Chapter 37:

The sound of thunder woke her. It was likely she hadn't been asleep for long. But the sound seems to echo slightly in the ship. It sounded strange, even more so when the rain followed. It was a light hollow sound, it was almost calming if not for the thunder. It wasn't to loud, but she could still hear it. The bed shifts as Arthur rolls to his side. She watches as he turns the other way. It was still rare to see him so, relaxed. Like nothing else in the world mattered now. The Institute was gone, people all over the Commonwealth were sleeping much easier now. So what woke her, she jumps when the thunder rolls again. Not that storms scared her, but it always seemed to make her on edge. The bed shifts again as she feels a hand on her leg. "What is it?" His voice was a bit thick with sleep. It was oddly sexy in way how different his voice could get. "Just the storm.." She was sitting up, her head back. "I didn't mean to wake you." He shakes his head as he slowly sits up and joins her. "It's fine." He looks at his clock, they only been asleep for a few hours. It was close to four in the morning. "Do storms normally wake you?" He rises his brow at her as she laughs softly. "Sometimes....the summer storms were always the worse. I think it was just because, I missed having someone...there..." She lets out a low sigh. "You have any idea how long it took me to stop talking to myself, hell I still do it at times..."

She turns her head to him slowly, even in the dim light she could still make out every muscle this man had. "So, one day, I took a walk, in the middle of a storm, and suddenly everything was okay again. Sure I was soaking wet, but...that didn't matter, it was refreshing." He moves a bit closer to her, his arm now around her. "I do promise I won't make this a habit.." He smirks at this as he looks at her. "I'm hardly complaining." She lays her head on his shoulder. "Good.." It was times like this she wished she could still drink hot cocoa, not that it was a thing here. She jolts a bit when another roll of thunder hits. "It sounds so weird inside the ship, I guess the metal coating makes things echo slightly." He just nods along with this as his hand rubs her arm. It was times like this she sort of missed TV even if most of it was just junk now. It was no wonder people stuck with Netflix rather then deal with cable. She could only imagine how he would handle the idea of TV. She scoots down a bit so she could look up at him. He had been keeping his eyes on her the whole time. It was still interesting to see how different he was up close compared to what little they gave in the game itself. She could feel herself blushing under his gaze. "So what's on your mind, other then wanting to murder me to death for waking you as such an ungodly hour?" He lets out a hard chuckle at this. It was also interesting to hear him laugh. It was so rare, but when he did, it was so real. It wasn't forced or fake. "Still wondering how I managed to get this lucky.." He lets out a low cough, he was still working on speaking his mind.

He was far from perfect, after all he had come close to killing Danse just because he was a Synth. He had been so blinded by rage, he didn't see the Paladin as anything more as just some 'abomination'. He frowns at his own voice, he really had believed all of it, with a burning passion. But after listening to his people, he slowly started to learn not everyone had agreed to his views. Sure the idea of getting replaced wasn't a pleasant idea. But they believed in Danse, the man had done nothing against the Brotherhood in the years he had been working for them. He bleed for the Brotherhood, fought with everything he had. Grieved when he lost more then half his team. Danse was more human then most people Arthur knew, even as a child. "You're not a robot right?" Sara glares at him a bit. "Arthur I do the monthly thing, I don't think that's how they least I hope not that would suck. I would look into uninstalling it rather then keep dealing with it." He was laughing now as she gives him a small shove. "Oh hush, you don't have to deal with it so you don't get an opinion." He tightens his hold on her a bit, still laughing slightly. "I'll make you sleep on the couch..." The fact it was in his room was still entertaining, but she could still make him do it. "Fair enough, I don't need to wake up naked handcuffed to my own couch because I angered you."

