Chapter 35:

The party that followed was the largest Sara had ever seen. Arthur stood by her the entire time, watching his fellow brothers and sisters enjoy this time of peace. "It's like watching a sea of drunken toddlers." She chuckles at a bit as he looks at her. "This is why I don't drink as much as I used to." He gives her a small smirk. "Right, because waking up with a pair of boxers on your head is proof enough." She blushes as she looks away. "Hey, hush, that was wroth it even if I still have no idea who's underwear those were, or where I got them. Still the best damn twenty-first birthday I ever had..." She ends up just smiling after that as he shakes his head slowly. "Just don't get any ideas." She narrows her eyes at him as he glares back at her. "Last thing I need to hear is how you faced another Deathclaw." He rolls his eyes at this. "I did walk away from that fight.." She places her hand on his scar. "You did, but not unharmed.." He hangs his head as he steps closer. "I'll have you know, I didn't start that fight..." She lets out a low laugh. "Right, but you sure as hell know how to end a fight.." She hears someone agree with her as she turns her head. The fight was far from over, but they could at least have a small moment of peace. His people deserved it after all the crap they had gone through. "So just curious, how does a wedding work with the Brotherhood?" She watches him look up for a moment, before looking slightly confused. "I never asked, I know my parents had one, but I'm not sure what it entails." He wasn't even really sure who to ask, he'll have to look into it. "That's fine, I don't really care how it's done, I imagine it's nothing flashy, but knowing these people and how they party, you never know.."

She blinks as several soldiers start to arm wrestle. People around them were already placing bets on who would win. "You have some odd people working for you..." He lets out a low sigh as Ingram slowly wonders over. "You know, I should be more surprised, but, I had a feeling.." Arthur crosses his arms at her as she waves her hand. "Oh don't give me that look, I've known you for years, never seen you look at someone the way you did her.." Sara blushes again as she looks the other way. "But I'm happy for ya, you can be a stubborn man at times, but your one hell of a leader." She salutes him and wonders off to go return to the ship. Nate was next, Danse was behind him, still in his power armor. "Man, that took a lot of guts. I was a stuttering mess when I tried to ask Nora to marry me.." Arthur lets out a low huff at this. He was trying to hide he had been nervous the whole time. Nate could see it, but he doesn't bring it up. "So what now, I imagine that weddings have changed in the last two hundred years or so.." Arthur nods at this as he looks at her. "I will have to look into it, it's not often the Brotherhood holds these types of events. It'll take sometime to plan out, but it will be worth it. I will make a note to not include so much alcohol however." He blinks as someone wondered about with a bucket on their head, the other's laughing. "Much less alcohol..." She just giggles a bit. "Aww, but look at them, yeah I think they had enough..." Someone had already passed out on a old couch that had been left outside as she shakes her head slowly. Nate just laughs a bit. "Reminds me of my collage days, before I enlisted." "Just less hazing.." Nate lets out another laugh. "Heh, yeah..wait how do you know about that?" Sara gives him a shrug. "Somethings don't change I guess." She went to a small community collage, so she had never had any personal experience with sororities. From what she had heard, she should be thankful.

"Just like pranks." Her eyes light up a bit. "You know, the tasteful ones where no one gets hurt...those aren't funny.." Nate nods his head at this. "Guess bachelor parties aren't a thing." Both Danse and Arthur look at him confused, both saying at the same time. "What's a bachelor party?" Sara sighs a bit as she shakes her head slowly. Nate was laughing, but he takes a deep breath. "I'll take that as a no.." Sara lets out a low groan. "What do you expect honestly, ten caps say they never even heard of a strip club.." Arthur rises his brow at this. "A what now?" Sara turns her head as she looks at Nate. "See?" Nate just smiles as he places his hand on Arthur's shoulder. "Don't worry about it Elder..." The poor man just looked confused, but maybe that was a good thing. It still surprised Nate how much she seemed to know about this sort of thing. He doesn't say anything about it though. No point on bringing it up after all. The party lasted well into the night. Some finally turning in to deal with hangovers and such. Other's remained outside, sleeping where they passed out. It felt nice to be back on the ship. She sits herself down on a chair as she leans her head back. The Scribes were no doubt still busy with all the equipment they had stolen from the Institute. She watches Arthur as he shrugs off his coat, setting it on a chair. "You know I think I'll sleep easier tonight, knowing that the Institute is nothing more then a smoking hole in the ground." He nods slowly at this as he walks over to her. She smiles as he helps her to her feet and pulls her closer to him. "Maybe now we'll get less people knocking.." She lets out a low snort. "I doubt it, more like people throwing their boots at our door to keep it down.."

