Chapter 51: {Last chapter of the story.}

Time passed, and the airport was now a proper base the Brotherhood was proud to call home. Sure it wasn't as large as the base they had in the Capital, but it was just the right size for them. They had built over most of the rubble, creating a large warehouse of sorts to use. The upper floors held rooms and a side room for their Elder of course. Most of the people that had no space on the ship, now lived in here. Arthur's old room had been given to Nate and Danse. While Danse's room was given to a new Paladin. Cade was given a much larger room to work in as well as a proper staff to help him with the sick or wounded. Even Ingram had more work space then she knew what to do with. Arthur had to admit, for the first time in a long time things finally seemed to be falling into place. True to his word, Arthur continued to help with the Minutemen to rebuild settlements that needed the most help. It took some talking, but it wasn't long before the other members were fully into it. It was still hard to convince them to help Ghouls, but it was better then nothing. Which allowed the people in the Commonwealth to trust the Brotherhood a bit more now that they were lending a hand. In fact he had never seen so many people willing to join. But right now, he had his mind on something else that was far more important. The good doctor Cage had confirmed that Sara was indeed pregnant, and since then, he had been doing what he could get things ready.

Thanks to all the added space, he was able to set up a crib and everything else in their room. Even if he had to admit he had no idea what most of this stuff was for. Lucky for him Nate was more then happy to help the poor bewildered Elder. He was starting to feel he was way over his head with all this stuff. Nate just smiled and helped Arthur as best he could, much to the amusement of Danse. Sara could only enjoy the show as her poor husband was slowly going out of his mind. She was rather close to her due date now, it was hard to believe just how much time had past since getting the news. Getting around was, a challenge to say the least. She could hardly see her feet at this point so she stuck to just staying around their new base. No point on trying to go to far like this. Arthur was only twenty-one now and she could swear he was starting to go white in a few places as she forces him to sit down. "Hon, your diving yourself crazy...sit.." He takes a slow breath, he hadn't shaved his beard either in awhile as she gives it a small tug. He frowns a bit as he places his hand on her stomach. "But..." She shakes her head at this as she takes a step closer. "No buts, go, take a shower, shave for crying out loud, I'm not about to pop any time soon I promise..." Their love live hadn't changed much, until her stomach started to grow. But she knew he still loved her, and like usual he had a odd way of showing it. He hadn't slept in a few days, fusing over every little thing.

It was early September, and if Cade was right she would have their kid, soon. Since then Arthur had been running around like he had lost his damn mind. He just might have at this rate as he leans into her a bit. "Alright you win..." He places his other hand on her stomach. Doing so earns him a kick and he smiles brightly. She had woken him one night to make him feel it. He was so over the moon when he first felt their baby. Even now, the only thing he could feel was pride. "Two against one hardly seems fair..." He leans to the side to kiss her as she smiles at him. "Oh just you wait, now go take a shower, I love you, but you really need it..." He rolls his eyes but slowly lets her go and heads for their private bathroom. It took some time to get working pipes into their new base, but at least here the water heater worked a hell of a lot better. She waits until she hears the water going and slowly plants herself in a rocking chair. Nate had found it, surprisingly in Hancock's storage. The Mayor wasn't using it so it was gifted to her once getting up and down became more of an exercise. It was still hard to believe, even after all of this she was having a kid. She looks down as she runs her hand over herself. Things sure had an odd way of changing. She sure as hell didn't picture this for herself. The water stops after awhile and it wasn't long before Arthur steps out, only in a pair of black pants and a towel wrapped around his shoulders. She lets out a low whistle at him. "Well hello handsome." He still blushed when she did that as he cleans off his face. "The things I do for you..." She giggles at him softly. "Come now you look so much better without the giant bush on your face.."

