Flame and Foliage
They may be asking: "What do you and her have in common?"
One will do nothing more than consume the other.
Every last bit would be hers.
Etching her with marks of scorch and scorn.
No edge is unscatched.

Yet, there is just something fascinating about two beings that contrast with each other.
In a way, they can compliment one another.

They may not be anything much by themselves.
But when they come together,
ignite each other's internal flames,
they make and break each other's games.
Yes, one may have more power.
Crushing the other's blooming flower.

Immense heat.
I am under.

We leave behind the beauty of our head to head collision.
Our neverending feud and fusion.
White ashes.
The remaining mark that reminds us and them of the balance we have created.
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers


Note: Hello Birds of a Feather, Happy Chinese Lunar New Year! And, Happy Reading. I wish everyone good luck, prosperity, and health. heart