She wiggles her brows at him as he chuckles at that. "Good thing we already proved this room is sound proof." She looks up at that. "Don't know, we might just have to keep testing that.." He lets out a low lustful growl t that, but she ends up yawning. The fight against the Institute had been draining. He still leads her to his bed as she kicks off her boots. She clams the wall this time as he joins her. She nuzzles into him as he turns off the lights. She didn't mind the darkness, it's how she normally kept her room. Any form of light bothered her and made it impossible to sleep. She lays her head on him as he wraps his arm around her. "You were planing this for awhile...haven't you?" She hears him let out a small cough. "You sneaky b*****d, how long have you been keeping this under wraps?" It takes him a moment to answer. "Awhile..." She moves up a bit as he looks into her eyes. "I never allowed myself to get close to anyone. The only person I ever had feeling for, died years ago. It was one sided, I knew she didn't feel the same way, I was far to young...still." She scoots closer to him. "I didn't know what to make of you when we found you out there. I won't hide I was impressed from the start that some lone woman took out a hoard of Feral's." He turns to his side as he holds her close. She lets out a low sound, her eyes slowly looking down. She still had a chance to tell him everything. She had no idea of saying out loud would change anything, but holding it in was started to weigh her down. Again, she had no idea what to even really tell him. How do you tell someone their entire world was nothing more then a computer game someone created. That he wasn't real, none of this was, it was nothing more then some weird alternate world.

She might as well start somewhere. "I never fired a gun before, hell never really held one. Never had much of a reason to." She slowly looks back up at him. "It sounds strange, I know. Coming from someone that actively collects swords for shits and giggles.." She did have a rather nice collection, if it was still there that was. "I guess that life doesn't really matter anymore and to be honest, I don't miss it. "I don't miss having to struggle, wondering either or not I'll be able to pay for something. Going to a job I hated, just to make a living because it was better then most the s**t that was out there..." It was better then being bored out of her mind, or working for a store that treated their employees like garbage. "I wont say I gave much thought to the whole settling down thing. Not that I was against it, just that I figured it wasn't something I'd find myself doing." She goes quiet when she feels his hand on her arm. "I mean I can imagine how often you pictured yourself doing something that crazy as to propose in front of your army of all things." He lets out a low chuckle. "I wanted it to mean something." He brushes his fingers over her cheek lightly. "I was nervous, more that you would say no..." She leans in and kisses him lightly. "You drive one hell of a bargain Arthur, I was more stunned then anything..." She looks at her hand as she removes the ring. "Are you really sure you want me to have this?" He nods as he takes it, setting it to the side for now. "Never did me any good, if my father had gotten it, I'm sure it meant something.." She tilts her head at this. "You didn't know him did you?" He shakes his head slowly.

" mother sent me to the Citadel when I was young. I never saw her again after that. They never did tell me what happened." Even in the darkness, she could see the pain in his eyes. For so many years they kept so much from him. It did far more harm then good. She feels his thumb move over her skin lightly. "I won't let that continue." It was unrealistic to swear he wouldn't let anything happen to her. But he'd be damn if this repeated. "I'll guard you with my life if I have to.." She feels her face heat up. " really are turning into a hopeless romantic." He lets out a low huff at this. "Not that it's a bad thing, I rather like it. Look I'm not asking you to kill yourself, but thanks. It oddly makes me feel better." He kisses the top of her head lightly. "And for what it's worth, I'll kill the b*****d that tries to harm you as well. Twice for good measure." She could feel him shaking his head at this. "Get some sleep, we have much to plain for." She lets out a low sigh. "Of course we do, you know, whatever we plain to do, it doesn't have to be perfect." "No...but I want it to be something we remember.." She lets out a low laugh. "Good, because I suck at remembering uh, no hard feelings if I do forget?" He lets out a low growl as she giggles again. "Go to sleep." She lets out a deep yawn as she closes her eyes. "As you wish mt love, good night Arthur.." "Good night..." He waits, for her breathing to slow down. It didn't take her long to fall asleep. He wasn't surprised after today. He was glad the fight had turned out so well. They might had lost a few to the Synths, but all in all they had came up on top. He was still trying to wrap his mind on why the Institute hid for so many years rather then reach out to help those in need. They would never really get any answers now, but maybe it was for the best. He takes in a deep breath before pulling her close and ends up falling asleep soon after.

