Full Name: Xavier Attano
Prefers 'X'
Age: 30
Height: 5'9"
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Chestnut

Born to an affluent family of humans, Xavier bore the family name, but a full Attano he was not.
A b*****d son to the matriarch of the family. This was immediately made evident by the boys pointed ears and elven looking eyes. His father demanded the boy be thrown out, though his mother insisted that he stayed.

His father allowed it, for a time. Xavier learned common, elveish, and halfling under his mothers tutelage. She even attempted to teach the young half-elf a few spells, though, he could never seem to grasp them. Despite his mothers loving nature toward him however, the presence of his father made living in the household unbearable. X quite regularly found himself trouble, be it fabricated by his father, or out of rebellion towards the man. By the time the boy had turned 6, his father could stand his presence no longer.

Against his mothers best wishes, Xavier's father threw the boy out of the house with nothing but the clothes on his back. With no one to take him in, he was forced to fend for himself, often in competition with other children in a similar position as him. He has ever since been a thief with very few ties to others.

-X is hailed from a distant land then the one he currently resides in
-He is reserved and quite mistrusting of others, though his loyalty to those he aligns himself with is nearly blinding
-His closest friend is a fellow half-elf and thief named Quen, they first met as children and have long since stuck together
-Being a career thief, X is nearly unrivaled at sneaking about, and slipping away from situations he'd rather not be in
-When faced with no other choice however, he's quite proficient with a dagger and short sword, and not a bad shot with a bow either
-Though he decidedly retained very little from his homeland, X still has a rather distinctive accent that resembles that of the high nobility of where he is from, as it was how he was taught to speak, and he's found it difficult to break since. It sounds extremely posh and British. Quen likes to mock it.
-While not entirely illiterate, he has difficultly reading, often having to mouth or sound out what he's looking at. His penmanship is also abysmal.
-He likes to sing and has tried his hand at songwriting even, though he's very shy about sharing this skill of his
-He's also quite shy in general
-Hates nearly every affluent person ever
-Wants to learn some of the magic his mother attempted to teach him when he was young
-Hates confrontation and will go out of his way to avoid speaking to others