Her brows rise at the idea. "I might just use that..." She gives him an evil smirk as he lets out a low sound. "You better make sure I stay down, because I have no intention of staying down." She may not look like much, but she was a lot stronger then she looked. "I'll find a just like a challenge don't you?" He gives her a small shrug. "Perhaps, maybe I just enjoy watching you take charge.." He lets out a low raspy growl at her. She giggles at this, keeping her hand on his chest. "Oh my, the leader of the Brotherhood, likes to get ordered around. I always knew you'd have some weird kink hiding deep inside..." She could swear his eyes darken a bit at this. It was hard to tell however, hell she was still trying to figure out where that light was. It was bugging the s**t out of her. "What's lighting your room?" He looks up at this. "There's a small light in the corner. Without it, it gets pitch black in here." That made since, without windows, she could only imagine just how dark this room got. With the table and everything the last thing he needed was to run into everything. "Makes since, told you you need a window in here." He looks around his room a bit. "And where would you like me to place this...window, this room is far from the side of the ship..." "Place it in your door, then we'll really give these people a show!" He places his free hand on his face. "No." " don't like to share?" He lets out another growl at her. "No."

Short and to the point, she didn't mind. "Well that's good to know." She could feel his other hand lower as he pulls her against him, his other hand resting on her hip. She lets out a low sigh, the storm was slowly passing, but she could still hear the rain. She snuggles into him as she closes her eyes, she was slowly getting tired. He moves his hand up, running his fingers through her hair lightly. It was getting harder to stay awake as she slowly ends up falling asleep on him. He slowly sinks down with her wrapped in his arms and just lays there. Great now he was wide awake, but he was far from angry. It gave him a chance to just enjoy moments like this. He often wondered what his life would had been like if Sarah Lyons had survived. He doubted his passing crush for her would had gone anywhere. Mostly seeing she was a good sixteen years older then he was. Seems his like for older women had not faded in time, even at twenty. Twelve wasn't to bad he had to admit. He was still surprised when she told him, she really didn't look a like she was a woman in her thirties. She didn't have the same hard lines most people tend to get with old age. Mostly growing up in the waste like this. But she had mostly grew up in a 'stable' household. Yet she still had this passion behind her. He found he admired her greatly for it. He sighs a bit as he closes his eyes and tries to go back to sleep. Morning came rather quickly, she ended up waking up a little after nine if his little clock was right. She still had to ask where he got a working clock considering most stood still.

She runs her hand through her hair, feeling the tangles in it. Even when it was short it would still become a mess. She slowly slides out of bed, making sure this time she didn't wake him. Seems he was out for the count as she stands and makes her way to his bathroom. Sure the floor was cold, but she couldn't bother putting socks on as she gets the shower going. She might as well just use this small moment to clean up. She could still feel the aftermath of their night together so she gets into the warm water and cleans her legs first. Arthur woke slowly at the sound of running water. He rubs his eyes as he sits up, it took him a minute to remind himself who was in his shower. It was going to be awhile before he got used to the idea of sharing his space. Not that he had a problem with that, he just never had someone in his room for this long. He mostly kept things short and to the point, but never really reached out for a romantic relationship. He picks himself up, making his way to his shower as he opens the door slowly. She hadn't noticed him as she works out the rat's nest that was now her hair. Her back was to him as she leans her head back. She knew he was there, she could feel him now, his eyes trailing over her body. She smirks to herself as she continues to act like she had no idea he was there. She rolls her hands over herself slowly as she leans her head to the side. He takes a sharp breath as he watches her closely.

Something about watching her, touch herself. Made his skin warm, he had no idea something so simple would make him feel like he was on fire. That's what she did to him, she lit a fire in him he had never felt before. It wasn't destructive, more like a delicate flame, but strong enough to keep burning no matter what. He holds back a small groan as her hand slips between her legs. "Enjoying yourself Arthur?" He jolts as he quickly joins her, pinning her to the wall. "You...knew, you..." She giggles as she gives him an innocent look. "I can feel you now, I told you before, I know when people are behind me after awhile." He was a hard man to miss at times. "Plus I so heard the door, you are not good a sneaking." He gives her a coy look as he presses into her and kisses her deeply. "You're a tease.." He whispers lightly to her as she runs her hands over his chest. "Hardly, you just happen to be in the wrong place at the right time my dear." She throws him a wink as slowly lets her go. He needed a shower as well, so he might as well join her. There was no point on being shy about things. He had nothing to hide, not from her. She was about to kiss him again, when the water quickly went ice cold. They both jump as he quickly turns off the water. She was shivering now as she quickly grabs a towel. "Well I'm sure has hell awake now, holy f*ck..." She runs over to him as she wraps the towel around him, seeing that he was shaking slightly. "The water heater must had blown out again..."

