Chapter 32:

After a few restful hours in bed Arthur finally lets her go. She roams around his room, but it seems that it had eaten her shirt. "The hell happened to my shirt?" He hardly glances as he shrugs, he was in no rush to help her. So in return she steals his battle coat, and almost falls over. The thing was heavy and she had to remember that it wasn't just a normal coat. It was battle armor, and she was drowning in the thing. However the approving look she was getting told her that he was enjoying this as she huffs at him. He had only managed to get his pants on as he wonders over to her. "My coat." She holds onto it. "Not until you find my shirt mister.." He arches a brow at her. "You have extra's." "That's beside the point.." She shoves her finger at him. "It's not like I have much." They were having an odd stand off. She returns his coat. "But it was so nice and warm, and heavy as f*ck." He shakes his head as she wonders off to her bag and pulls out the uniform Nate gave her and gets dressed. She still rather liked the outfit as she places the hat on herself. He pulls out a box they had yet to go through as he pulls out something large. It looked like some kind of gun as she blinks. "It's a Junk Jet." She normally passed the weapon when she did the quest to help Danse get the Deep Range Transmitter. That was until one day she did pick it up, loaded it with duct tape and fired it at Maxson to get him to shut up. It was rather funny to see how long it took for him to become hustle.

Of course she had other ideas for the weapon and she just starts laughing. "Imagine killing a person with nothing more then glue or duct tape..." Arthur glances at her as he looks the weapon over. It was nothing more then a modified launcher, just made to fire anything a person could get their hands on. "Or you can be like me and load the sucker up with nothing but a bunch of plastic dongs and just yell at Raiders. Hey, you, go f*ck yourself and just fire! Start calling the thing the c**k-thruster..." She snorts as she starts laughing more at the idea as he just kind of looks at her. He wasn't to sure what she was talking about as he shakes his head slowly. "You lost me.." She blinks as she feels herself blush. "" She coughs softly as she shakes her head. "Never mind, I'm going to stop there before I melt your brain. Besides I should go pay a visit to the good doctor before I forget." She turns and heads off, leaving the man with the weapon. He shakes his head again as he sets it to the side. He was still organizing a few things when someone knocks at the side of his door. He turns to see it was his Captain, with a rather serous look on his face. "Elder, a moment of your time?" Maxson nods at this as the Captain enters, closing the door behind him. Much like Maxson, Kells had worked hard to get where he was. So he was debating on how to go about this. Not everyone was blind to what was going on. While it wasn't his place to say anything, he felt he still had some duty to speak up.

"I can't help but notice you're....spending a most of your time with our new Paladin. I'm not suggesting anything but people on the ship might start to talk." Maxson was a bit surprised by this as he places his arms behind his back. "I see, and this rises your concern because?" Kells takes a step back as his eyes go wide. "Sir I don't see how something like this could be appropriate seeing how close we are on taking down the Institute." Maxson raises his hand to this as the Captain shuts his mouth. "I'm aware, believe it or not, I find her insight valuable. She knows a good bit about the technology we have found. Not all of it, since....most of this is outside of what I've seen." He shakes his head at this. "Be that as it may Captain, what I do is my own affair and so far what I do has never been questioned." Kells hardens himself as he stands before his Elder. "I am simply looking out for you sir. If people started to get the wrong idea..." Maxson was slowly becoming angry with this. "I don't play favorites Captain. In fact, once this is over, I'm asking her to be my wife." Kells jumps at this, he sure as hell didn't see that coming. "Sir..." Maxson raises his hand again, his eyes hard. "Enough, I won't have my own Captain question me. She's a valuable asset to us. She shows promising leadership skills the Brotherhood needs for the future. Now if there's anything else?" Kells sighs deeply at this as he shakes his head. "No sir." "Good, now get out." Kells salutes him and turns, storming out to return to his post. Maxson takes a slow breath as he closes his eyes. He slowly lets it go as he starts to clear out his space of all the junk they had picked up.

