I guess I'll write like I used to.

9-11AM, circuits tutorial. Just some MOSFET junk (I think my TA has finally realized that I am pretty smart and that I answer questions in class). I unfortunately did not get to sit next to Isaac (Is that what we're going with for now?), due to Other Me and Romania. I hate Romania. Can people from there just Not. pls.

11-12, EM lecture, exploring symmetry about like, curl, and other magnetic field stuff, I think? I was like half awake in that class (but aren't I always only half awake in that class?)

Lunch: curry. Should remember to package those properly.

Signals lab, finished early (as we planned to) and booked it outta there. Also didn't talk to Isaac but yet again was scolded by ([i need a name for this dude] and the dude who's named after a mountain. wowow.

Went to the mall and spent $90 on makeup and shampoo (F), and then another $15 on a cute sweater (which I will wear tomorrow if it is not too cold).

Now just procrastinating studying for my midterm which I literally just began prepping for lol kms