Sapphire stretched, things had definitely changed while she'd been taking her vacation. Most of it was just the usual, people coming and going, fads and popular memes changing, the chaos of the world moving along at its usual insane pace.

But, recently, she'd heard some things. It's was one of the reasons she was poking around, again. Sapphire frowned as she thought about it. She'd heard that quite a few people were no longer helping to run things around town. It wasn't something that gave her confidence that things were going well, even if on the surface things appeared to be fine.


As it says in my status- I am very sporadically active. I usually pop on when someone else brings up Gaia in some conversation or another, play for eeh...maybe about a month or something like that. Probably more but I'm terrible at keeping track of stuff. Then I'll poof again until someone else says something. I always have an amazing time when I'm here, though!

I am really worried about some stuff I've been hearing. I'm currently in the process of fact-checking and all that good stuff. But- the update and (re)implementation of a, pretty cheap, monthly item, and the message that went along with the first one, is giving me some red flags that I am certainly not a fan of.
I hope this all turns out well in the end. But, for now, I'll just cross my fingers that it ends up to be rumors and whispers.