Finally changing my siggy after like..13 years. Going to throw the broken link in here because it was an anime guild, and my first, so even though it is literally nothing anymore, the thing still means something to me for whatever reason.

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It used to be a picture of a blonde anime girl, bishoujo, but not sailor moon. WG has me thinking about all the things that I used to watch and people I used to talk to, little bit of everything. It sucks when we disconnect from things without meaning to, but it happens all the time. I guess part of me still likes gaia, so I'm also back here, at least temporarily. Though I just spend the time I do around here in the Word Games section because it's kind of like an rp forum without the dedication. xd I don't even remember when it popped up and I had not used it before, but it's soo fun!

Q_Q I found out that I don't have Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 anymore recently when I went to a convention. Suppose it must have happened before I moved, but the boxes are empty aside from the cover art. I do have the instruction booklet for number two and I can't just throw them out because they are basically keepsakes...but it sucked so hard because I kind of wanted those to be signed by the guy who voices Ken Ichijoji, Uryu, Reki, a bunch of other people and one evil Kingdom Hearts villain. xD

He signed two things for free and had a $40 voice message request thingy. Was kind of tempted by that, to have him say "Sorry, ____ cannot come to the phone right now because Kon is eating out of their fridge and Ichigo is on a rampage in his hollow form" or something. Decided not to because I'm searching for a job right now, but maybe I should have just done it anyways and saved it to the cloud instead of actually making it my voice message. ninja I also thought about a certain Watamote scene, how I would never want to be remembered as one of those people, but I laughed thinking about it.