I'm getting set up on a date???

This is so weird.

I don't know what to do ... I know without a doubt that I will be awkward as hell.

It's Julia's cousin, and she seems thrilled at the idea. She seems to think we're gonna hit it off and that we (her and I) might be able to be related. Hahah I admire her optimism.

I expect it to go horribly.

I mean, she says he thinks I'm beautiful, but I'm just over here all skeptical. Like whose pictures have you been looking at?? I haven't felt beautiful in a long time if I'm being honest.

She's talking him up, and he honestly seems really nice and sweet. I think he's a good person.

That's a problem because I'm just gonna be more awkward.

I want him to like him, and I want to like him. It'd kind of be perfect.

Which is also why I think it's too good to be true. Like where's the catch??

I have that giddy feeling again, but it's mixed with uncertainty and fear.

I've never done this before. With Spencer and Edward, we were friends, and I hoped that something would happen ... but nothing ever did. We just stayed friends (although I don't really talk to either of them much anymore hahah. Granted the former is now married and the latter is in a happy relationship.)

I don't know how to approach the situation when we both are already kind of on the same page. (Are we on the same page? I mean, I guess in the sense that we're both curious if it will go anywhere. Again, with S&E, it was all friendship and hope. This is different. This could be real ... Scary.)

Eh, nothing will probably come of it. I should stop overthinking it.