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Ryo's Travels
My life & journey through MY eyes.
Phuket: The House, The Adventures and The Drama.
Thailand was pretty cool even though there were quite a few little missteps.

Being in Thailand, Phuket specifically, as well as the Asian continent was definitely an experience and one that I wouldn't take back for anything. Despite some of the mishaps and shortcomings of this trip I would definitely deem this as a success but it will also have me being more cognizant of how I travel and who I travel with when planning these transcontinental excursions. Let's get into the house, the adventures and the drama that happened in Phuket.

The House

The Mojito Residence in Phuket. I was super excited about this house just from the photos we saw on the booking site. I was really thinking that this would be fab as f** and ultra luxe but I was pretty underwhelmed.

The home was a four level luxury style townhome complete with a rooftop and pool. The rooftop oversaw Rawai beach and a few of it's islands which was truly a beautiful site, and the pool had it's own lights and waterfalls albeit pretty small. The house was located in the Rawai district in South Phuket just a block away from the beach and the accompanying Friendship Beach Resort that we frequently and conveniently utilized for meals so it was situated pretty well. The house had four bedrooms with three and a half bathrooms, I was excited at this because that meant we'd all get our own rooms.

Omar first gave Marlon and James a tour of the home followed by Leo giving me a better tour of the home. Omar and Leo, of course, got the master bedroom on the third floor. James claimed the next best bedroom with its own full bath on that same floor. That just left the two rooms on the second floor. One which had two beds and the other which had two doubles and shared a full bathroom. Marlon stated that he wanted us to share the King so that we wouldn't need to use A/C for two rooms (since we found out that we had to pay for electricity separately). Even though I was excited about each of us having our own room, I obliged to Marlon's request and we shared a bed the entire time we were there. His reasoning was so that we didn't have to pay as much for electricity having the AC on in two rooms. Now that I think about it, if we would've just slept with the connecting door open and had one AC on, it would've cooled the entire area but I didn't push back assuming that maybe he just wanted the company. I forgot that he liked to have his house freezing cold so I almost caught pneumonia like five times. This is my life.

A couple things about the house:

1) It wasn't cleaned as thoroughly as it should've been.

There was stains on the towels, couch, rooftop furniture and on some of the sheets. That's disgusting.
Our toilet had like...dirt looking marks on it that were never removed...eww.
The ceiling fan was dirty as ********.
And I just felt an overall grimy feeling in the house.

It definitely could've been much worse, but it did not meet my standards overall. Which is why using these homes on Airbnb and sites like it are very hit or miss. At least with a hotel, 9 times out of ten you know what you're getting. Especially if it's with one of the bigger brands (Marriott, Starwood, Hilton, etc).

2) Location, Location, Location

Even though I liked the location, Phuket overall is lowkey the ghetto, which is fine. The island of Phuket is obviously known for it's beaches, access to islands and resorts. It makes sense. It's just that being located in the southeast region of Rawai, we spent a good amount of money getting Grabvans (SE Asian's version of Uber) to get to Patong where the shopping and nightlife was which averaged about $30 one way.

3) I wish I would've gotten my own room.

Specifically, the one that James claimed. But no big deal. Plus, the mattresses were hard. Omar said that it felt like he was in an accident everytime he woke up.

The house was a bit of a let down and I think we all felt similarly about it, especially after talking to Marlon and James. Even Marlon said that it was okay to stay in a hotel like normal people every so often...and this was after having some good sleep in two hotels before leaving Asia.

The Adventures

Honestly, I feel like a great deal of our time was spent in the house doing nothing. People dwindling on their phones or us playing cards or eating at the nearby resort. Kinda a letdown, but it's whatevs. We arrived at the house late night on 1/15. The first day, we honestly didn't do anything. I think those few days were spent strategizing. We also went to a supermarket that had many western branded food that was outrageously expensive....obviously because of importing costs for brands that aren't native to the continent. We ended up just getting snacks and stuff, Marlon and I also got stuff to make breakfast the following morning that consisted of eggs, turkey bacon, and pancakes. I also took the day the strategize and come up with a loose outline of events.

1/17 - Fun in Chalong - It's no secret that more often than not, I'm the primary planner when it comes to traveling. It's pretty taxing at times, but someone's got to do it. That morning I did some research and created a very loose schedule of events up until we left. After sharing the plan, Marlon and I cooked breakfast using the food we bought from the market and headed out for the day's adventure.

