Chapter 50:

Things returned to normal over time. Settlers were finally safe from one of the biggest threats known to the Commonwealth. Between the hard work of the Minutemen and the Brotherhood, people hadn't felt this safe, ever. Rumors spread however that the Mayor of Diamond City really was a Synth, and Piper and Nate exposed the jerk. Hancock was thankful, but sadden by the idea he had been angry at the wrong man for so many years. It pained him to know his only family, had been dead for years. There wasn't much he could do about it now, but Diamond City was fine without a Mayor for awhile. At least no one was close to killing anyone. Sara was still getting used to the weather, for mid January, it was warm. Sanctuary had found a way to keep a case of Nuka-Cola cold, and everyone was enjoying themselves as Nate used an old grill to cook up some meat. Again Sara didn't ask what kind, but it smelt good. She chuckles as she watches Hancock run after Duncan after the little boy had stolen his hat. RJ just watched on the side, telling his boy to run faster. Danse was standing near Nate as he gave his lover some finer points on barbecuing. Of course Danse was hardly listening as he just stood as close as he could to Nate, sneaking in a kiss here and there. Sara was sitting back in a old lawn chair she found, her hat covering her eyes as Nick sat back with her. Preston and Arthur were busy with plans to fix up Sanctuary.

It harmed her heart to see how much he had changed. He really was more open now, even if he was still a bit wary around Nick it was better then him just outright expressing his hate. Hancock was still a maybe file on someone Arthur could handle, didn't help he would randomly start to nibble on someone. "So how are things at the office Nick?" The old Synth was just enjoying himself for once as he puffed at a cigarette. "A bit slow now that the Mayor is gone, less people have gone missing now that the Institute is gone. I might just be out of a job thanks to you.." Sara laughs as Dogmeat paws up to her and lays on her lap. She smiles as the dog just lays his head on her stomach. Since coming back from her last trip thanks to what was left of the Institute. She had been doing better, but some morning she woke up feeling ill and wondered if her nights with Arthur had paid off. For now she wasn't to worried about it, as long as she stayed away from the booze. "If you want, I can go missing for a bit, give you something to do." Nick chuckles at this. "I don't think Maxson would like that.." He glances up to see that he was watching the two of them, rather closely. She just smiles and waves at him. "He's fine, a little over protective over what happened, but I think he's getting over it. Just very slowly." Nick nods at this as he shakes his hand. The one that lost it's covering was giving him issues again.

She has him turn around as she gives his hand a look. "Ever thought about a glove or something?" She finds a nearby screwdriver as she gets to work. He hardly moves as he watches her. "I gave it some thought, be nice if I could just replace whatever it was they used as my skin. But seeing as I'm just a discarded prototype I figured it wasn't worth the hassle." He remains still until she lets him go and he flexes his fingers. He had to admit it was an improvement over the usual maintenance he gave himself. "Hey thanks, when I start to fall apart, I know who to turn to.." She nods her head to him. "No worries, ever think about...putting your mind in a new body?" He tilts his head at this as he looks at Cuire. "Gave it some thought..but to be honest, I got used to this old body of mine. Figured it would be a last ditch effort, in case I get to the point I can't be fixed anymore. Lasted this long." Sara tries to move, but Dogmeat lets out a soft whine at her. "Look pup, I'm not your pillow." He just lets out another whine as she rises her brow at the animal. "Nate, get your mutt off of me!" Nate looks up, currently trying to keep Danse from leaving marks on him. "Keep an eye on the food?" Danse nods at he takes over, Nate walking over to her, his hands on his hips. "Alright, come on boy." Dogmeat lets out a low gruff at this, but finally lets her go as she gets to her feet. "Thanks..." Nate helps her out a bit. "You alright?" She gives him a slow nod. "Yeah.."

