I LOVED Kingdom Hearts 3

I cried a lot, out of happiness, because so much I desperately wanted to see happen like 10 years ago actually unfolded in this game

Maybe it's because I can actually feel emotions again like a normal person, but I felt so much love I thought I forgot about or got over with this series just by replaying the games and experiencing the new ones

I'm so, so glad that this game came out and that I got to play it

Younger me is weeping somewhere inside out of sheer joy

I guess I do find it kind of funny however that my tastes have changed so much in the past decade. I used to be obsessed with Axel around that time, but now I find myself much more partial to Saix. I mean, hot damn he is fine. I'd accept his ice cream any hour of the day. Had to get that one out, sorry not sorry

I will always love Org 13, and I'm happy most of them got the good ending I was always hoping for