yesterday was a busy bill paying errand day out. a little crisp early on, but the day warmed up as it went on.
was pretty stoked to find that Whataburger has their mushroom swiss burger back, so had one for lunch. think that'll be the first and last one for me during it's promotional season. I had forgotten how big those burgers are, so it was too much for me sweatdrop

in any case, we carried on with errands and before heading home we picked up Little Caesar's pretzel crust pizza for dinner. the prep person went a bit overboard with the salt shaker around the crust. lucky for us the salt wasn't baked in, so that made it a lot easier to dust off the salt from the crust. that was my first time trying the pretzel crust pizza; and I'm not mad at it. it actually tasted pretty good for being a chain store pizza. (forgive me Blaze for blaspheming against real pizza)