For those who are aware I'm a casual gamer, because of this I play with a PlayStation instead of my Xbox one. PlayStation has always been my favorite console system not counting Nintendo consoles. When it comes to Nintendo I pick their stuff over PlayStation and Xbox any day. With that being said though despite the bad reviews and other things that were said about Fallout 76 I don't always follow what others say. I'm the type that likes to form my own opinion and honestly those who normally don't like a game it's because their hardcore gamers or those who play often. Me being a casual gamer I thought my review would be for the everyday consumer who doesn't always have the time for video games. But lets be honest for the first time ever the reviews are worth following for this game. The true question you might be wondering is, is it really worth the buy?

To put it simply, it isn't worth the buy. If you do want to form your own opinion please please please buy this game on SALE. It is not worth it to buy full price. After all of the things I hear about them improving the game with time, I thought I'd buy it since it was on SALE in the PlayStation store. However, I played for the first time at around 2:30 a.m. a few nights ago. Worst idea ever, I probably should have been in bed anyway so maybe that's why my experience was so short. During this time I had some players just attack me for no reason. I didn't attack back it startled me and it was so late that I closed out of the game when it was happening they were cussing at me too and I was not about that life at 2:30 a.m. So, I logged and then decided to play through it today when I was a bit more awake and willing to deal with shitty trolls and griefers if needed. The game itself is appeasing for a casual gamer it didn't look like 10 yr old graphics to me. But then again everyone has their own opinions. I love how it takes place in post-apocalyptic West Virginia. The music you could change from on the "radio channels" in the game were songs I adore. Normally tunes from the 1920's-1960's and I was super excited with that. A lot of the d├ęcor inside of the vault was 60's theme and that caught my eye as well. I think leaving the vault was the most exciting part of the game for me. Because after that things started going downhill. By the time I got to the overseers camp site and was level 2 from leaving the vault the amount of quests that were assigned to me were overwhelming. I find it overwhelming in Elder Scrolls Online as well but I can sort them out and deal with it. With these quests I didn't know where to begin and end and I was confused of what to actually follow along with. I'm super goal oriented so having so much placed on me almost felt like a grind. I felt like I was going through the motions having to do everything on the list and when one thing was done 3 more quests would be added. It was somewhat more annoying than it was fun. But it's nice to know its an exploration type of game where you experience your own story which is something I love. It's one reason I love creative, sandbox, and simulation games where you can do what you want. Because everyone can form their own experiences and storyline to a game that is theirs to say the least.

Aside from the quests being overwhelming and a bit much this game makes up for it somewhat in the looting and crafting aspect. There are so many places to loot and pick up different items to craft things at your camping site. I don't know about you guys who do play but it was super hard for me to find an open area that was safe to set up camp. Anyway, There is so much to discover and pick up but keep in mind your inventory only holds 155 items I think there is a way to expand. But it either costs money or is one of those things where you have to level up enough to expand. This was a lot of fun to me being able to find and craft things to survive its legit every survival game ever. But it's a lot of fun and the only thing I truly like about survival games to begin with its why I normally don't buy them. But I truly liked the aspect of this game when I saw the E3 conference for the first time I wanted nothing more than to play it. I was psyched. Nonetheless, I was left with more disappointment. This was the only good thing aside from the music, exploring, crafting, and looting. But this wasn't enough.

Shooting is an issue, the biggest one and the buggiest one in my opinion. I have pretty good aim it might not be the best but I know what i'm shooting at and how to kill something in an FPS. I might miss a few shots here and there but for the most part my aim is spot on. Here is an example, that annoyed the crap out of me with this game in shooting a Zombie.

In Fallout 76 there are these police zombies that come out of buildings with lights on for the most part. This is something that I've just noticed for playing for about two hours. Even with perfect aim and precision they won't die their health won't even go down. You have to legit be up close and personal almost inside of the body itself and then shoot or hack and slash. It's the most annoying thing ever. You can't attack from a far otherwise they will just hobble and surround you and give you a stupid grin acting like you swatted a bug and laugh at you. It's total ridiculousness. Another example of an issue I've had with shooting is some of these enemies spawn and go invisible or spawn and end up under your chin and you can't see them and just attack constantly with nothing to shoot at. Like what? for example, I was setting up camp I thought the place was peaceful, guess not. At this point I was getting attacked I saw the blood, I heard the sounds, but where was the enemy? I looked everywhere. There was nothing anywhere then I stepped back and it randomly just spawned on top of my head attacking me and wouldn't get off. I was so confused. Like how am I supposed to kill you while you are standing on my head? Another thing was enemies popping up underneath your chin. Awkward sounding I know but it's super annoying. There are so many glitches as far as shooting enemies that it made me not want to go back and try playing again. It's not fun it's frustrating and upsetting that I can't kill the enemies when I have the aim and should be able too. I can do it in other Bethesda games why not this one?

I now completely understand everyone's frustration and agree that this is a huge step back for Bethesda. This is also my first Fallout game. What made me want it was the idea of multiplayer, open world, and the theme of it was enticing. However, though the ideas were there the implementation is far fetched and wasn't worth the few hours I put into this. Hopefully things will continue getting fixed and patched and hopefully it will become a somewhat "finished" game soon. It was released as something that was nothing more than paying to play a BETA version of the game. It only came out 3 months ago. So I'll give this game time to redeem itself but for right now, this is not something to sink your money into. If you want to sink your money into it and form your own opinion then I suggest waiting for a SALE like I've said many times in this post. I'd like to know what some of you think about this game... please feel free to comment or add experiences to this post below.