She blinks at what she just said. "Well not excluding me, but that's a whole different story." He couldn't help but laugh a bit as he strolls over to her and helps her up. She blinks as he wraps his arms around her and takes her to bed. If he was going to lay down, he wasn't going in alone it seemed. So she lays back with him her head on his arm as he holds her close. She nuzzles into him as he rest his hands on her. Truth be told, she was tired, lugging around the base was hard work. She had been mostly keeping herself busy with paper work, which there was an endless supply of. "I hope our kid has your eyes." She smiles up at him. He glances down at her. Her own eyes were a mix of greens and a hint of brown. He didn't really care what their kid looked like. She lets out a small gasp as she holds her stomach. He blinks as he shifts his body. "You okay..should I get the doctor?" She gives him a small smile. "No I'm okay, I think the poor thing is starting to get, impatient..." However she feels a slight stab of pain and she tightens her hold on him. Maybe getting the doctor wouldn't be such a bad idea. "Then again, you might want to..." She lets out a small surprised gasp as she jumps. "Oh God my water just broke..." Arthur almost panics as he picks her up, carrying her carefully. She holds onto him tightly as he just jogs down the new hallway. no one got in his way as he got her into the medical bay. Cade looks up to see his Elder holding a their now sweating Sentinel.

He had just the room to use as she was places on a medical bed they had dug up. It had been cleaned of course before they used it as Cade gathers everything he needed as well as a nurse. He had done this a number of times, and he knew how to go about this. Arthur stays at her side through the whole thing. No one was going to make him budge from her side. Even if she came really close to breaking his hand a few times while in pain. Twelve hours and sever swear words later, Sara finally gives birth to a healthy baby boy. The minute he was cleaned and wrapped in a warm blanket he was given to Maxson as Cade clears the room so the couple could be alone. It hadn't been easy, but she gives him a small smile. Sure she was drained after that, but she was so far from wanting to sleep as Arthur sits on her bed, so she could see their son. "He's perfect..." She whispers, the boy already sound asleep in his father's arms. Arthur was unable to tear his eyes away from the tiny bundle in his arms. "I can't believe he's finally here..." He moves his hand slowly to the small patch of hair his boy had. They had wanted to wait to see what they had, before they came up with names. But seeing his son now, he knew without a doubt what he wanted to name him. "Welcome to the world...Roger.." She turns her head at this. Named after the founder of the Brotherhood of Steal. It oddly suited the small boy. "I like it, I think it fits him perfectly." He smiles as he leans in, kissing her lightly. "Get some sleep, I'll watch over him.." She nods slowly and falls asleep rather quickly.

Arthur couldn't help but pace the room slowly, keeping his boy in his arms. He had cried the minute he came out, and quickly went to sleep the minute Arthur had a hold of him. He had long stopped smoking around his wife and cut back on his drinking. He had to admit he felt a lot better since cutting back and a lot less stressed out. He slowly walks up of the medical room to see Danse and Nate nearby. Nate just smiles brightly as he leans in. "Word is spreading like wild fire, it was hell making sure there wasn't a line of people out here, but we couldn't stop a few people." Ingram was behind Danse, she had grown to like Sara quite a lot over time as well as the Captain. He had to admit over time he had over reacted to the whole thing and felt guilty. Arthur shakes his head slowly as he turns to Nate. "Meet the newest member, the new Roger Maxson.." Danse looks up at this. "After our founder, I like it.." Danse had gotten out of his power armor out of respect. Ingram would had done the same, but she needed the suit to walk. "I hate to say it, but you actually make cute kids.." She boldly says as Nate chuckles. "Just wait till he starts crying, trust me, took me and Nora ages to figure out how to get Shaun to stop. But all kids are different, he looks rather comfortable." He hadn't really gotten dressed since his wife had gone into labor. So he was still only in his pants, his holotags resting on his bare chest. "How's Sara?" Nate ask as Arthur smiles. "Resting, twelve hours of cursing me out, drained her. She'll be fine however.." Nate rubs the back of his neck. "Yeah...took me ages for me to get Nora to stop crying after she remembered all the things she said. Didn't bother me none really."

Cade make sure to check in on her at least once an hour. After some Med-X and a few stimpaks and she would be fine. Arthur checks up on her after awhile just to catch her slowly walking up. She would still be sore for awhile, but that was to be expected as she looks up. Her bed had been propped up so she was sitting up slightly. She smiles at him warmly as he sits at her side. "How is he...?" Roger was still sleeping, holding onto his father's finger for dear life as he chuckles. "Sleeping soundly, there's already a line of people that want to see him..." She couldn't help but let out a small laugh. "I'm not surprised, I hate to know if they did the same to you..." He looks up at this, but he had no idea as he hands their boy over to her so she could hold him. He stirred just a bit until he settles against her chest and slowly goes back to sleep. It was all this kid was going to do for awhile. Eat, sleep, and poop, but right now she could really care less. Arthur leans in as he kisses the top of her head. he had to hand it to her, she handled this better then he did. She had remained calm through most of it, until things started to hurt. "I do hope I didn't break your hand.." He looks down as he flexes it. "I think I got the feeling back.." She points her hand at him. "Listen here you, I will get up and kick your butt, don't think I wont." She smirks at him and he just chuckles softly. "I'll keep that in mind love." After a few days of bed rest, she was free to start walking again. She was so glad, it felt nice to walk around normally again without the large stomach. Though she did have a bit of weight to lose, but she wasn't to worried about it.

