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Sanan Yui.
6th Division, Captain
Black Widow

Yui gave her people time to grieve but she challenged her division to reflect on how they could prevent tragedy like this from happening again. She also demanded her Vice increase the training difficulty for everyone. She was resolved herself to making sure the Gotei 13 would not be blindsided again. The people of the seretei already were on edge and blaming them for the casualties. Damn it, she should have been there. She should have requested to go... In all probability, nothing would have changed, one can hope however...

Today, Captain Sanan was performing Jinzen, the act of meditating and bonding with her Zanpakuto. In Shiruku's world, it was a dark forest, covered in hundreds of thick, silky spiders webs. In the center was a great web, beautifully crafted. In the middle of the nest was a great black widow named Shiruku. Shiruku means silk in Japanese, a name quite befitting the Queen of Spiders. Yui gently grabbed the leg that reached out to pick her up. She sat in the middle of the web, not even tangled by the normally sticky substance. 'My Dear Yui... Come to speak with me again? Something must be troubling you, still...' Yui shook her head. "I'm afraid not today. I've come to thank you actually. With your guidence has helped me lead my Division into using their grief as a stepping stone." The spider laughed, 'I have done nothing but be a shoulder to cry on... You in fact have done most of the talking. Working out your feelings... You lead your division as you always had. Logically.' Yui talked with her sword's spirit for a while longer before leaping off of the web and walking back into the dark forest... Back to reality...

A black butterfly appeared right as she awoken from her meditation. The Commander wished to speak with everyone. Immediately, Yui departed for the meeting, her Vice Captain was on her heels, rather quickly. Her Vice was very good at their job. She remained calm and absorbed every angry word about how pathetic and horrible of a job the Gotei 13 did at destroying the enemy and preventing citizen casualties... Perhaps as a whole, everyone became soft in their little world. Perhaps further training should be put into place. On her way out of the meeting, Yui told her Vice to go back to their unit. There were assignments on her desk for the squads.

"Where will you be, my captain?" The Vice asked. "Don't worry about it, just do your job." She said sternly but softly. Her Vice nodded and disappeared, returning to Division six. Yui's long black hair and white with golden embroidery borders on her silken robes, waved gently behind her as she walked. She visited the 2nd Division. Her friend and former Captain was dead. She made a walk-through, just to check in on them.. She also made a point to check in on the other divisions as well.