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                                                    Coquettish: He has an itch that he can never seem to scratch.
                                                    Protective: Specifically for whom he guards, he is protective of his own identity as well though doesn't necessarily hide it. He enjoys wearing masks, though, and enjoys the inscrutable nature behind them.
                                                    Enigmatic: He is a mysterious sort; some would say of another dimension.
                                                    Playful: He enjoys pulling childish pranks here and there..
                                                    Glazed: He doesn't often express himself, and because of this prefers to wear a mask.


                                                    The wonders of being a demon. Melrose knows little of what it means to be a demon. As a demon of enigmatic nature whose abilities are largely unknown to himself, Melrose is an extremely powerful demon and can not control his demonic nature when he is outside of his human form. This has been his downfall previously.
                                                    In fact, he was originally of the Fire clan tribe. As a boy growing up, he didn't know friendship as his parents kept him locked up; told he had unfavorable powers and attitudes. They were referring to his discovered sexuality and uncontrollable demonic nature as a child.
                                                    He rarely thought his sexuality as different, given him being a demon was enough to be considered as different. Yet what struck him as curious was why his parents', who were human and of a fanatical bunch, saw him as inherently evil. Melrose had no intention of harming his parents or the community around him yet his nature told differently. Perhaps this may have been because he, during his uncontrolled state due to the lack of parenting and love from said parents, had disappeared when he was not locked up and committed murders? He even earned the nickname "Enigma!"
                                                    During his pre-teen years when hormones took control of his body, Melrose awoke one day with the door of his elegant bedroom in ruins and his parents dead. In fact, many outside of his parents' esteemed house were also corpses. No, not dead; slaughtered, because of his own doing. Who had bear witness to such horrendous execution was none other than the fire clan themselves.
                                                    They were impressed, yet afraid of the child who could not control his nature. So, the notorious "Enigma" was taught. His powers were not suppressed but he was taught by many of the fire clan to control his demonic powers. Many could not tame him, so they instead taught him to simply control himself. Dawning a mask helped Melrose control his powers. This mask provided a placebo effect; a way that he could hide without being truly seen.
                                                    He carried this to his teenage years where he met his first lover. However, his first lover was seemingly executed when Melrose awoke to a once again destroyed house: his own, in fact; and his lover missing. Melrose assumed he was dead given the trauma he endured as a child and continued on as a bachelor for many years to come.
                                                    In his adult years, he was contracted to protect a young girl who had just been adopted into the Sinclaire lineage. Melrose had domestically served them and.. well, engaged in frivolous activities with many of the men of said lineage. Naturally of whom kept quiet of such endeavors, and Melrose as well. Of whether it was of personal interest or not had Melrose accepted this contract to protect the young girl who had subsequently been moved to the Air clan. With this, so had Melrose. His official citizenship changed by the will of the Fire and Air administrative lot; he now protected the young girl.
                                                    Throughout the months, he quickly understood the girls' stubborn nature. He could only stifle a giggle at her tantrums as she grew, but what was found more peculiar was how her family sought to murder the girl. Melrose did not like this; in fact he saw much of himself in this girl he was to protect. Without her knowledge has he had to defend her name and shed blood.. not that he didn't enjoy it.


                                                    ▇▇▇▇▇: Father(deceased).Though originally broken-hearted at his death, now Melrose sometimes thinks back of how he wishes he could have been "awake" when they were executed by him..
                                                    ▇▇▇▇▇: Mother (deceased).Though originally broken-hearted at his death, now Melrose sometimes thinks back of how he wishes he could have been "awake" when they were executed by him..
                                                    Vesper Rose Sinclaire: Bodyguard of. He views her as a stubborn sort, but nonetheless one he seems traits of himself as a child in.
                                                    ▇▇▇▇▇: Ex-Lover. He often questions where he went, or if he had been executed by Melrose.


                                                            Flirtation from and with Men
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                                                            Flirtation from Women
                                                            The Aberdeen Lineage

                                                ◈Quote: "Do you find my presence to be enigmatic? So do I, sometimes."

                                                ◈ Preferred Weapon: If he decides to fight within his "awake"/human form, he simply uses a silver dagger. He has also picked up the craft of hallucinogenic poison needle-thin darts that he can toss at his opponents.
                                                If in his demonic form, the ink-like fog that protrudes from him is actually a highly poisonous and thick aroma that may first disorient those around him and cause them to hallucinate. Eventually, they will become immobilized. He also has claws that act as stingers; injecting this poison (now acting as a venom) directly into their veins resulting in immediate paralysis down to ones' very cells. Should his crystalized torso be cracked or burst; he will suffer greatly but this would only cause miles upon miles around him to fall fate to his paralyzing fog.