Nate hadn't been joking, half of the Brotherhood wanted to see their newest member. People she knew, some she didn't, it was a bit odd, but funny at the same time. More so when Arthur had enough of his men crowding her and chased them off with his gun. Took her ages to stop laughing after that. Still at the end of the day when she tucked her boy in, she stood there and watches over him. Arthur joins her as he wraps his arms around her. "What's on your mind?" She turns to him slowly. "Just that I want him to have a better life then I did. I know we're not our parents, but it would break my heart for him to go through half the hell either one of us went through.." Arthur lets out a low sigh at this. "We'll do just fine, hell in almost year we've been together we haven't had to many arguments.." They had a few, like any couple. But they were usually short lived and they slowly worked out the problem. She gives him a small smile as she holds him close to her. "Oh I know, I know I shouldn't worry, maybe it's just the hormones talking." He kisses her neck as she giggles at him softly. "Stop that, it's to soon to give Roger a sibling." He rises his brow at this as he looks at her. "You want more?" "Heaven willing, maybe a few years from now?" She watches at the large smile crosses his face. "I like the sound of that, maybe...two more?" She gives him a light shove. "Arthur!"

She looks down to see their boy slowly starting to fuss a bit and starts to cry. Poor thing was likely hungry as she holds him close. "Shh I got ya..." The nurse had been kind enough to give her pointers on how to fee the poor kid. She had never done such a thing before and it was a bit weird to get used to. Of course Arthur couldn't help but watch. Though it was more out of pure curiously then anything. She sits back in her rocking chair as she looks up at Arthur. "You think I should tell him?" He tilts his head before he gives it some thought. "About...where you're from..?" He wasn't sure on that. "I don't think it really matters anymore, if he asks, at some point, saying you're from New California is good enough.." He walks over to her as he places his hand on her shoulder. "I may not have any idea how you got here, or why, but whatever it was, I'm glad it did. I wouldn't have....this.." He glances at their son, to their room. "Or this, I would have never given this a thought. Hell I hardly had a plan outside of finding the Institute." He was still slightly angry at himself for not really thinking ahead. "But I guess I just figured we would return to the Capital or something like that..." He rises his hand to cup her face. "I owe you so much. I never...thought I could have you.." She takes his hand as she kisses it lightly. "You are more then welcome my love."

Enough time had past and they went to have another get together at Sanctuary. It was no surprise when Sara got swarmed with the friends she had made, all wanting to see the baby. By now, he had already started to open his eyes. This kid had the bluest eyes Sara had ever seen, but they might change in time. Preston was the first in line as he removes his hat. "Never thought I'd ever see a baby again..." Poor Sturges wanted to see to as he smiles brightly. "Ain't he cute, what's his name?" "Roger, after the founder of the Brotherhood.." Hancock leaps through the crowd to get a look. "Big name for something so small.." Sara laughs at this. "He won't stay small forever, height runs in my family so he might just tower over you in time.." Hancock grumbles at this as everyone got a chance to see her kid, even Nick. They all packed in for dinner, as Nate makes faces at her kid. Of course he got no response as Sara chuckles. "Give it time uncle Nate." He just beams at this as Danse sits behind him. "You too, poor kid is going to have more family then he'll know what do to with." Danse just smiles, not quiet trusting himself to hold Roger just yet. "Between us and the Minutemen, he's also the most protected." She looks at Arthur and laughs. "Don't I know it." She never imagined this would be her outcome. As she looks at the tiny bundle in her arms. For once, it was nice to look forward to her future. With Arthur at her side, she knew for the first time in a long time, she could finally be happy.

The End