Stomach-Churning Un-Desires
I am strange.
The easily obtained,
yet at the same time, not easily the one to remain.
I may be the remainder.
The thing that gets removed first
but never eaten.

I reek.
The last one anyone wants to seek.

What's the word?
"Acquired Taste."

Yet, when I am loved, I go down hard.
At times,
a slippery slide down.
I would evoke many to frown.
Exuding a strong stench.
Noses are clenched.

My small group of fans.
Here I am.
The nastiest present anyone has ever seen.

The "loose" noose that one can hang lazily on
or else I will hang you for you.
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers


Note: Hello Birds of a Feather, my apologies for the long break. There has been long and recurring cycles of lack in motivation, school, mental health issues, and all that jazz. But, I have to say this year I have been more active physically and been getting tons of work done in reality. heart So, I am not giving myself too much crap. Thank you all for having patience with me. Happy Reading. heart