Chapter 34:

Arthur woke early, with any luck Knight Thomson and Paladin Danse should had returned by now with the agitator. He could hardly believe the time had finally arrived. All their hard work was finally going to pay off. But this was just the calm before the storm and knew they would need ever last member they had to strike against the Institute. His eyes travel down to the woman next to him. She was still sound asleep, it pained him to wake her. He had never really looked at anyone and thought much. He wasn't the most emotional person, he was taught at a young age to more or less keep that to himself. All soldiers were more or less taught the same. Emotion had a way of blinding you to the danger around you in battle. But he know knew that wasn't true, he never felt stronger. He runs his hand over her side, her skin was always so soft compared to his. She lets out a low moan as she hides her face. "I don't want to go to work...." She mumbles quietly before curling up a bit. He rises his brow at this as he tries again. This time she jumps awake as she looks around, her hair was covering half her face. "Wha...oh morning.." She pushes her hair back as she tries to wake up. "At least I think it's morning, this place needs windows, or clocks...both..." He slowly picks himself up as he wraps his arms around her. "It's morning, trust me.." She leans into him a bit as she starts to become more awake. "Wonder if they found that...agitator yet.." She feels his lips on the back of her shoulder. "We have to get out of bed to find out.." She pouts a bit, but she gets out of bed to find her proper Brotherhood uniform. It only felt appropriate. She was started to be thankful she just took her little bag with her. It still didn't have much, but it was better then nothing.

She slowly rises to see he was more then ready, slicking his hair back, looking ever the professional. He always looked remarkably handsome, even with that beard. He walks over to her, placing his hand on her cheek. This wasn't going to be an easy fight, but knowing he had not only her support, but everyone else's. They could win this fight. Without another word they head out to find that Ingram, Nate and Danse had returned not an hour ago. They were a bit drained from dealing with the hoard of Synths. But they were more then ready, Nate given the honers of turning on Liberty Prime. Everyone had gathered as Liberty Prime turns on. It was still a bit odd it had it's old programming in tact to face against the Chinese. All the Brotherhood salute Prime as it starts to head off. Nate and Danse quickly following after it as the cries of "Ad Victoriam!" Echo across the area as she rises her brow at Maxson. He could only give her a helpless shrug as the others gather to file into Vertibirds. Everyone was ready, weapons loaded as the air ships followed after Prime. It wasn't long before she saw flashes of light as a hoard of Synths try to stop Prime. The robot takes them out with it's nukes like they were nothing. Sara just watches from her seat, Arthur standing at her side. It was a sight to behold to watch this thing in real action. It felt like a slow crawl to the C.I.T building before all the Vertibird's landed, all the Brotherhood members stood ready as Prime shows up to use it's laser to blast a hole into the hideout. "The Institute of Technology...there's some weird irony behind hiding in a place like this..."

Maxson just shakes his head at this. He was holding onto his gun as he sees a large mass of Synths, heading right at them. They don't miss a beat as they fire, to make sure they didn't keep Prime from reaching it's goal to get them inside. Nate and Danse stand together as they help clear the area and soon the blinding light from Prime was gone. Maxson walks up to Nate. He quickly salutes the man. "Damn fine work Soldier." They head into the large hole and those in power armor use their lights to show the way. They were in a storage area. An old assembly line that was used to mass produce the Gen 1 Synths. Maxson turns to Nate as he pulls something out from his coat. "Take this, in order to bring down the Institute once and for all we must strap this explosive charge to their generator. Do us proud Paladin." Nate blinks at that, but smiles as he salutes Maxson. "Yes sir.." It was a hard fight, but after a few hours they make it to the relay room. The same room Nate had found himself in the first time he had teleported into Ingram gets to work fast as she hacks into the terminal. The elevator is turned on and she nods her head, the rest was up to them now as they file as many as they could into the elevator. She hated being in the cramped space, but holds onto her weapon tightly as they enter the deep labyrinth that was the Institute. When she had first seen it, it had taken her breath away. It was hard to imagine a place this huge had gone unnoticed for so long. But that was the whole point of them using teleportation. So no one would figure out where they had been hiding.

