Name: Gauge
Bears no full name, will often make up last names for himself.
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'5"
Eyes: Light pink
Hair: Blonde

-Gauge is a Valravn turned knight, now left searching for redemption
-He's been on earth for an unknown amount of time, though his wisdom appears to be from centuries of living
-His form is an attempt to mimic a humans
-He is a skilled mimic, and is capable of mimicking other animal noises as well as humans voices
-Protective and helpful, but not very friendly
-Generally good natured
-Left Handed
-His form is not actually real, but has mass as if it were
-While he can change his human forms attire with ease, his appearance (hair, eyes, height, ect) will always be the same. He has no choice in it.
-Soft spoken but quite blunt
-He is capable of regenerating his human form when hurt, given enough time, though he is by no means immortal because of this
-When injured, he will return to his natural form: a raven
-Due to injuries on his beak, he can no longer form a lower face in his human form; as a result, he's almost never seen without something to cover this.
-He is not sure what initially brought him to become a Valravn, but ever since he has been sentient.