Meanwhile Sara was having a rather calm chat with Cade. He was a good man that didn't ask to many questions. He was more then happy to help her out without diving into why she needed anything. It would just take some time to work through her system so all she could do was lay there. All in all she was going just fine as Cade just goes about his work. Danse was wondering around when he spots her. "Paladin, I was unaware you had been hurt." She blinks as she looks up at him. "Mmm oh no I'm fine. Just doing a check up is all." Cade just nods at this. "She's in good health, I'm just making sure anyone dealing with the Railroad didn't get harmed by the trap.." Danse nods at this as she slowly gets up. "So I'm free to go doc?" "Yes ma'am, you're free to go, just try to keep your eyes open in the future." She rolls her eyes but gets onto her feet as she turns to Danse. "Hungry, I could use some food after all that.." It was a short walk to the mess hall and she gets herself some noodles and a Nuka-Cola. She's had stranger things for breakfast, even if they had some outdated looking cereal. Which Danse was fine with it seemed. "You should have something more healthy.." She looks at his bowl. "I would but milk and me don't get along. Besides, noodles for breakfast ain't that bad.." Danse looks at her drink as she holds it close. "Shhh....mine.." He shakes his head at her as she takes a drink. "It's really not that bad, a bit flat, but you get used to it." He says nothing more as he finishes his bowl and gets more. The ship always had a good stock of food. Mostly thanks to the hard working Scribes that made their way through the Commonwealth.

What she wouldn't give for a doughnut though and some real coffee. She looks up as a small team of Scrips carry out the boxes to the work area of the ship. "Look at all that tech.." Sara nods at this. "I think me and the Elder spent most of the night trying to figure out what half that stuff was. I still have no idea, I mean some of it are components for terminals. But I couldn't tell you what they do without checking the hard drive. Hell I half expected one of those boxes to blow up on me.." Danse listen quietly as he looks up. "Aside from trying to blow up the Prydwen, I can only imagine what else they were up to.." She places her fingers against her lips as she gives it some thought. "It is a bit strange, that an organization that helped out Synths to pull something like this..." He leans in a bit. "You think it was just a cover?" She leans back in her chair as she looks up. "Don't know, the Scribes are going to have a field day with all of that. Safest thing to do is set up a terminal that's not connect to the ship to go through it all. Just in case they encoded their hardware with a virus." She watches his brows knit together. "Virus?" "Believe it or not, you can install a computer chip to corrupt files when someone tries to hack into it. It's like a fail safe so people can't get a hold of information. All tech geeks use it, I did." She rises her glass to that as she takes a drink. "It's rather easy to set up, harder to deal with if you don't know what to look for..." Danse wasn't sure what to say to that. "You...know a lot about this." She gives him a small shrug. "I did have a small hand on learning about computers...but it fell through after my friend died and I needed a job that paid.."

Maxson slowly shows up as he looks at Danse. "Any word of Knight Thomson?" Danse blinks as he looks up. "No not yet sir. My guess is he's still dealing with the Institute." "I wonder what it's like, what they do." She already knew, but she knew well to keep her mouth shut. "You think they have any idea of the s**t we deal with?" Danse glares at her a bit. "Paladin, language...honestly I doubt it. Aside from kidnapping people I doubt they really care about the harm they cause." It was still hard for him to progress the idea that he was really a Synth himself. Sara was tempted to say more, but she really shouldn't push her luck. "At any rate, I'm thinking of lending a hand with the Scribes, who knows we might actually find something interesting...that or their porn stash you never know." "Paladin!" She throws her hands up. "What?" Danse just shakes his head at her. "You need to get out more my friend..." She lets out a small tisk at the Paladin as she grabs another bottle of cola. "To the laboratory!" She points out as she heads off to go get something done as Maxson slowly shakes his head slowly. "I don't think she should drink that stuff in the morning.." Danse lets out a low sigh. "I did try to get her to have some cereal, but she said she couldn't have milk.." Again it was rare thing, mostly given to them thanks to the farms that had healthy Brahmin. He sits himself down as he leans forward a bit. Danse looks around slowly before leaning in as well. "You seemed troubled." Maxson lets out a low sound at this.

