Kenji had felt like a changed man after the night he had with Akari. He managed to get up and get some much needed rest. After getting up and getting early and getting ready for the day the fact that a monster had appeared didn't stress him at all. In fact this time he was looking forward to it with a clear mind. He actually found it very easy to track down the presence in no time and he made a mental note that it was much easier to follow the monster's trail with a calm heart. He thanked Akari for giving him the comfort he truly needed. As he caught up to the monster instead of just absorbing its power like he did last time he decided he had to deal with another one of his problems. He used his power to create a small prison of energy to keep the monster confined. He captured the monster without ease as the monster just cowered in fear from him. "Don't worry i wont hurt you." He said as he grabbed the monster by its neck. "Well at least not yet." He said walking over to his energy prison and trapping the monster. It was clear what he was trying to use the monster as bait for his rival. It was really fortunate that he had gotten there first. Now that he had his bait he quickly drew a circle of his energy around the area they were in. "This might help with that annoying ability of hers. He said to himself. The small perimeter of energy he laid down would rise up and eventually come together to form a dome of energy around the area he had marked. He had played around with this idea for a bit and he found that if anything even himself tried to leave the dome they would be burned by the concentrated energy. He was sure that his best bet at taking down his rival was to force a close range engagement between the two. He was about to sit down and wait when he heard something strike the energy cage he had for the monster. It had broken off a part of it but it quickly repaired itself. Kenji looked over in the direction where the shot had come from and was glad he had finished his trap. He walked over to the caged monster and waited for his rival to make an appearance.