Chapter 36: { wahmbulance }

It was still strange, having dinner with someone again. It had been so long since she had anyone to really talk to beside herself. Arthur seemed relaxed as they both sat there. While she still wasn't to sure what she was eating, it wasn't that bad. Even if bits of it was a bit cold. She still shoves it down, feeling a bit hungry. She hadn't eaten much after lunch, keeping herself busy taking apart Liberty Prime. Her arms were a bit sore from all the heavy lifting, but it wasn't anything she wasn't used to by now. Still every once in awhile she had to roll her shoulders a bit. "Now I know why I didn't help with truck, damn my arms, all that lifting is a pain.." Arthur rises his brow at this as she blushes. "When we got our shipments for food. Yeah it came on this large caravan, but we called it a truck for shits and giggles." She normally didn't have anything to do with it. "It was more annoying when people would just place stuff wherever they felt's like playing hide and seek, with something that can't tell you where it is..." She grabs a bottle of Cola and drinks it down. "Good times." She was being sarcastic as he shakes his head at this. "Oh come on, you can't tell me it's not annoying as all hell trying to find something, only to go on a long search because people can't keep s**t organized?" He gives it some thought before he nods. It wasted a lot of time and effort. "So any luck?" He looks up at this as he lets out a low sound. "Not a damn thing." She blinks as she sits up. "R-really?" He runs a single hand through his hair. "The files seemed to have been wiped out...when we left the Capital, a lot of our information was lost..." She bites her lower lip. "Ah, so we're flying solo, that's fine. Mean we can make something up if we wanted." He didn't seem sure as he pokes at his food for a bit in thought. "I wouldn't know where to even start..."

She lets out a low hum at this. "Hmm yeah, good point, last wedding I went to I was..." She blinks as she looks up. "Uhhh.....s**t I don't even remember, well aren't I useful?" Her shoulders drop a bit as she shakes her head. "I could ask Nate, he's gotten around more around here then I have. Their might be someone in Diamond City that could help." "You never went there?" She shakes her head at this. "I heard about it, but I think I got tired of the 'city' life you know. To many people, to many problems. So I wondered my way out here to an airport of all things." She gives him a small shrug. "I'm an odd woman." He tries not to smirk at this. "But you already knew that.." he reaches out and takes a hold of her hand. He always had those finger-less gloves on. They were still ruff, but she didn't mind. She tilts her head to the side as she looks him over. "What?" "Just picturing you in a tux..." She would never know what it was about a guy in a suit, but damn it was hot as hell. she didn't miss the heated gaze he was now giving her as she wiggles her brows. "I can't help it. Of course I wouldn't mind watching that fine a** walk down the isle in nothing, but I don't want to many people getting jealous..." He almost chokes on his food and she giggles innocently. "You okay there?" He glares at her as he takes a long drink of her soda. "You don't hide anything do you?" He lets out another cough. "Where's the fun in that. It's far to enjoyable watching you get all flustered. And I'm just harmlessly flirting.." He finishes the last of his meal before he places everything into a box to be sent back to the kitchen. Plates weren't always used, but they always made sure to use them all before mass washing all of them then the cycle would start over. It saved on water.

He had long places his coat off to the side. He was just wearing the typical skin tight uniform. The one piece suit was always a sight to see. It really didn't hide anything, and she loved it. She was just in a old shirt and some faded pants. Just ragged clothes she didn't care that got ruined. Most of it was already covered in oil and such. Mostly her pants, she had a horrible habit of using her pants to clean off her hands. It was fast and simple and no one else seemed to really care either. In fact she wasn't the only one that did the same so no one wasted anytime cleaning up. As long as she didn't get the crap in her bra she was fine. She frowns as she grabs her shoulder, moves and hears a loud pop. "Ah...ow..." He walks over to her, removing his gloves before placing his hands on her shoulders. She blinks as he works his fingers over her slowly and she starts to relax. He had never done this for anyone, but watches her closely to make sure he was doing alright. It took no time at all for her to relax. "A little to the left..." He moves his hand a bit and she sits up just a bit. "There...ow...." She moves her shirt, there on her upper left shoulder was a large bruise. "Did I hurt myself or something?" He lets out a low sound. "It looks like something hit you..." She tilts her head up to look at him, giving it some thought. "Oh I ran into that metal bar...thing that was holding up Prime..." He shakes his head at her. "Well at least I stopped hitting my head on everything.." "You need to start wearing a thicker uniform." He grumbles out at her. She just gives him a bright smile. "That wouldn't me."