First stop was Wat Chalong, the most important temple in Phuket, located in the Chalong district. Very picturesque moments of having to remove our shoes to walk through the temples. We weren't there too long though. It was outdoors and by the time we got there, it was 2pm, the hottest time of the day and we were sweating.

After Wat Chalong, we headed to Chalong Bay Rum Distillery, where they make Chalong Bay rum, a relatively new brand of rum native to Chalong and gaining in popularity. The whole event cost about $15 a person. The tour of the distillery itself was rather dry but it included a mojito drink and a tasting of the different flavors of Chalong Bay.

The cool part about the distillery is that there was an outdoor restaurant that served amazing food. After becoming enamored with the menu, everyone agreed that would stick around and order dinner, which was a good time. Appetizers, entrees and desserts for all five of us turned out to be like.... $120 and we were GAGGING. The food was amazing too. We also learned that the place was hosting latin night a little later. Overall, it was a great find.

1/18 - Hiking Day - I recall seeing a few hiking excursions along the beaches while doing some initial research and I got excited about the possibility after seeing Big Buddha perched atop that mountain. I was determined to hike up the mountain and have that adventure and I knew Marlon was the only person that would do it with me.

After finding some clues on how to find the trail online, Marlon and I woke up around 7am and headed out at 8am on this adventure. Mind you, Marlon was totally following me blind and I barely new wtf I was doing.

According to the clues online, the trail started somewhere near a place called the "Pineapple Guest House". We ubered to this mythical guest hose in the Patong region, and found a pleasant older white man sitting astute, reading a newspaper. Our first order of business was getting food and/or coffee so I initially inquired about a cafe (one of the clues also said this place serves coffee) and he encouraged us to have a seat and he'd send someone over. Before taking our seats I asked about this mythical trail to big buddha and a map leading up the mountain. He let us know that the trail is pretty well-marked and we wouldn't need a map and to just cross the street and we should see signs. Very vague, but ok!

We walked across the little road to the table and chair sets that he mentioned on the side of the street and occupied one of those spaces. The "Pineapple Guest House" truly looked like an old run down apartment building where foreigners (white folk) seem to be slumming it, probably for little to no money. This guest house also has "restaurant" and by "restaurant" I mean, a closet for a kitchen and a menu.

Our waiter, who was Thai and obviously spoke little english, greeted us and took our orders. I ordered a sausage sandwich with a side of scrambled eggs and Marlon ordered waffles...or an omelet....or both? I can't remember. He told us that the cook would be back in 5 minutes and we obliged. Luckily just a couple minutes later, we see a Thai women stroll in on a moped (mopeds are all the rave in Phuket and a primary source of transportation for many) with milk, eggs and a few other items.

It was still relatively early and the weather was gorgeous. I was super excited for what was to come. We ate, thanked the waiter and the nice, older white man (who probably owned the place) and went on our way.

So we weren't super clear on where we were headed but something told me to take this little alleyway and start our journey. Marlon confirmed my hunch when he pointed to a small sign that said "Big Buddha' this way.

The hike was great. To be honest, I was a little nervous because James put it in my head that there could be bandits and we could get got out there since we're foreigners in a foreign country, but it turned out just fine. It was cool to see the homes and roosters and dogs on the way up. The trail splits into two where one is easier and one is steeper but more scenic. We opted for the harder trail and boy was it harder. It was super steep in some places, kind of dense with trees and nature in others, dense and steep enough that someone installed a rope during certain parts of the trail to help travelers who may lose their footing. On the way up we saw a mother, father and their small child on this trek, they were Asian but they didn't look South Asian and it baffled me that they brought such a small child on this journey. On the way back we saw two girls and someone wearing flip flops. It was a little crazy and I assumed that they just didn't do their research.

Anyway, when we got close to the top and to the top we were able to take in beautiful views of the region, the sea and the entire area. I hate to say this but I truly believe those views (and the hiking experience overall) was the highlight of seeing Big Buddha, but Big Buddha was cool too. Apparently it's a tourist hot spot that was completed in 2017 and it has all kinds of information about buddhism and religion in Thailand. There were chanting monks and a golden smaller Buddha as well. The pictures were gorgeous.

After Buddha, we stopped at a small restaurant on the hillside and got fresh, tasty juices drinks. Marlon had two pineapple smoothies, made from real, fresh pineapple and ice and I had a watermelon and a pineapple one then we began out descent.

