Chapter 33:

Sara spent most of the day, working through all the information she had uncovered. While most of it was coded, she was able to figure out most of it. She sits back in her chair, going through it all slowly as she shakes her head. She always had a feeling the Railroad hid something, this just proved it. Helping Synths, really was nothing more then a cover. These people would wipe out their memories, and often turned them to slavers, or sold them outright to caravans as 'meat shields'. She shakes her head slowly, coping anything remotely useful on a holotape she got her hands on. She was still careful to make sure none of these files hid any nasty surprises that might take down the ship. Alice was next to her, reading along with her. "I don't understand these people. I don't have anything against Synths, but I thought the whole point of the Railroad was to spare them of slavery.." Sara could only shake her head at this. "I don't know, honestly it just seems like a cover, for a cover, it's clear these people were dangerous." Alice nods at this, she wanted a hand in going through this mess since these were the people that had killed her husband. Sara frowns a bit as she hits a wall and lets out a groan. "Gahhh, this is going to take forever, their firewall is becoming a pain..." Alice rubs the side of her head. "Firewall?" Sara sighs a bit, she couldn't blame them for not knowing. "It's something you can place in your programming that protects it. The down side is if it takes notice that someone is hacking into it, it could wipe out the whole thing in seconds." She lets out a low gasp at this.

Maxson had wondered in to see how things were going as they spoke. "I didn't know you could do that.." Sara nods her head as she leans back. "Technology like this can be very delicate, I never did get into coding, trust me that stuff always went over my head." She turns her head back to the terminal as she waits to see if she couldn't get through the firewall. "I mean, as much as I hate to say it, it's clever as hell. There was a light beeping sound as she tilts her head. "Oh boy..." She leans forward a bit as the newest bit of information starts to pop up. It was hard to make since out of all of it. But after a minute or so she starts to bite at her nail. "Looks like they had more hideouts out the sounds of it they had a hidden base underneath a place called Slocum's Joe, but it had been overrun by Gen 1 Synths." Alice rises her brows at this. "Think those Synths could still be holding that spot. We might want to look into it." Sara wasn't sure but she half turns to see Maxson. "I do believe that's up to our good Elder here, what do you think sir?" Maxson looks at the decoded information as he slowly nods. Sending a team out wouldn't be to bad of an idea to make sure that both the Railroad and the Institute wouldn't create more problems for them. "I'll send a small team out, and gather what tech we can. So far the Railroad seems to have an edge on it that we can use for ourselves.." He turns and heads off as Alice watches him leave. She had known him for quiet a number of years.

"I swear this is the most mellow I had ever seen him." Sara turns her head at this. "Oh?" Alice nods at this. "He was a stern young man when we meet. Not that it was a bad thing, but it's a nice change to say the least." Her eyes light up a bit as she gets up and goes to get something. She hands over something that had been wrapped up. "Here, me and my husband, we were never blessed with children, so I want you to have this.." Sara takes it slowly as she unwraps it to see it was a lovely red dress. "Oh this is lovely..." Alice just smiles warmly. "It doesn't fit me anymore, but it's the dress I wore on our first date.." Sara wasn't sure what to say. "You don't have to give this to me, it must mean the world to you..." Alice just shrugs at this. "Hun trust me, you'll get more use out of it then I will..." Sara nods and hugs the woman. She had been a better mother figure then her own. "Thank you, I'll be sure to try it on.." Alice smirks at this and they abandon the work station. They head for the ladies room as Sara removes her uniform. Alice helps her into the tight dress and to Sara's surprise it fit her. "Wow, I think this is the first time I ever found a dress that fit my skinny butt." Alice giggles softly at this. "Trust me, I had that problem too, I knew this would fit.." Sara finds a broken mirror as she looks herself over. She normally wasn't into this sort of thing. Hell it mostly made her skin crawl, but it wasn't so bad. She smirks a bit as she takes the coat part of her uniform and wraps it around herself. It hid the dress well. "Thank you again Alice, I know we hadn't talked much, but your a good friend." Alice hugs her tightly and Sara leans in a bit. "I try, my husband was such a goof, but he was good at reading people." Sara blushes a bit at this as she turns to head off. She placed the rest of her uniform in her locker as she starts to plan out a few things.