She gets up, not bothering to put her shirt back on as she looks at him. "I just gotta stop running into stuff." He lets out a low sigh as he pulls her close. "Or maybe I should just run into you more often.." She wiggles her brows at him as he runs his hands over her back. "With a lot less clothes on.." His eyes go dark at this as he leans her back and kisses her deeply. She wraps her arms around his neck as she returns his kiss. She loved the feeling of his tongue against her's, he always had this smoky taste to him even when he hadn't been smoking. She lets out a tiny gasp as he picks her up as she holds on. "Wait!" He sits her down as he tilts her head. "Put your arm under my knees." He picks her up bridle style and she giggles softly, hiding her face in his neck. "I like this more." He carries her to his bed as she bites his neck. He stops dead in his tracks almost as he lets out a hard groan. "You're not making this easy..." She kisses his jaw. "I was suppose to make this easy?" He lets her go on his bed, laying her down under him. He hooks her fingers through that little latch on his uniform as she kisses him once more. He slides over her, climbing onto the bed as he looks into her eyes. She smiles up at him but she couldn't help but notice something was on his mind. "What's wrong?" He lets out a low breath. "Nothing..." Well almost nothing, he was still just working on what to say. He cared about her deeply, but he had no idea how to approach the idea of starting a family. He felt he might be rushing things just a touch. He was curious however on her thoughts on the matter.

"Just over thinking a few things, but I want to ask. Have..." He clears his throat a bit. "Considered starting a family?" Her brows rise at this. "Honestly?" She wasn't sure what to really tell him. But the way he was looking at her. "I never pictured myself in that kind of life style, mostly because I never really had that...void to fill. It's hard to picture something like that when you live alone for as long as I have." He nods slowly at this as he slowly sits himself next to her. His body still close as he places his hand on her cheek. She slowly sits up, leaning against him. "And I'm not going to sugar coat that, it may not be...easy seeing what I went through, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to try.." He glances up at her, taking her hands in his. " sure?" She smiles at him and nods. "It's worth a shot, I'm willing to try if you are. Cade is going to have a field day with this one." Arthur lets out a low chuckle at this as he pulls her into his lap, holding onto her tightly. She smiles as she lays her head under his chin. "But before we do take that step I think I will make sure it's safe because in all honesty I have no idea what kind of side effects all those medication did to me.." He tightens his hold as he nods. "Of course, what you feel you need to..." He wasn't going to put her in danger just because he wanted to be a father. Hell he was still trying to warm himself up to the idea. He wasn't there just yet so this worked for him. She looks up at him slowly. This was still rather strange, for her at least to even think about such a thing. She never really pictured herself in a family setting simply because she never had one to start with.

Sure she had a few good years with both her parents. But it was mostly just her and her mother for many years. Her father was always at work, or to 'busy' to deal with her. Spending his time on the computer, looking at other women. She never did say anything, about sneaking in to see what he was up to, hiding under the bed to see him glancing at other women. She knew why now but as a kid, that kind of thing confuses you. Her mother did her best, up to when she got remarried and it all hit the fan after that. She had been completely on her own ever since her step sister came into the picture. Her brow rises a bit, he was far different. Arthur was far more disciplined, his eyes, mostly remained on her. He knew how to keep himself professional. So she had little to worry about anything like that. He runs his hand up and down her arm slowly, just keeping her on his lap. He didn't seem to mind staying in this spot with her. She suddenly felt grateful he was so understanding. It wasn't like she didn't want to try, but she did still have to make sure it was safe. She had no idea what traveling to this place had done to her on top of everything else she had gone through. "Are you happy?" He blinks at this as he glances at her. "I am...which, I didn't think was possible..." He normally didn't give into his emotions, hiding everything behind a wall. To remain strong for his fellow bothers and sisters. He never bothered to consider himself, he always felt it would be far to selfish of him. His people needed him, so he learned to be the leader they could look up to. But when he asked her to marry him, he never realized how many of them were actually happy for him. Seems he still had much to learn after all, but he was working on it.