Later that day we headed back to the Kathu district, near Patong, to go to Jungceylon Shopping Center where there was a mall, outdoor stores and tons of restaurants. Also the home to Bangla Road. We ate at some honeymoon restaurant there and I had a dish that was too spicy for me to eat...it also had nasty baby scallops (ew!) and we explored the mall and Bangla road...Bangla Road was...interesting to say the least...and slightly strange. I think this was also the day that Marlon and Omar got massages and I became...very weary towards the end of the night. I was definitely ready to get back to the house.

1/19 - Elephant Sanctuary - The day before we booked tickets to the Elephant Sanctuary in the Kata-Karon district of Phuket. To be honest, I wanted to experience...for experience sake but there was nothing that made me want to get dirty in the mud with elephants. Sorry. Anyway, we went. We met a group of black girls from LA who had been to Chiang Mai and Bangkok before their trek to Phuket and they were living it up! Anyway, we fed the elephants. Marlon and James got in the mud with them and then they also rinsed them off in the little water pond. While getting rinsed, one of the elephants pooped in the water....which made me glad that I didn't partake...there's nothing sexy about dookie water. Marlon and James showered and changed and then we all ate.

Overall, the elephant "sanctuary" wasn't really a sanctuary but a location removed from the real sanctuary (where they keep the rescued Asian elephants) where they can peddle off to tourists to have them feed and clean elephants. the experience was $80 and it definitely wasn't worth it. I think they probably thought the same thing which is why they packaged in lunch and a free pullover in the experience.

They fed us pretty good food and then we hit it back to Rawai. I think later on that day, me, Marlon and James went back to Jungceylon to purchase souvenirs. I bought a T-shirt and Elephant for Honour and stretchy pants for Beza, Khalia and Mom. Easy enough. After all that, we sat down and ate at a Japanese restaurant there. I basically ordered the same thing I did at Noodle King, Noodles with Shrimp and a side of potstickers, and it was good....not as good as Noodles King but good. I think Marlon and James (or maybe just James) bought some shoes afterward at some bootleg spot and we headed home after some drama trying to find the uber.

I think we also did a small cocktail hour on the roof when we got back. James and I were talking and Marlon, per usual, was not contributing to the conversation. Womp.

1/20 Zorbing and Spa Day and more shopping at the fancy mall - Honestly, and we'll get to this a little later, but by this day...my spirit was vexed and I really didn't want to pay for another excursion that I didn't want do. No shade, but we can "Zorb" in the U.S. My sister did it in Massanutten and I honestly wanted to zip line. I don't think Marlon really wanted to either but he felt obligated given the stank a** mood that permeated the group. I opted not to and booked a spa day instead.

After doing some quick research I found a $100-something 3-hour spa package at So Thai Spa Hillside over Patong Beach. I reached out to them via email and they helped me book the package and transportation to and from for about $142.

I left as soon as they got back, timing just happened to work out that way. TripAdvisor billed it as a "luxury spa experience" and, given the environment, it was much more luxury that these mall and side of the road massage experiences...but there was definitely something lacking from the luxury experience i.e. they didn't give me a tour of the area, didn't offer me to spend time enjoying other amenities and didn't really walk me through my treatments...but it's fine! Because the massage experience was delightful.

I booked the So Thai Pleasure package for 2700 Baht. The three-hour experience included a foot massage, body scrub and aroma oil massage...and a lowkey chiropractor appointment when Ann, my therapist, started bending, stretching and cracking m back. There was even a moment where she was massaging the nerves in my arm and I could feel it forcing m fingers to curl and uncurl. It was a very interesting experience that turned out to be absolutely delightful. I also have to kii about the "underwear" they give us, which is super tiny, sheer and my whole d**k was basically hanging out rofl

The driver who picked me up was nice and intuitive as well, he picked me up at my door. I thought they were going to grab me by the resort. That's what I told them as a landmark even though I also added the "Mojito Beach Residence" and the exact address of the house. The driver also drove me to the ATM to get cash out (for tips) and drove me back to the spa in addition to picking me up and taking me back.

One thing I also noticed was that drivers will literally stop on their way to taking you someone and run a quick errand, get gas, etc etc. I think it's definitely an asian thing because I remember that happening a few times on the chinese bus between Philly and DC. rofl

Alas, I loved my spa day. They had fun zorbing and apparently, it was a couples activity you did in pairs. So since only four of them went, it worked out!

