Long ago, before the world was settled by man, many great beasts roamed the land. Some were natural predators, their instinct for the hunt and survival were what kept them alive. For others, they were given the gift of intellect and reason. One such species were the dragons, a race of reptilian giants with great leathery wings, and the ability to breath fire. Although hundreds of new sub-species can from the original, there remain a few of the elder dragons that have existed since time forgotten. With a lifespan stretching past millennia, many slumber in the dark, warm recesses of the earth, waiting for a time again when they chose to awaken and once again walk the surface.

There is no true certain way to predict when the creatures will awaken as they remain slumbering by their will. Some choose to awaken after sleeping for centuries, staying awake for equal periods of time. Others choose greater periods of time, some chose less, preferring more involvement in the world. Long ago, there was little to acquaint themselves with between their slumbers. Kings would die, but empires were slow to be built, and slower to fade from the world. It wasn't until the late eighteen hundreds that the world began to change more quickly. It was those that chose to stay awake that are able to keep pace with the speed that the world that have since began to thrive.

Elvrid was not one of such of his kind. He would sleep for hundreds of years, awakening, learning, and then returning to his slumber. It was during the Great War that he was awoken, and which he chose to begin to stay awake longer. He did not fight in the war, for he did not understand the war. Across Europe he studied history, politics, and science. So much had changed since he had slept, that there was too much to absorb. Once he believe he had a grasp on the world, it changed. He has since slept an awoken to another new era, a world where technology stretches into space itself, and now he seeks out others of his kind as well as other creatures thought to be little more than fiction in an effort to bring himself into the new world.