She shift in his lap, she could feel him pressing against her. He lets out a soft grunt as she brushes against him slightly. "Having some impure thoughts there Arthur?" "Hard not to when I have a half naked woman on my lap..." She spots the handcuffs, he made sure to keep those close now it seemed. She turns to him, slowly undoing the zipper to his outfit. It was still impressive to see all that muscle there, the tiny patch of chest hair on him. She had to get up so he could remove the rest of his uniform. Seems he was going commando under it. The man liked to plan ahead it seemed, which she was more then fine with. "On your back soldier." he lets out a low sound, but obeys the simple command. It was still slightly amusing to see this strong leader bend to her will. He doesn't fight her handcuffing him to his bed frame. In fact she could see his eyes dilate with excitement. He was breathing deeply as she removes her clothes for him slowly and soon sits herself on his hips. She made sure to stay above his rising need for her. "You're a tease..." She just smirks down at him as she rolls her hands over her breast. "Oh come now, not enjoying the show?" His eyes only got wider as he jerks, realizing now what she was up to. "And you called me evil..." He wanted to be the one to touch her, now she was just torturing him. She just bites her lower lip, ignoring him as she lets out a rather lustful moan. She rolls her hands over herself until her nipples got hard and he could see his breathing hitch slightly.

What he was not expecting was for one of her hands to start going a bit more south. She rises up just enough as she slides her fingers over herself. How he wished he could move, but the only part of him that was free was trapped under her. All he could do was watch as she two of her fingers disappear into her wet folds. He wasn't expecting a show, but he was finding this rather arousing. He watches as her fluids starts to drip over her fingers, she knew how to work herself well as he lets out a low growl. "Damn it woman..." She removes her hand after a minute or so. "Aww what's wrong, not enjoying the show?" She was enjoying watching his chest rise and fall quickly. Oh he was enjoying this, but he was missing out. She decides to play nice as she places her hands on his chest and rocks her hips over his. His eyes light up when he feels her and thrust his hips up to meet her's/ She lets out a soft groan as she lets him enter her quickly and she soon just lets him set the pace. Even without his arms, he could move, his hips rolling hard as she rocks against him. "Arthur~" She moans out his name as he pants deeply under her, his head rocked back as he enjoys the feel of her slick heat over him. He lets out another growl at her, swearing rather loudly as he releases his seed into her. She jolts at the feeling as she hits her climax over him. After a few weak thrust he goes completely still as he just lays there under her. He needed a minute to catch his breath after that.

It takes her a minute to slowly pull herself off of him as she gives him a weak smile. "You okay?" He gives her a slow nod as he takes a deep breath. She lets out a low chuckle. "Do you need an adult?" He lets out a low huff at her. "Wait I am the adult, guess your stuck." "Let me out.." She enjoyed that sound in his voice afterword. It had a more raspy tone to it. "Okay since you asked nicely." She finds the keys and lets him go. He shakes his arms a bit before sitting up and flips her onto her back. She lets out a soft wind of air as she looks up at him, her eyes fluttering at him. "This is pay back isn't it?" He says nothing as he leans in and bites at her collar bone. She shivers at the feeling as he makes his way down to her breast. He uses a feather soft touch as he bushes his lips over her. He soon laps his tongue over her as she lets out a low moan. If this was pay back, she could live with it. He travels his way back up before kissing her. She couldn't hide her smile when he pulls back just slightly. "Did you know your eyes get really dark when you get excited?" He rises his brow at this. "Do they?" "It's rather sexy honestly, you get really impatient really quickly though. It's kind of cute.." She sees his browns close in at this, now he was pouting. "I told you before I am far from...cute." She places her hands on his face. "Fine you're just roguishly handsome." She watches his cheeks go bright pink at this.

He wasn't used to anyone telling him these kind of things, and she could tell. He might get used to it time. But maybe he just needed to hear it more. "You're not used to people complementing you are you?" He looks to the side for a moment. "I'm trying..when you say it, I feel.." He wasn't sure how to put it. "Different?" He really was trying hard to show his emotions a bit more. He just didn't seem to know how to go about it just yet. "That's fine Arthur, just..relax, there's nothing wrong about it. But if it makes you feel better I'll keep calling you handsome." There goes his face again as he shakes his head. "Okay maybe not, I keep that up and you'll light up your room..." He looks at her a bit deadpanned. She just pats his cheek lightly. "There there.." He leans in close, his eyes still a bit dark. "Only you can make me feel this....fluttery..." She tilts her head to the side. "Is that so?" She blinks as he leans his head on her shoulder and wraps his arms around her, holding her close to him. She just wraps her arms around him and holds onto him. She didn't mind just laying here like this with him. God it felt nice to have someone to hold onto again. She never realized just how much she had really missed it. His breathing slows a bit as she looks down, he had fallen asleep on her. She lets out a low laugh and just settles in under him. "Good night Arthur.." She lets out a low sigh as she slowly starts to fall asleep as well.