"I'm starting to question myself, but maybe I'm just over thinking things." He rubs the side of his head with his fingers. "I still can't believe how close we came to becoming nothing more then a smoking hole in the ground..." Danse looks down a bit. "You're not to blame, no one saw it. Whenever someone caught something they vanish rather quickly." Maxson just nods slowly as he pours himself a drink. Danse watches him closely, knowing something else was on his mind. "Sir." He winces a bit as he takes a shot of whisky. "Look, I won't lie, I'm still...trying to get used to...this." He glances at Danse, keeping his voice low. "I do realize I had been wrong in my judgement, and I'm starting to wonder what else I may had been wrong about..." He sinks into his chair a bit. "I hate this, feeling lost, I should be the example these people look up to.." Danse moves just a tiny bit closer. "Arthur, you are an example, you're just...human." Arthur lets out a low, but dry laugh. "I'm no expert Arthur, but I see the way you look at her. Ever since we lost Sarah Lyons, I don't think I've ever seen you this happy." He watches Arthur shuffle, he was a young man in love. "You shouldn't question yourself." Arthur lets out a low sigh as he takes another drink. "Right, this is still my ship damn it, I won't stand having anyone question me. Or how I feel...if you see the good Knight, let him know I'm looking at him. Liberty Prime should be ready to go by now."

It wasn't long before Sara showed up again, her eyes on Maxson. "Sorry to bother your man hour, but you would happen to have a spare terminal you don't need do ya?" They both kind of look at her as Maxson slowly rises. "We have several we keep in storage for parts...somewhere down bellow.." He had some idea as he heads off as she quickly follows after him. Danse just chuckles to himself, his point proven. The bottom part of the ship was light with red lights, making the shadows look a bit more spooky in a place like this. He knew they were somewhere down here, he just had to remember were he kept the crate. "You should really start labeling these boxes boss." He turns to say something, but she just made a good point. "Or you know, organizing." He says nothing as they head for a small area in the back of the ship as he opens a large crate. It was mostly spare parts and down under it was an old terminal that had outlived it's usefulness. "At long as it turns on, it's all I need." He picks up the large hunk of tech like it was nothing. "Show off." They head back up to the work station as he sets the terminal on a large table as the few Scribes she had gathered get to work. "I'll make sure this terminal isn't connected to the ships network before we do anything. Still not really sure what we may find but if we run into any problems at least it'll take out this hunk of junk rather then wreak the ship beyond repair. Ingram would be rather angry."

He trusted her with this so he left her to it. Watching her with her own team was slightly pleasing to see. She handled herself well when the moment came along. He turns as he heads off, wondering if he should really do anything about his Captain. It was a bit out of place, but he was going to let this go for now. Since the Captain had never really seen Maxson get this close to anyone. He was about to head back to his room when Nate slowly makes his way up the latter. "Elder, sorry I'm late.." Some of the passing soldiers told him about the Railroad. "If I had known, I would had never left.." Maxson holds out his hand to calm him down. "It's fine soldier, so what did you fine out?" Nate was a bit surprised, but shakes his head. "They don't know a thing, thankfully. It wasn't easy, but the Institute don't see me as a threat." He had told Danse about his son, but not Maxson. He still wasn't sure how to even start that conversation. "So far their only focus is creating synthetic gorillas of all things..." Maxson gives him the most confused look Nate had ever seen and even he had to hold out his hands. "I don't know, I didn't ask, those scientist have their heads so far up their own a**es it's crazy." Danse leans his head in. "Seriously, language, what is it between you and our new Paladin?" Nate tilts his head before he nods. "Oh right, Sara, she's a Paladin now." Maxson rolls his shoulders at this. "I feel it was given. Showing her natural leadership skills on the field."

"There you are!" Ingram slowly walks over to Nate. "Finally, I was starting to wonder if you just vanished on us. Anyways, Prime is ready to go, but it's power core is all but drained. We need to get a new beryllium agitator, but the only place we'll be able to get one is located in the Mass Fusion building." Nate remembered the large building, but he had never gone inside. "Thing is, from what I can gather, the place is now swarming with Synths." Nate steps up at that. "We'll get this...whatever it is.." Ingram shakes her head. "I was afraid of this, look I know you don't want me on the field sir, but no one is going to know what to look for." Maxson looks up at this as he nods. He had been against her going into the field after she had lost her legs. But she made a point and he was starting to see that arguing would get him nowhere. "I want you, Nate and the Paladin to head over right away." Ingram was surprised, but happy that she didn't have to fight with Maxson on this. He keeps his eyes on her however. "I want you fully armored if you plan to go out." She salutes him. "Yes sir." She turns and heads off as Nate turns to Danse. "I should get my own armor, and my gun, with any luck it'll take care of those Gen 1 Synths like paper." He turns and heads off to his locker. Danse watches him go, his eyes slowly trailing down as Maxson coughs and Danse jumps. The Elder chuckles a bit as he heads for his room, well he just learned something new.