Arthur just nods to Preston as he drops everything to make sure she was okay. Nate backs away as she leans into Arthur a bit. He frowns as he looks at her, her whole face was quickly turning pale. "You don't look well, maybe we should get you inside..." She just nods as she places her hand on his chest. She turns quick and coughs as she starts to puke out what little was in her stomach. He holds back her hair as he rubs her back, looking at the Synth. He rises quickly as he gets the poor thing some water as Cuire slowly walks forward. "Oh no, madame Sara is sick..." Once the poor girl was finished she takes a deep breath and slowly stands up. "I'm okay...I just got a bit dizzy.." She jerks back as Cuire takes a look at her. Her Synth mind already getting to work as she check her pulse. Sara stood still as someone hands her some water. Nick takes a step back. "So what's the diagnosis?" Cuire lets out a quite hum as she goes over everything. "Slightly high fever, elevated heart rate..." She just continues for a bit, Sara tuned her out after awhile as she takes a slow drink of her water. However Curie jumps with excitement, almost making her choke a bit. "Oh, why did I not see this before, it is so clear, she is pregnant!" That did make her cough as she places her hand on her chest. That got half the settlement to stop what they were doing. Arthur just looks at her with wide eyes before looking at Cuire. "Are you quite sure about that?" Curie nods at him as she smiles brightly. "At least 99% sure, oh this is so exciting..." Sara was blushing now as Arthur hold her close, his eyes shining at her. He had no idea what to say so she just smiles and pulls him close, kissing him deeply.

The news spread quick and soon their little cookout turned out to be one hell of a party. It somehow ended with Hancock dancing on a table with a lampshade on his head. But it was still the damn best party they could throw. It was the best damn news they had gotten in quiet some time. However this meant she wouldn't be going anywhere for awhile as Arthur held her on his lap as she ate slowly. He was fusing over her now, but it was to cute to stop him. He could hardly believe it, but deep down, he was thrilled. His hand now resting on her stomach as she leans her head on his shoulder. She blinks as RJ joins Hancock's dancing as Cait threw caps at them to keep them going. Poor Preston was just shaking his head at these people. She places her hand over his as she looks up at him. "What's on your mind?" He had no idea where to even start. "I think it's slowly hitting me I'm going to be a father. I wonder if mind felt the same...?" She smirks as she turns to him and places her other hand on his face. "Most people do I imagine. But...oddly I'm happy, I mean I never pictured the whole family thing for myself after...everything. Hell between the both of us I think we can do this." He nods as he pulls her closer to him. "I know we can..." He couldn't remove his hand from her stomach even if there was nothing there yet. He looks up slightly to see Nate. "Sorry, I don't mean to jump in...but I had.." He coughs a bit. "I had saved Shaun's's a bit broken, but I think Sturges can patch it up." "Already on it boss." The man had a toolbox with him as he wonders off. Sara couldn't help but smile at this. "Thank you Nate, that's rather thoughtful of you."

Nate gives her a small shrug, it wasn't like he was going to need it. He had simply moved it out of his house, not knowing what to do with it. Letting her have it, seemed like a good enough option and he figured Nora wouldn't mind. After all it was going to be used for a whole new generation of kids. "Someone may as well us it, not like I plan to ever go down that route again.." He couldn't go through that again. "Well, if your willing, you can be my kids uncle, someone's gotta look out for them." Nate had the largest smile on his face. "R-really...thanks, damn I gained a sister, an older sister, but I can live with that..." Sara chuckles at this as Danse wonders in. "You to, I swear you look more like a puppy then Dogmeat half the time with those eyes of yours." Danse blinks at this as Nate smirks at his lover. "You have no idea, but I'll be happy to step in, Danse as well I'm sure." Danse nods his head as he looks around. "I don't think you have anything to worry about." Sara had never imagined she would gather so many people like this. She couldn't help but let out a small sob. "Thank you, it means the world to me.." Arthur hugs her close to him. It was hard not to admire this woman for all the s**t she had dealt with, Nate as well. Hancock jumps up, the lampshade still on his head. "I get to be the crazy grandpa!" Sara rises her brow at this. "I doubt your older then I am." Hancock just leans back as he tilts back his new hat. "How would you know sweetheart?" "Because excluding the Cuire and Nick, I'm the oldest one here."