Later that day we went to the fancy mall called Central Phuket which is one of two megamalls on the island and grabbed dinner, I think it might've been at another Japanese spot. I'm not sure. I actually ate this food though. We wanted to get pizza hut before we left, but they were closed so Marlon and I opted for some pre-packaged dinners (I think mine was akin to the chicken and vegetables dish you get at the carry out) they had as a buy-one-get-one deal and left it at that.

1/21 - Final Day - The final day was super chill. My spirit was still vexed and I didn't feel like doing s**t. I thought about going to get a pair of shoes but didn't feel like paying $60 round trip for the uber to Patong and back. Leo ordered pizza, we played cards, we packed and we left for our 1am flight to Seoul.

I also got in the pool once and spent some time on the rooftop a few times.

The Drama

There was quite a bit of drama in the grand scheme of things regarding this trip.

First, our delay in leaving. Our 6pm flight from BWI to JFK was delayed, but we didn't find out about the delay until after we got on the plane. We ended up sitting on the tarmac for about 2 additional hours as they had to defrost the plane (it was snowing outside). For the inconvenience they gave us free wine for the 1-hour journey to NYC, but it greatly shortened our layover time and forced out supposed "cute dinner in NYC" to a bootleg restaurant in JFK that was closing and had nasty food. We still made it to Thailand in time, circa 11pm on 1/15 ICT.

Second, Omar had a nasty a** attitude after Marlon and I got back from hiking that permeated for basically the remainder of the trip. Marlon and I talked about it either that night or the morning afterward trying to figure out what the problem was. At first we thought that maybe he was just tired and ready to go home, but I noticed that there was a very stark difference between how he was acting before that day and after we returned...so using that reasoning we determined that us going on a hike was the reason. It didn't really make sense to why he'd be mad about that, but it's all we could really come up with. He was super quiet, rather agitated when we went to Jungceylon the first time and when we'd try to include him into conversation, he gave short, clipped answers. He wasn't engaging at all. Not to mention, I laid out this outline of events for the rest of the trip and by the time we got back from the hike, Omar and James rewrote the plan...which was fine...but it was lowkey attitudinal.

I went back and forth on whether to address it or not, but ultimately decided not to. It's not fair that I always have to address an issue with him when he's the one that has the issue...but his nasty a** vibes really vexed the spirit of everyone else for the rest of the trip and forced James to acknowledge the weird and off energy that he was feeling. I'd like to think that ultimately whatever Omar was feeling, he realized was stupid and opted not to say anything....but it was a primary factor in me deciding to not go Zorbing. In addition to not wanting to do it in the first place, I definitely didn't want to go if Omar was going to still be pissy. And I found out that apparently, Omar was fine, pleasant and interactive at Zorbing but went straight back to being pissy when I got back from my spa day which then led me to believe that his issue was with me specifically. At that point, I'm not sure why he always has a problem with me living my best life...but that's his issue and not mine.

Third, I was just really insecure for most of the trip. To be a 1000% honest, Marlon getting all of the attention for his looks made me a little envious. Nothing more to say here, but I bore witness to the gawking looks, compliments and passes made toward Marlon because he was what they called, "sexy sexy". I need to get over that....it always lowkey amazes me that the young, sad, insecure, angsty, emo 15-year old me that would cry staring up at the ceiling while listening to Mariah Carey is still inside of me and has never truly died.

Fourth, getting back home was a DRAMA chile. At first I didn't realize that our flight was due to leave Thailand at like 1am on 1/22 ICT which made that Monday our last night. It started with the uber ride to the airport. I got in the van and I heard my phone drop and i could NOT find where it dropped. I was freaking out. It took like 15 minutes to find it and only because Marlon said that the only place it could've dropped was some crevice that we couldn't see very well. After calling my phone a few times I finally heard it vibrate in that crevice and the driver helped us access it. So stressful but I'm glad the driver was super nice about it (many of our drivers in Thailand were actually super nice). Anyway, we were finally off to the airport to catch our flight. Well...guess what? That flight ended up getting CANCELLED after we waited for an update an hour after the departure time. Apparently there was a mechanical issue with the plane and no back-ups for the night. So everyone on that 300+ passenger plane had to hoard downstairs, back through customs and retrieve our luggage for Korean Air to be bused to a Royal Phuket City Hotel. Where James, Marlon and I checked into separate rooms to sleep for a few hours and be back down in the lobby by 10am to be bused back to Phuket International Airport for our 3pm flight to Seoul, which also ended up being slightly delayed. I remember getting to the airport and going to the gate and standing in a longgggg line for them to rebook our flight. They bought sandwiches and soda for us from 7-11 for us waiting in line. When we finally made it to the counter for rebooking the best they could do was a 1pm connecting flight from Detroit to BWI after I told them that we didn't need to connect through JFK.