She finds an old radio and gets it working as she pokes into Arthur's room. No doubt he had wondered off to get things in order. She had gotten word that Nate and Danse ran off to go get the last piece to Liberty Prime. She wasn't sure how long it would take them, but she might as well do something nice before they run into battle so to speak. She didn't have to wait for long when he showed up. He had set a good team of people to clear out the old hideout that once belonged to the Railroad. He didn't seemed to surprised to see her as he closes his door. "Find anything else useful?" She shakes her head. "Still working through the junk, but it's mostly just the going on's they sold the Synths..." She shakes her head slowly. "I still can't wrap my head around it. I mean reprogramming them I can understand, but selling them?" She had her back to the radio she had found, making sure he didn't see it. "Makes me wonder if that's what happened to Danse, they wiped out his memory and just left in the wastelands..." Arthur shakes his head slowly as he steps closer. "We may never really know what these people were truly up to, but it's taken care of and they won't be able to continue this practice." "Right." She smiles at him as she places her hands on his face. She had noticed a change, he seemed far more relaxed. The dark circles under his eyes had vanished and he didn't look as hard. "I have a surprise for you." He rises his brow at this as she moves to the side to show the tiny radio she had saved. He keeps his eyes on her as she finds a station that played music.

Once it started playing she loses the coat and his eyes drop a few inches. He takes a step back as his eyes roam over her with a hungry look. With all the things she could surprise him with, he wouldn't had named this one of them. "Where..?" She holds her hands up as she slides over to him. "That, is a secret." He smirks at this as he loses his coat and pulls her in, moving to the music slowly. Of course her idea of dancing was just holding him as close as she could. His hands explore her body as he keeps his eyes on her. It was a bit lose on her, but other then that it was almost a perfect fit. She giggles softly as he turns her around, the low back gave him a good view of the tattoo on her back before letting her face him again. He didn't think it would be possible for her to look any lovelier, boy was he proven wrong. "I figured it wouldn't hut to just have one night to ourselves before we go off to face the Institute.." He turns her slightly as he kisses her lightly. He holds her there for a minute or two before letting her go. He wasn't complaining, not by a long shot. "You're just full of surprises, are you sure there's not more you're not telling me?" She just smirks up at him a bit. "Well there was this one time in camp, it was just us girls and....oh my gosh I'm joking!" She could swear that his eyebrows were close to just flying off of him when she said that. "I just wanted to show how much you mean to me. I know that sounds silly, but I've been on my own for so long.." She lets out a low sigh at that. "The whole dating thing just didn't work out for me and when I thought I did find someone, it was just a lie..."

She looks into his eyes as he places his hands on the small of her back. "Not sure what hurt more, losing a friend or the fact that he was never my friend to start with..." He tightens his hold on her a bit. It angered him slightly that someone would pull a stunt like that, on anyone. This world created people that only looked out for themselves. "I'm talking to much again aren't I?" He shakes his head at this. "No, I rather like you voice your thoughts. You deserved better then that" She gives him a small shrug. "Well despite all the bull, it lead me here." She hadn't realized they had stopped moving as he just holds her close against him. "And I am glad it did. A part of me as always worried if I was doing right, living up to my name sake..." He lowers his head at this. "If I got here out of my own merits or was it simply because I was a 'Maxson'. I never could tell the difference if someone really respected me, or was it out of fear..." He moves his hand up as he runs his fingers through her hair. "I don't see that in you.." She tilts her head at this. "That...fear I suppose, Danse had...has been the closest thing to a friendship I could rely on. I'm sure other's understand where I come from well enough. But they don't see me as Arthur, just Elder..." She gives him a small smile as she reaches up, poking his nose. "Well if you stop glaring at people..." He knits his brows at her as she just smirks. "There's a fine line between respect and how people see you." She moves her hand away from him. "They see you as a leader and I think after awhile that's all you see. You got quite a reputation, facing a Deathclaw, Raiders, your a man no one should mess with." She could see a small glint in his eyes.

"You run a army, the Brotherhood of Steal will live on for years to come. With any luck with less bull to deal with then facing some idiot trying to blow us all to hell." He lets out a hard laugh as he leans his head against her's. "You make a good point." "Of course, it's what I'm here for." She throws him a wink. "Besides being a horrible dance partner." He swings her a bit as she giggles softly. "I'm not complaining." She gives him a coy smile as she moves her hands down. "So you don't mind shuffling about while I grab ya?" He was about to ask when she grabs his behind and he jumps a bit. She laughs at his reaction as he lets out a low growl. "You'll pay for that." "Mmm I look forward to it..." He moves in, but places his lips on her neck as she lets out a breathy moan. He tilts her to the side a bit as he bites at her skin, making her gasp. He moves his way down to her breast as he rolls his hand over her. "You're not wearing a bra." She gives him a shrug. "You just now notice, shame..." She shakes her head at him a bit. "The dress is doing most the work.." She looks down a bit. "Kind of..." There was a reason why she wasn't trying to move around to much. He lets out a low sound at this as he starts to slide the straps off. Before he could go any farther there was a knock at his door. He lets out a low grumble at this. "Yes?" Someone tries to get in, only to find the door was locked. "Sir, what are you doing, you should be relying the troops..." It was Kells, Maxson was starting to wonder if his Captain was just trying to get under his skin now. Sara keeps her mouth shut, trying not to let this amuse her to much. "I'll rely the troops once Paladin Danse and Knight Thomson return with the beryllium agitator.."

