Chapter 28:

Damage control, hadn't been as hard as Maxson thought it would be. He wasn't sure if this was the right thing to do. But at the moment, maybe he just shouldn't question it. After all, no one had to know, but he did. Truth be told he wasn't sure how to feel. Work returned to normal around the base, and lucky enough no one had questioned the 'mistake'. Proctor Quinlan wasn't sure what to make of the order, but he made sure to wipe out the information he found on Danse being a Synth. He was also warned against ever bringing this information up again. Once he made sure everything was taken care of he made his way down to the base. Work had continued on Liberty Prime as if nothing had happened. They were still loading the nukes into their place on the robot for later use. Whatever they didn't use, Maxson would make sure they were taken apart to never be used again. He makes his way to where the workbench was located. The minute Nate had returned with Danse, he lived up to his promise and almost knocked down Sara as she giggles softly. She hadn't said much to Maxson after they left the on the Vertibird. It wasn't a bad thing, the man just needed time to process all of this. So she was happy to give him space to work through it. She couldn't remember what they were working on, but she looks up as she sees a dark skinned fellow walking their way with a dog of all things. All Nate hears is barking as the dog runs up to him and jumps on him. Nate laughs as he pets the animal. "Hey boy, good to see you again." The dog barks at him, his tail wagging a mile a minute.

He looks up as he slowly gets to his feet. "Preston!" He tipped his hat to Nate as he smiles warmly. "Good to see you again General." Sara lets out a low snort. "General?" He shrugs a bit. "Well, it was before I ran into the Brotherhood, and he's doing good work.." He tilts his head to her. "Ma'am, Preston Garvey, nice to meet you." She bows her head to him. "Sara and likewise..." She jumps back a bit as the dog turns to her, tail wagging as Nate holds him back. "This is Dogmeat, no I didn't name him, but he is the first friend I made when I woke up..." The dog barks at her, but she slowly takes a step back. As much as she loved animals, dogs still slightly terrified her after she had been chased by one. "Errr right....good boy...please stay..." The dog barks as he sits. Maxson had slowly wondered out as Preston tilts his head to him. "You must be Elder Maxson, heard about you." They turn as he makes his way closer, wondering what was going on. "I heard a few rumors about your...Minutemen, what brings you out here?" Preston smiles wide as he looks at Nate. "Right, remember the Castle, well we killed the Mirelurk Queen and managed to take back the old fort." He lets out a small cough. "That's beside the point, most of the old fort is still intact, in fact, we believe the we may have an untapped armory. Ronnie Shaw, she's an old veteran...she's swears we might be able to get into it." Sara crosses her arms at this. "But?" He rubs the back of his neck. "There's a chance the area is still under protection of a large Sentry Bot...and if it's still running, getting past it might cause some problems.."

Maxson was running his hand over his beard at this, a good stock of weapons would be helpful. "Very well, we help against this...Sentry Bot, in return I wouldn't mind seeing this armory of yours." Preston looked surprised, but smiles nonetheless. "That would be fantastic, but sure, that sounds like a fair trade." Danse was a bit surprised, he always figured it would be a cold day in hell before Maxson would help the Minutemen. His eyes turn to the woman beside him, she was having an interesting effect on his old friend. Maxson continues to speak. "Allow us to suit up and we ride a Vertibird to this...Castle..." Preston shuffles at the idea of flying, but nods. "Sure, it's really just Fort Independence, but the Minutemen refer to it as the Castle." Maxson just nods slowly to go get his power armor and his weapon. If there was a Sentry Bot, they were going to need everything they could get their hands on. "We'll meet near the Vertibird in a half an hour..." He turns to leave and Preston just lets out a nervous laugh. "Well I wasn't expecting that.." Nate just shrugs a bit. "Neither was I really..." Dogmeat barks as he pets the animal. His eyes turn to Sara as she shuffles. "He's really friendly.." She blushes as she looks away. "I'm sure, don't take it personal, I was chased by a dog, for months. Different breed sure, but it still makes me nervous." Nate lets out a low laugh, but nods. "Alright, fair enough." Preston turns to her. "You're joining as well?" She nods her head to him. "You bet, Nate has a way of growing on ya, besides I love old historic landmarks..." He gives her a friendly smile. "Well I appreciate the help ma'am." She lets out a low sound. "Stop calling me ma'am, I'm old, but I'm not that old."

Preston looks her over slightly. She was in her normal Brotherhood outfit. "Can't be more then what...twenty?" She pinches the bridge of her nose. "Yeah, sure, why not?" They meet near the Vertibird once thirty minutes pass and they all settle in as Maxson takes them to the air. Nate sat up front with his Pip-Boy to show the way. Danse just holds onto Dogmeat as the dog just wags his tail. Even he found it slightly amusing that the woman who stood up against Maxson was a bit scared of dogs. It didn't take long at all as Maxson finds a safe spot to land the large air craft. They all file out, she was surprised that Maxson was able to fly the thing in power armor. They had some serous fire power, between him and Danse this Sentry Bot didn't stand a chance as Nate, Sara, and Preston follow suit. The Castle was an impressive sight, while most of the walls had been patched a few spots were falling apart. She didn't recall the history of this place. But she takes a deep breath, taking in the sea air. It always made her feel a bit nostalgic. Ronnie walks up to them, holding a laser musket. "Well I'll be damned, you must be the General Preston told me about, I'm Ronnie. It's damn nice to meet you." Nate bobs his head to the older woman. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well, so what's the news on this armory?" She shows them to a large iron door and tells them what was just beyond the thing.