Now, I have to be honest, but that Korean Air flight from Phuket to Seoul was the worst flight I had ever experienced. We were in an exit row which gave us plenty of leg room but I was on the aisle seat and got bumped (not hard) by staff more times than a couple. Not to mention there was a European couple on the plane with two boys (probably between 6 and 7 years old) and a baby...and the baby practically screamed the entire plane ride. Not only that, the two young boys were pretty much all over the place and the DAD was harassing the crew for more bread rolls in their crew quarters. Like SIR, they are at work doing THEIR JOB. WOULD YOU LIKE IF SOMEONE CAME AT YOU LIKE THAT AT YOUR JOB?! It was lunacy. At one point, the baby's cry was so shrill and high-pitched that I literally had to plug my ears. It was so painful. My head started hurting, my ears were hurting, my wisdom teeth (like all four of them) started to ache. It literally felt like the longest 5-6 hours of my life and a complete 180 from the pleasant Korean Air flight we took from JFK to Seoul just the week before. Marlon said the dad was high as a kite and apparently one of the manager's confronted the family to handle their kids.

On the flight, I noticed that the baby was fine if he was walking and bothering people or when one of the members of the crew would come over to play with it but was inconsolable otherwise. That and there was a ton of crew members on that flight. James said they were training quite a few people....and I noticed that to be true as well.

We didn't get to Seoul and through customs and immigration until after midnight KST. By the time we got there Korean Air had secured hotel accommodations in Seoul for all of us along with staff to guide us through that process. I remember getting off the plane and deciding that we were going to go to the transit hotel in the airport (the one we couldn't find before) and we opted to not make the same mistake and go through immigration (the website says once you go through immigration you cannot stay at the hotel). Me and James had a little battle about what we should do and we asked different people. We ended up finding the Korean Air employees that would help guide us and others that were connecting to go to the US to the desk that would have the people who would then guide us to the Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo Hotel.

We were slightly relieved to be back in the cold and I was kinda excited to be able to see my breath again. Seoul is smoggy even at night. That Holiday Inn was gorgeous and had a sky lobby. We checked into our rooms, they put Marlon and I in one room and James in his own. I will say that although the Phuket hotel was decent, this hotel was NICE and I could tell it was going to be nice before we even got there. This hotel had the pristine bathroom that included the granite stand up shower and the decked out toilet complete with buttons for the bidet, enema (a more pressurized bidet) and a drying option. I told Marlon he needs to get one of those for their new house. You wanna talk about Fab dahhhling?

But yes, obviously we got to the hotel late. I remember waiting to check in and a one of the kids started whining and we started freaking out going, "nuh uh, nuh uh nuh uh...shut it up." rofl

I couldn't sleep, but we only had a few hours anyway. Unfortunately while I was up, I was getting texts from my landlord about flooding and a busted pipe in the apartment and how she was handling all of that and I'd have to pay for it as she cited the rental agreement that I signed back in July. Stress. I was already low on cash and this was going to set me back even more, but I sucked it up and just focused on getting home. i'd deal with that when I got there.

The bus was due to pick us up and take us back to the airport at 7:30am for our flight that left at 1pm (or earlier, I can't remember when the plane took off). The airport process in Seoul was a lot easier. We didn't have our luggage since it transferred over to the next plane so we just had carry ones and we didn't have to stand in a super long line, I think they just wanted to confirm that our baggage was going to be on the plane at the counter.

The long flight from Seoul to Detroit was ok, kinda annoying. I watched a few movies, The Lion King and I Feel Pretty", slept and read Beale Street. That's about it. We all were sitting separate from each other and I got a middle seat between two lowkey burly white guys. So uncomfortable, but whatever.

The plane had to make a detour to MSP for about an hour+ due to DWT being closed due to ice on the tarmac, it would take them a little longer to clear off the ice so we were stuck on the tarmac in Minneapolis for about an hour unless we flew another hour to DTW. Ugh, the drama.

