Hi so as you can tell from the title I'm studying signals.
Daily report:
-Woke up not super early in the morning to floot, think mozart will be okay for next wednesday but not sure about hindemith because my stamina is like gone :')
-we discovered that 1/2LI^2 is the inductance energy formula
-CI meeting was cancelled (!!!!) so I got to actually eat food
-learned nothing in ccts, as per USUAL
-sat with boi in 216, what did we even do today, more properties of DTFT I think
-sat with boi in 243, talked a bit (but i can't remember what)... this is the day he vandalized my book back tho
-what a cute boi
-went for fish tacos with Heike and then accidentally also bought waffles and a bunch of other food and stuff
-k now im procrastinating signals so hard help