While I am not sure I am actually going to develop rules for it, I would still like to write these down somewhere before I forget. Maybe I might develop a WG game with dice rolls for the whole thing when I come up with enough.

1. It has stats and a training system. There are the usual stats from rpgs, sometimes these allow special or otherwise hidden actions. It also has a hidden seduction stat made for cheesing the game, unlocked through New Game+ or future playthroughs. However, the starting outfits are preset and semi-randomized, with a hidden Easter egg of being nakey with a censor bar for those who set their base fashion sense to zero, which can also only be done on a second play through.
Some stats are hidden game mechanics but have obvious effects, like reputation. Saving a boy from being crushed by something or doing good things makes good people like you. Being mean, tsundere, or teasing people makes bad boys like you.

2. New outfits can be bought at the mall, but the ones available will still be based on the fashion stat. Up-keeping your money is important because there are events, dates, and even responses locked behind having varying amounts at a certain time.

3. There is at least one Phoenix Right reference and court mini game. This can have drastically different results if played wrong, because it is a world-level event which every NPC sees. It can shift positive aligned guys and gals from liking you to hating you, or instantly result in a bad boy having a crush on you even when his affection levels were previously negative. Due to this, it is also considered a cheesing mechanic, but it is also sometimes the only way for certain characters to like or trust you.

4. Other Mini games: Cooking, fishing, comforting others, feeding your date, dancing/rhythm, spying on a room-mate or interest, and grooming the character or an npc.

5. Wynni does not know all of the game mechanics-and plenty of random events, side effects, and other things exist allowing for replay-ability in addition to routes.