Kells wasn't about to let this go however. "Sir I really must insist you gather everyone together..." Maxson growls at this as he glares at his door. Sara just holds him back to make sure he didn't try and murder the man. "Captain, believe it or not I am in the middle of important work before we set our attack on the Institute..." Sara have to cover her mouth, yeah, 'work'. "Elder I must ask as to why your door is locked...." Maxson pinches the bridge on his nose, which was making it harder for her to not start laughing. "Because maybe I don't wish to be disturbed for once. I suggest you walk away from my door now before I station you down bellow Captain." He listens closely as Kells finally walks away and Sara starts gasping, laughing deeply as she holds onto him. She snorts lightly as she holds onto Arthur so she wouldn't fall over. "Your Captain has a pair I give him that..." He just shakes his head to see her face was pure red. It takes her a few seconds to stop laughing. "Wait, does he know?" He lets out a low grunt. "He figured it out, why he's keeping such a close eye on me I don't fully understand." She tilts her head at this. "Well you are the boss, maybe he just as a odd why of making sure you're in good hands." "That or he's trying to kill the mood.." Arthur continues to glare at his door. "At least the lock held up and he didn't try to pick his way in..." He turns to her at that as she leans against his table. "Then again if he did try, we'll give him a reason to walk right back out.." She moves her legs as his eyes trail down her body.

He walks over to her, helping her unto his table as a few bottles roll off. He could really care less as he places himself between her legs. "I have no intention of sharing you." She takes a hold of his shirt and pulls him in, kissing him. "Who said anything about sharing? I was thinking more along the lines of you, me, this table and nothing in between. Make him regret trying to barge in while you're 'working'." She chuckles at that part as he slides her dress up. She wasn't wearing any panties either and he lets out a lustful sound from the back of his throat. "Now you're just tempting me.." She gives him a innocent look. "Am I?" She moves her hands down to his belt as he feels her slide them down. He breaths deeply as he presses against her. The next several hours was mostly just them using his table. They would at some point finally land in his bed, both with a lot less clothes and a mess on his floor. Not that he really cared that much at the moment. Hard to really give a crap when his eyes remained on the woman at his side. He had been holding her against him as her hand trailed over him slowly. Neither one could fall asleep. She knew what was coming up, the fight against the Institute was going to be a hard one. The way it worked the Sole Survivor would follow Prime all the way to the old C.I.T building. By the time you got there Maxson would be waiting for you with his gun and you ran in together to raise hell. She got the feeling they would still fly in, or maybe they would all just march along side the robot. That didn't seem like a good idea since along the way you got attacked by different things.

They should be getting some sleep. Going into a fight like this tired was not a great idea. Still she couldn't seem to keep her thoughts from closing in on her. She feels his hand on her arm as he watches her. "Can't sleep?" She lets out a low sigh. "No, as odd as this sounds, I look forward to seeing this end finally." He gives her a light smile as he tightens his hold on her. He was looking forward to it as well, but for a whole other reason. He still had to break down and find a ring, he really hoped that came in, or he could try and find something that might work. Not that he still had any real idea what to even look for. "Just close your eyes..." She takes a slow breath as she relaxes against him. He does the same, even if neither one of them could fall asleep it was still better then nothing. She lets out a low sound. "Arthur?" "Mmmm?" He opens his eyes slowly at her. "This won't change anything...will it?" He looks at her confused for a moment. "Between, of course not.." She gives him another smile before kissing him lightly. They settle once more and after a few minutes she finally falls asleep. He lets out a hard yawn before he finally managed to slowly do the same. There was no force on this world that could keep him from his goal. He just had to make sure they both survived the attack, but he shouldn't worry about that. She had more then proven herself on the battlefield. He just hoped this all worked out, and that she said yes. That was his final thought before he drifts into a peaceful sleep.