They finally reach the main floor as they file out. The elevator returns up so more could join the fight. Most of the place had been shut down. It was clear to see the moment Prime hit the place, all the scientist scattered. The place was on lock down, and the only place to override it would be to travel to the directors office. Nate had hoped to never see 'Father' ever again. But he turns to Maxson. "Let me handle it...alone.." Maxson just gives him a small nod and watches him head off. Danse wanted to go after him, but Sara holds him back, shaking her head. Nate moves slowly, to see his 'son' in a flashy looking hospital bed. He feels his heart sink, his boy was dying. He had so much hope for his son, to see him like this broke him. It didn't have to end like this, but there was no way out now. Nate raises his gun as Shaun just glares at him. "You deserve worse..." He doesn't think twice as he pulls the trigger and walks away. Getting into his terminal was easy enough. He blinks as he sees an option to issue an evacuation notice. Some of these people honestly had no idea the harm they caused. So he hits the call before he overrides the lock down. The rest of the Brotherhood look up as a yellow light starts to flash. Maxson frowns at this as she turns to him. "Let them go, if they want a fight we'll give them one. But I imagine most the people here are innocent." He looked a bit unsure as Danse just nods his head. "She's right sir, we came here to take down the Institute, there's no need to take out the innocent people they no doubt lied to for countless years.." Maxson lets out a low sound, knowing he wasn't going to win this fight. he looks up as Nate makes his way back, keeping his eyes down. Danse walks up to him slowly, but he waves his hand. He would be fine, in time. With the doors open they were able to enter the Advanced Systems wing.

While they were busy making their way to the reactor the large number of Scribes were clearing out the labs for anything of use. After all this place was just covered in tech no doubt had never seen before. The fact it was so clean still bothered Sara a bit as they made their way to the reactor. She made a fair deal to spit on the floor and Danse just glares at her. "What?" Nate couldn't help but smile and he does the same thing. He's been wanting to do that ever since he saw this place. Maxson just shakes his head at both of them as he keeps his weapon in front of him. It didn't take long for them to reach the reactor. Nate had to slip on a hazmat suit in order to get in there. Once it was in place they all stood together. Without thinking Sara grabs Maxson's arm when Ingram flashes them into the relay room. Even Nate was a bit confused and Danse shakes his head a bit. "A warning would had been nice..." Sara grumbles a bit as Danse nods slowly. Maxson frowns however, they were meant to be sent on top of the Mass Fusion executive suite, not here. "Ingram, report." She gives him a confused look. "Sorry sir, but this um...kid came out of nowhere, said that Paladin Thomson was his father?" Nate was just as confused until he sees the tiny 'boy run up to him, hugging his leg. "Dad!" Nate almost jumps, this was the same Synth 'Father' had made. This Shaun was nothing more then a prototype. Nate had to bite back and keep from kicking the damn thing off of him. He had nothing against Synths, but the fact this one was made at all, angered him beyond reason. Maxson was just confused by this. "I thought your son was dead?" Nate growls a bit. "He is dead, the Institute made him as a prototype....he's a Synth.." He couldn't hide the venom in his voice. Danse looked a bit hurt by this, but it was hard not to understand why Nate felt what he did.

Nate shoves the kid away and he stumbles back, hitting the floor. "He's not my son. I didn't stand by my wife's side for hours, only to watch her die to save our boy. You're not him, Shaun was beyond saving." Maxson was only more confused by this as Danse just shakes his head. They would have to explain it to him later. "The Institute turned him into a heartless monster who thought it was right to replace people, to ruin their lives, and for what? 'The greater good?'." His anger was slowly rising as Danse slowly holds Nate back. The boy slowly stands up and takes a step back. He looked upset, but Sara noticed that it wasn't crying. "God they couldn't even bother to program the kid to feel emotions.." She didn't mean to say anything, but she couldn't help herself. Maxson just shakes his head at this. It didn't sit well with him to leave a child behind. But a Synth child that had been made to look like the son Nate lost was a new low. The choice was up to him however as Nate turns to Ingram. "Just get us out of here...but make sure that...he doesn't come with us.." Ingram gives him a sad look, but just nods, getting the teleporter ready for them. "Alright, I got the location locked in, this will take the four of you on top of the Mass Fusion building. Once you four are safe I'll teleport me and the other members out of here. Good luck." The four of them step into the small room, Nate keeping his eyes off the boy as one of the soldiers hold him back. There was another bright flash of light, and it wasn't long before they were outside. She rubs her eyes a bit, everything was a bit blurry now.

Nate keeps his eyes down as a few Brotherhood soldiers stood about in their power armor. "How long should we wait...sir?" Nate sounded so tired and drained. Maxson wasn't to sure but as a Vertibird lands nearby he got word that everyone had made it out safely. "Do it now soldier.." Nate just nods as he looks down at the detonator. He waits for all the lights to turn on, and presses the button. They all watch as a huge beam of light comes from the building, and it soon blows up in a fiery blast. Nate covers his eyes at the sight of the blast as Danse hides in his armor. Sara hides her face in Maxson's chest and he just holds her close as he shields her away from the light. Using his coat as a shield. The only thought Nate had, was the last thing he saw as he and his wife entered the vault. Once the light faded, he lowers his arm. It was over, and in the end, he had lost everything. He felt, numb, but under it all he had put a end to great evil. Once it was safe Danse blinks and turns his head. Nate rises his brow as Maxson slowly lets her go. He lets out a low cough as she looks the other way. He was quick to straighten out his coat to save face. "You've done an exemplary job here, Paladin. Without your unwavering loyalty to our cause, this victory would never have been possible. This goes to all three of you.." He even looks Danse in the eyes as he speaks. "We still have a long road ahead if we're to ensure the safety of the Commonwealth and her people. This victory was but the beginning." Nate just nods at this as he turns back to what was left of the Institute. "At least they can't ruin any more lives..." Sara joins him, looking at the giant cloud as it slowly started to clear. She tilts her head before holding out her hand, giving the place the finger. It seemed oddly appropriate and Nate joins her, voicing his own thoughts on the matter. "Rot in hell you bastards!"