"Heh, that's one way to kill a hard on.." He pulls her close, she could feel him poking her hip. "Oh my, guess not, you're just full of energy aren't you?" He places a light kiss on the top of her head. "It'll have to wait, if that heater is out it can cause problems." She places her hand on his cheek. "You worry far to much, I'll look into it, after all that's why you named me your Sentinel." He gives her a rather surprised look. She had always embraced the Brotherhood, he soon smiles at this. "Of course, I'll let you look into this. Save me the trouble of always have to stretch myself thin.." He had his Captain sure, but he still took on the blunt of the growing list of things that needed to take care of. "Perhaps having you for my wife wasn't such a bad idea after all." He pulls her against him as he kisses her deeply. She lets out a tiny muffled cry of surprise before returning his kiss and he lets her go. The flush look on her face made it worth it. She gulps a bit as she gives him a half smile. "Heh and here I thought it was because you loved me.." He places another kiss, just above her nose. "That as well, you might want to get dressed first." She snaps her fingers. "Darn, well I never did like parading in my own house naked. Even alone it still felt like someone was watching.." She heads for her bag as she takes out the General's uniform and gets that on. He couldn't help but watch her get dressed as she fixes her hat. "Time to whip these boys into action." She winks at him as she waits for him to get dressed before heading out.

Arthur watches her leave as he quickly gets dressed. Once he was sure he looked presentable he rushes out of his room. He had to find Nate, or at least Danse, someone anyone he trusted with his life. He finds Nate in the Mess Hall, eating breakfast as Danse slowly joins him. Arthur heads over quickly as he looks at Nate. "A moment if you will Paladin?" Nate looks up and nods as Maxson leads him away. "Listen, I need your help, you know more about the Commonwealth then I do. My search has come up empty. None of out current records have what I need..." Nate just nods slowly as he talks before he blinks. "So you need someone to step in and preform the ceremony..?" Arthur flushes as he crosses his arms, looking the other way. "I'm out of options soldier..." Nate just gives him a warm smile. "Relax, I can help, in fact there's someone in Diamond City who can do it. Pastor Clements, I never talked to him personally, but I'm sure he'd be happy to help." Arthur shuffles as he rubs the back of his head. "Take me there." Nate feels his eyes go wide. "You want to travel there now, alright..." Danse slowly walks over, wondering what was going on. "We're going to Diamond City real quick, we'll just take a Vertibird, since you can fly one sir." Arthur just nods at this and leads the way, the small group of them heading for a empty Vertibird. Arthur waits for Nate and Danse to get in before taking off. Nate sits nearby, showing him the way since Arthur had never personally seen the city itself.

He wasn't sure where to land the air craft, but finds a large enough space a mile away. Once they landed they made their way to the city. Arthur wasn't sure what to expect, but it looked cramped. He turns his head just in time to see a young woman in a red jacket run over to them. She smiles wide as she jumps at Nate. "Blue, you did it, word got out you took out the Institute!" Nate laughs as he hugs her tight. "Yeah, you heard right Piper.." She lets him go as she smiles at Dance. "Paladin.." He nods his head to her. "Piper." She turns and her eyes go wide. "Whoa, who's the tall, dark and handsome fellow?" Danse grumbles a bit as Arthur looks down, what was it with women calling him handsome all of a sudden? "Elder Maxson, leader of the Brotherhood of know this woman Knight?" He was trying to stay professional. "Yes sir, she's a friend and I promise she's harmless. But I better not hear about this in your paper, we're here for a reason." Her eyes light up a bit. "Oh, and just what are you planing?" "A wedding, wana join..?" Her eyes light up even more. "Who's getting married, are you, who's the lucky girl?" She gives him a nudge. "No and it's not for me, it's for our um...Elder, so keep quiet will ya?" Piper blinks as she looks at Arthur before nodding. "Sure, not a problem." She was going to put this as a story for later as she smiles to herself.