Eventually, we made it home....only to have to wait like 40 minutes for Khalia to come pick us up. She suggested that we uber to her school which was 20 minutes away but I wasn't about to pay $30 for an uber when she had my car. We dropped Khalia off, then dropped James off, then dropped Marlon off and then I went home....to house that had no water and was filled with loud a** fans that was supposed to be sucking the moisture out the floor and drying the walls. Grand.

Missed Moments and Final Thoughts

All in all, the trip was a wonderful experience despite some of the drama that happened. I'm pretty determined to never travel with more than 4 people...ever again...and even then...I want to make sure everyone's on the same page with vacationing styles.

Also, everything wasn't as cheap as I thought it would be in Phuket. One thing I'd say is that food was much cheaper. I mean, if we can have three courses for 5 people and pay $120....that was a steallllll. But everything else was pretty on-par with what I was used to paying for stuff. Especially shopping at the mall. For the longest, I thought that the British Pound, the Euro and the US Dollar were the top 3 currencies but I was very wrong. Apparently one of Kuwait's Dinar (dollar) = $3.31. Like....Wow.

One thing that I really wish we could've done was either a) zip-lining and/or b) gotten out on the water and explore these islands. I really wanted my Moana moment but I think Omar's attitude vexing my spirit really put me in a pissy mood to where I didn't want to really plan anything.

After meeting the black girls who did the Thailand trek and doing some research I reallllly wish we could've gone to Chiang Mai and/or Bangkok. The photos look gorgeous and it looked like it was filled with adventures. We'll definitely have to do that next time.

One major thing that will stay with me is how I saw first hand what it meant when people say English in the international language. I just thought that it meant that foreign diplomats and businessmen must know english to be successful, but that's not solely the case.

On my Korean Air flight to Seoul, I noticed an exchange between a crew member and a European. Not every crew member on the flight spoke English super well and the Euro's first language was very clearly not english but they spoke to each other in the parts of english that they knew to come to an understanding. Not everyone knows every language. Those in western Europe grow up learning English, French, German, Portuguese, etc similarly how those in Asia grow up learning English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc but rarely do the two worlds cross...so they speak in English, which is common place amongst the vast majority of civilized nations. It's truly a privilege to grow up in a world superpower and a society where english is the first language but also the international language, making travel that much easier for us. Don't get me wrong. America isn't perfect by any means but we do hold a ton of privileges that many other countries don't...such as clean air. There's not a city in America that's as smoggy as Seoul....BUT Seoul has a lot of cool a** s**t that America could only WISH it had.

Also, I came to a realization. Marlon was talking about taking a trip to Costa Rica for his 30th with his son and all of us. Something about wanting his son to beat him in all his experiences and that he went out of the country for the first time when he was 16 and his son will be 15 next year and blah blah blah. A couple things with that...

a) A 15-year-old boy traveling out the country with a bunch of grown a** adults doesn't sound super fun for either side. I'ma be drinking, cursing and being gay and although he isn't a child....we're not sure that's the environment he would want to be around. Omar brought this up and suggested that Malachai bring a friend, Marlon's concern with that was although Malachi is used to hanging out with us....a friend's parents might not be comfortable with their kid in that setting...and...

b) I don't want to travel with these folks anymore. No shade. Not like this. I honestly think that Marlon should just go with Kabob, Malachi and a friend. Dassit. I guess Omar and Leo can go too if they want. I know if I'm traveling with a group like that...it's going to be two separate trips. Me and my crew doing wtf we want to do and the others. We can definitely sync up from time to time but....it's definitely two separate trips. Probably in two separate accommodations. And in this case...I'm not sure who would be in my crew. James and Justin? Ehh.....nah. I really think this trip should be all about Marlon and Malachai which is why I think either Marlon and Kabob go with him and/or they invite a friend of the kid's.

Anyway, the realization is that Marlon has a great core group of friends...but I'm not sure the same could be said for the rest of us. From Marlon's POV, he has me, Justin, James, and Omar/Leo and we'd all do anything for him which is why he's never had an issue. For the rest of us...it feels almost conditional in a sense. Justin had his issues with the group as have I, as have James...and Omar too with the three of us but Marlon really hasn't had any rufflings....idk. So the way he sees the group as a whole it a little different than the rest of us. And I'm becoming okay with that.

Alas, that's all I have. Thailand was great and now I'm back to work! I'm literally sitting here at work at 4am on Sunday morning, 1/27 finishing this post sweatdrop

One Love


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