Danse lets out a deep sigh as he shakes his head slowly. He was surprised however to see Maxson was just smiling at all of this. He wouldn't trade this woman for the world. He recovers quickly. "I suggest we return to base, we have much to do. I'll keep to my promise, and make sure to destroy Prime. It did it's job, but if we want to be the example of peace then we can't have the Commonwealth fear us.." Nate just smiles warmly at this. "As Elder of the Brotherhood of Steal, we will no longer aim our hate to the long as they are not violent." He nods to Danse. "We will help the Commonwealth, even the Ghouls, might as well start somewhere.." He lets out a low sigh, he wasn't happy with the idea, but it was time for change. They couldn't build a better future if people feared them as much as the Institute. He turns as a Vertibird starts to take off and another arrives to pick them up to return them to the airport. Nate was more then happy to leave the spot as Danse follows after him. Sara just smiles at Maxson and he gives her a small smile back. They board the Vertibird takes off and they soon head back to base. Everyone was outside the Prydwen. Word got out fast that the Institute had fallen and everyone was celebrating. Maxson was about to say something, but quickly lets it go. His people deserved this after all. Music was playing, people were sharing drinks. Sara almost gets tackled to the ground as Jeff jumps up to hug her. He just got word about their victory. She laughs a bit as he lifts her off the ground. "Your something else you know that?" She slowly gets away from him a bit. "Heh, thanks, it was one hell of a light show." He looked so happy, he had been a good friend even if the last few weeks had been crazy busy. It was hard to believe that a month had gone by since she landed here.

"I've been made a Lancer-knight, I get to fly my own Vertibird tomorrow!" She pats his back at the news. "That's great, just don't crash." "Hey!" She just smiles as she laughs. "I'm joking, really, break a leg and all that." He gives her an odd look, but just smiles at the end. Everything quickly goes dead silent when Maxson cuts out the music and they all turn to him. He stood in front of them all, his arms behind his back. He had been working out a speech the last hour or so to give. His eyes land on her as she gives him a thumbs up and he shakes his head slowly. "Today, we celebrate this victory against the Institute. If it hadn't been for our Paladin." He points over to Nate. "We would have never gotten this far. The Brotherhood will forever be in your debt soldier." He salutes Nate and he just salutes back. "I should be thanking you Elder, for giving me the chance I needed. I was in the military, long before the Brotherhood was a thing. I'm glad to see things had turned out like this." Maxson nods at this before he looks back to Sara. His heart was pounding, but it was now our never as he holds out his hand to her. She blinks at this and blushes deeply as she slowly wonders up to his side. "And the Brotherhood is in your debt as well. Not only did you single handily clear out this base of Feral's, but you helped Nate get into the Glowing Sea. Had a hand in restoring Liberty Prime, but you lead the attack on the Railroad when your commanding officer fell on the battlefield." She could hear a few cheers for that and she blushes more. She doesn't say anything however, surprised to see the Captain slowly join in and hand him something. She didn't quite see what it had been.

"It's with great pleasure, and the utmost respect that you are hereby granted the title of Sentinel. This is the highest honor a Brotherhood soldier can achieve, but we I felt strongly that it was well deserved." Her eyes go wide at this, unsure of what to say. "But there is more.." He steps closer, placing his hand on her cheek as the other members whisper quietly to one another. "This..isn't just a promotion...more then that..." He was suddenly feeling nervous, but he wills himself to drop to one knee and her eyes go even wider as a few people gasp. He pulls out the item Kells had given him and opens the small box, to show her a ring. "I have never met a mind like yours, it my honor, to have you as my wife." She was floored, trying to find something to say. "Arthur..." Where did he even get this ring? He takes a hold of her hand, holding it lightly. He was still waiting for an answer. It was by far the most romantic jester anyone had pulled. The only sound she could hear was the sound of her own heart. "Yes.." He smiles wide as he wraps his arms around her, kissing her in front of everyone. No one says a thing, but they soon all cheer for them. Most had no idea, but they were happy for their Elder. He slips the ring on her, it was a bit lose on her as she tightens her fist. "Where did you get this ring?" He keeps his arms around her tightly. "It was my mothers, it was one of the few items that had managed to be held onto. I want you to have it..." She places her hands on his face. "I never pictured you as the hopeless romantic." He just smirks as he kisses her again.