline. But they did confirmed that Nico is Nell's granddaughter (the creator of Ebony & Ivory in the novel). It’s also where Dante's alias as “Tony Redgrave” originally came from. That just means that they do borrow things from the novels, but that’s all.

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