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Jai Lexxon
From Petty Princess to Sinister Sith:

Jai Lexxon is the sole ruler of Tauvinast Delta, a small planet in a system distant enough to not get much traffic. The planet is also known for having a single oasis within a desert of toxic dust, for which a small kingdom Queendom resides. Terraformers work constantly to attempt to reshape the planet into a much more hospitable place. (Jai won't say so outright, but she absolutely loves the terraformers -- giant earth-shaping machines roughly 100 meters wide, filled with tanks of earth, water, sand, and chemical reaction chambers) Tauvinast Delta is known for being a place filled to the brim with anti-Jedi sentiment -- many of the people who live there now either were present during the Jedi incursion or had parents who were present during the incursion. Jai herself was present during this time, 10 years old at the time, and watched as her father was killed by the Jedi and her mother, who attempted to resist their mind probing, was mentally broken, and now is completely incoherent almost all of the time. Most of the royal guard were slain, and the planet, were it to be targeted by raiders, would have been defenseless. The Jedi were looking for a Sith Lord who was nowhere near Tauvinast Delta, and so the bloodshed was all for naught. After that, however, the residents of the planet swore vengeance on the Jedi Order, and Jai herself took up training in the dark side of the force to be able to better combat them if they ever returned -- which they never did.

Jai, now 23, is a tough woman, mentally desensitized to emotional trauma both from her incursions into learning the dark side of the force as well as the sight of such destruction when she was a child moreover allowing her not to be shocked by such things as time progresses. She would be a good case study into poor mental health if she would consent to it, acting upon her frustrations in a manner most unfitting of anyone her age, let alone anyone in her position of power at her age. She has a violent temperament and seems to relish fighting for fighting's sake, with a tendency to use both a blaster pistol and a lightsaber to achieve optimal combat strategy, sometimes at the same time, and in general, a good portion of the things she does seem needlessly self-endangering. She likes to travel in her royal transport to other planets, where she engages in diplomacy with foreign powers, seduce anyone she takes a fancy to, or attempts to capture a population of slave labor to use back in Tauvinast Delta. She's petty to the point where any insult made against her must have consequences, and is quick to use the force to enact this, usually by flinging the offender against a wall hard enough to knock the wind out of their lungs before storming off. Jai will never talk about how she feels, other than if she's feeling angry. If she talks about her anger, she will never speak of her underlying frustration. Many a psychiatrist has met their end trying to get through to her underlying issues.

The population of Tauvinast Delta consists of Jai's people to a fair degree, but the bulk of the population immigrated there, usually to escape something (typically the Jedi Order (without joining a more aggressive Sith) or crimes on their homeworld) or was originally taken there as slave labor, eventually gaining freedom and choosing to integrate rather than book passage offworld once again.

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  • [01/16/19 07:29am]

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