Arthur woke up early as he slowly pulls himself away from her. She just curls up a bit, but remains asleep. He makes his way to his bathroom, looking into his mirror. He finds a pair of scissors and gets to work on his beard. The only sound she hears is running water as she lets out a low groan. She slowly sits up as she rubs her eyes. Maybe she really should stop worrying about things beyond her control. After all it wasn't going to do her any good. Once the water turns off she could hear him swearing silently to himself. She rises her brow, wondering what he was up to this early. "Your not starting a fight in there are ya?" She slowly makes her way over to the bathroom door as he grumbles. It takes a few minutes for him to answer and she lets out a small gasp. He had managed to trim down his beard to nothing more then a five o-clock shadow. It was the best he could do with the equipment he had, but it was still surprising. "Oh my gosh, you look so handsome.." He lets out another grumble at this as she places her hands on him. He really did look much different. He looked far more like a soldier like this. He also looked far younger now, but that wasn't a bad thing. She leans in and kisses him lightly. "Now I get to do that and not get attacked by all that fluff." He couldn't hide his smile as he places his hands on her hips. She wore that dress for him, so he figured he could repay that favor by shaving. It wasn't something he greatly cared about, but if it made her happy hell he could keep it up. "So what's the plan for today?" His brows knit together. "I still have to do some research, why don't you join Ingram and Doctor Li in taking apart Liberty Prime.."

She lets out a low groan. "Ahh yes, we put it together, now we get to tear it apart...ohhh fun." She really did love taking things apart. It didn't matter what it was, it was always fun. "What should we do with the left over nukes. Can't imagine taking those apart" He takes a step back as he gives it some thought. There was no point on keeping them. But just tossing them was not the best idea. Returning them to the factory they got them from was not a bad idea. But that just meant someone else could find them. Like those Children of Atom folk. "We can build a storage unit for them until we find a safe way to dispose them." She nods at that and smiles. "Got it, so, just wondering, with this new title you gave me, what exactly does it mean?" "Basically, it means you're your own soldier. Neither I nor the Captain will be giving you orders. However in the event I'm not here, that places you in charge. Of the ship, and it's crew." Her eyes go wide at this as she shuffles at the list of her new responsibilities. "And they'll listen to me?" "Of course, to go against you, is treason." She wasn't sure what to say to that. "So I'm just one step away from Elder, and to think I suck at the whole at charge thing. But you placed your faith in me so I wont let you down." He leans in as he places his lips on her forehead. "I know you won't, there's a reason I picked you. Besides the fact that deeply for you.." She smirks at that as she wraps her arms around him. "Well I think I figured that out, when you let me handcuff you to your bed.."

It was far easier to see his face turn pink as she laughs. Now he just looked even more adorable. "Come now, you can't say you didn't enjoy that..." He lets out a low growl at her. "I have half a mind to allow you do that again..." She throws him a wink. "I'll keep that in mind, alright, I'll leave you to it, you got work and...I doubt Ingram is going to be in a peppy mood." She slowly lets him go as she gets her uniform on. She picks up her general's hat and tips it to him. "You have a mighty fine day now you hear?" He gives her an odd look, but she just laughs and heads out his door, waving as she walks away. It was still hard for him not to look at those hips of her's when she walked away. He slowly shakes it off and turns to his terminal to get to work. She has breakfast as she makes her way to the base. Doctor Li was actually happy to see that Maxson was going to live up to his promise to dismantle Liberty Prime. Ingram just sulks, but decides that in the end it was for the best. Even if they had just put the thing together after so many years. There was already a small team of Scribes working to remove what was left of the nukes. The base was going to be a lot more emptier without the large robot that was for sure. But since they hadn't been able to really reprogram it, it was safer. There was no telling if this thing wouldn't just turn against them if someone hacked into it. It was around noon or so when she took a break. She finds an old chair, a bottle of Nuka-Cola and sits herself down. It wasn't long before Nate joins her and sits back. He had been debating with himself, what to do now.

"I'm thinking about heading back to Sanctuary Hill's. It...hadn't been my home for long, but I fell like I owe the place a chance to start over.." Sara smiles at this as she moves her chair closer to him. "I think that's a wonderful goal. People still need homes to go to, now that the Institute is gone, they can finally think about settling down." Nate smiles slowly at this, running his hands over his hair. It was starting to grow on him. "I don't think I'll ever settle down again...losing Nora..I mean it doesn't mean I won't move's just.." "You don't think you could start a family again after this..." He sighs deeply as he nods. "Does that make me a horrible person?" She shakes her head at this. "Not at all, that's your choice, there's no one here that's going to change your mind. And last time I checked you can't make babies with other men.." Nate blushes hard as she laughs, placing her hand on his shoulder. "Hey I'm not judging, but I am wondering how Danse feels." Nate rolls his shoulders. "I think he's still trying to figure it out, but I think the walk to Sanctuary will help clear the air." He promised, he was going to be more honest in his relationships. He kept far to much from Nora. "Think I'll stick around for this wedding. Can't wait to see it." She laughs a bit as she takes a drink. "He's looking it up now on how to go about it. But that's...well him." Nate chuckles as he helps himself to a bottle. "I'm sure he means well, he just wants to do things right.." "Hey as long as I don't have to wear a dress and heels I'm game. I don't do well in heels, I tired once..." She shakes her head as he lets out another chuckle.