She still wasn't sure on Hancock's real age and she doubted he would tell her the truth. "Damn you make a good point, how the hell are you so good at that?" She gives him a small shrug. "Maybe I have more charisma then you do?" Hancock couldn't help but laugh as he goes back to the party. RJ now to pooped to move as he held his son close to him. It was always cute seeing the to of them together after all this time part. Preston tips his hat back slightly. "Still find it hard to believe your thirty." She holds up her hand at this. "Thirty-two, I'll be thirty-three in May, go me." Nate chuckles softly as he shakes his head. "I still don't believe her, but not many women lie about their age. Or when they do they aim lower..." She rolls her eyes at this. "Fine I'm his age, happy?" She points to Arthur who just blinks. He hadn't really been listening to them as he pulls her into his chest. "Trust me, I'm not complaining, it's just a number after all." It hardly mattered to him what her age was. He loved her deeply and now she was carrying his child. Another Maxson to add to history, whatever his child decided to do with themselves, he swore he would be proud no matter what. "We're going to need a bigger ship." He whispers as she smiles at him. "Well, the good news is, the construction on the airport is almost done. We can set up a larger room in our new base and clam it as ours!" They would keep the ship of course, but with the new base, they would have rooms for everyone to use and not be so crammed together. "I like that idea.." She shakes her head at him.

As the night rolled in, the lights came on. Sturges was rather pleased with the work he had done to Sanctuary. They had lights, food, clean water, and a steady chain of traders thanks to Nate. He was happy to see that the neighborhood was doing so well. He may not have grown up here, but when he had first seen what the fallout had done to his home. he had almost lost hope until he ran into Codsworth. The old Mr. Handy robot was still roaming the area, trimming a dead bush of all things. He refused to let the local plant life to take over the small settlement. Not if he had anything to do about it. Nate had long gave up on telling the robot he didn't need to worry so much over such little problems. But two-hundred years alone with not many people to talk to had left him in a bit of a state so Nate cut him some slack. It wasn't long before people started calling it a night and the night crew took over to watch the walls. They had been lucky so far the raiders had left them alone. Sara was in no mood to move however as she laid back with Arthur, just enjoying the night sky. "It's still in the city you didn't see much of the night sky..." Arthur looks up as he sees a full moon. "I can't imagine.." She lets out a small groan. "Oh it was horrible, there's a reason why I got tired of living in the cities. The people, the pollution, all of it. And the wildfires, California was famous for them..."

She could never win, between the summers and the winters, there was never much for middle ground where she lived. "I sure as hell don't miss tragic, if I didn't have to drive, I normally didn't. My people at work always thought I was a bit odd for enjoying walking in the rain, but I loved it.." Arthur chuckles at this as he runs his fingers through her hair slowly. "It...must had been nice to not have to worry about radiation however." She gives him a rather sheepish smile at that. "Well yes, that was a plus, animals hadn't been contaminated. But we still had problems with E-Coli.....and other things." He rises his brow but she shakes her head at him. "No you really don't want to know what that is. So much food at my work had to be wasted because of recalls..." She rolls her eyes at this. "Can't say I miss that either, to explain it better, I was a fry cook." He leans back just a bit. "Like I said, it was nothing fancy, just very simple fast food for on the go. And none of it was the least bit healthy...but it was better then what little we had in the town I lived in. It was a tiny little thing of a place and I didn't mind in the slightest. All the farm land that was out there." Her eyes go wide a bit. "One year, we had a lot of rain. I went out to go to work and just in front of my work is a farm, but all you see is water and the first thing that pops into my mind is: Where did the lake came from?"

He couldn't help but laugh at this. He turns serous for a moment. "This won't be the world you grew up with.." He runs his hand over her stomach lightly. "I know Arthur, this life isn't easy, but we're on our way, I mean...look at Sanctuary. Sure it's a small step, but we can rebuild, one step at a time..." He smiles slowly as he pulls her in, kissing her lightly. "I think we can rebuild, now that we don't have those damn Synths to worry about tearing apart everything like before..." His eyes narrow a bit, still a bit of hate there. She shakes her head at him. "We can make a better won't be perfect, but hell it's better then nothing right?" He slowly agrees with this as she lays her head back down on his shoulder. "So if we have a girl and she ends up hating dresses as much as I do, you'll still love her right?" He chuckles at this as he tightens his hold on her. "Of course I would, I'll love our child no matter long as that Ghoul has no influence on her.." She spots someone waving their hat. "I heard that smoothskin..." She giggles softly at this. "Fine you get dibs when they reach the, where do babies come from stage!" She heard nothing after that and she starts to laugh. "And there you go." She feels his hand on her chin as he kisses her again. "How do you do that?" She just smirks up at him. "I'm either lucky, or people around here like me a lot, pick one." She lets out a soft sound as he stands up, just holding her in his arms. She holds onto his neck tightly as he just turns and carries her off to a nearby house for the rest of the night.