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                                                      The Basics

                                                    ◈ Alias(es): Mel, Rose, Enigma
                                                    ◈ Age: Thirty-two
                                                    ◈ Race: Demon
                                                    ◈ Birthday: October 11th
                                                    ◈ Sex/Gender: Male
                                                    ◈ Sexuality: Homosexual
                                                    ◈ Occupation: Guard of Vesper Rose Sinclaire.


                                                    ◈ Height: 6'1"
                                                    ◈ Weight: 159 lbs.
                                                    ◈ Hair: Platinum Blonde
                                                    ◈ Eyes: Magenta
                                                    ◈ Build: Fit
                                                    ◈ Unique Features: His eyes are magenta but fluctuate within a variety of hues of purple, as if his eyes were evermoving.


                                                    ◈ Engaged to: He is single.
                                                    ◈ Opinion of Arrangement: He quite enjoys the pleasure of flirting, so he will do as he pleases regardless of whomever he decides to call his own.
                                                    ◈ Race Related: As a demon, he is able to shift into the form pictured. He has the ability to project violet-colored flames, and has quick reflexes. With the taste of blood, he can grow stronger.