It wasn't long before she leads them to the other side of the Castle. They had to clear away from rabble, but once that was taken care of they could head underground to where the armory was. Danse and Nate get to work as Sara stands with Maxson. Her eyes wonder as she looks around. "Kind of reminds me of Alcatraz...just less, bars.." He turns to her slowly, his voice was a bit different thanks to the helmet. "I'm not familiar with that name." Preston wasn't to far as she spoke. "Oh it was a old...OLD prison that had been built on a large island out by San Francisco. The place had shut down after several prisoners somehow managed to escape." Wither or not the place was still standing now, she had no idea. "I got to see it when I was still a teen, most of it is in disrepair, like with anything else. But with how bad the waters get in that area is crazy strange anyone survived something like that. But it was so cool to see it up close. It's so....quiet out there though.." Preston looked impressed as he fixes his hat. "Must had been quiet the sight, what made you go out there?" She blinks as she looks up. "Um..." Why had she gone out there? "Fff...I don't remember...God that was years ago..." He was starting to look confused now. "Couldn't be that long ago.." She lets out a frustrated sound. She didn't get to say anything else since the way had been cleared and Maxson steps up. "I'll take point, Paladin, stay close, if there is a Sentry Bot is down there, we can take it out." Maxson had been dying to try out his new weapon, this was the perfect excuse to use it. Everyone else files behind the two in power armor and make their way down the dark tunnel.

It was so quiet, the only light came from Maxson and Danse from their helmets. Preston walked with Sara, his musket pointed out. "So how long did you live out there?" "New Cal, I was born and raised out there. Funny how I just ended up right back near the ocean, guess I missed it deep down, that salty air." She was gushing a bit, but she didn't care. Danse keeps his eyes open as he slowly disarms another mine. "Don't miss the seagulls though, those things are a**holes." Preston lets out a low laugh. "Tell me about it, they keep trying to jam our radio signal." "Feathered rats of hatred they are." They slow to a stop as Maxson rises his gun, the Bot had turned on and she grabs Preston, running back as all hell breaks lose. Anyone not in power armor, made a run back into the tunnels as Danse and Maxson take out the large bot, and the thing explodes, rocking the whole area. They move out face as she sees Maxson flat on his back and Danse had been thrown against the wall. "Elder!" She rushes over and helps him up. "You okay sir?" She still had to play the dedicated soldier after all. He slowly removes his helmet as he nods slowly. "Paladin, report..." "I'm fine sir..." Danse slowly removes himself from the wall as Nate helps him out. Sara still look him over to make sure. Last thing she wanted was the core to blow up. "A few dents, but, you should be fine sir." He just nods as they slowly move forward. They found the body of the old General, Nate removing his outfit since it now belonged to him. He wasn't sure about putting it on, but Sara slowly pokes in. "I'll take it!" He rolls his eyes, but lets her have it. She places the hat on herself and smiles. "What do you think?" Ronnie looks her over. "It suits you kid." She huffs a bit. "I'm not a kid!"

Nate chuckles softly. "Yeah, believe it or not, she's older then I am, and I'm twenty-four.." She tips her hat to him. "Thank you, I like to think I'm just aging gracefully, until that truck comes and runs my a** over." "Soldier, watch your mouth.." Danse turns to her as she just smiles. "Heh, sorry boss." They finally work their way into the armory and she was surprised by what was inside. There was a lot more to it then what was normally found. It still had the Broadsider, it was a mini canon, and it had a crate of cannonballs right nearby. Aside from that was the FatMan and a case of mini nukes. Maxson spots the artillery schematics and takes a look. A bit pre-war, but maybe the blueprint could be useful. He would have to find a way to copy this for later use as they wonder around a bit. They soon find the button to take them back outside and she felt better outside once again. Maxson was going to be kept busy for some time so they were free to roam the area a bit. She sneaks away as she tries on the generals uniform. She had to admit, there was something oddly sexy about the blue fabric. Not only that, but it had been made into a set of armor, a plate just over her breast would keep her safe from gun fire. She soon sets out, fixing her sleeves as her new boots kick up some dirt. Nate looks her over slowly. "Somehow, that's a really good look on you." She chuckles softly as she bows her head. "I'm so keeping this!" Nate didn't really care, he was happy with the outfit he had.

The sun was slowly setting, so they had dinner there as Maxson leaves his armor for now. They would just set out in the morning, once he was sure everything was covered. For now he wonders the area, all in all the repairs the Minutemen had made, wasn't that bad. He hadn't placed much faith in the smallish army. But they were pulling together, working together as a unit and he had to admit he had been wrong about these people. Seems he had been wrong about a lot of things as off late. He sees a set of stairs that lead up to the upper walls of the Castle. It was mostly dirt up here and a few spots where they could set up the new artillery they had found. He wasn't the only one up here as he spots Sara, her new hat tilted up as she looked out into the ocean. She turns slightly as she smiles at him. "Can't beat the view." He joins her slowly, his arms behind his back. Things had been crazy, but a moment of quiet was nice. "I can't remember the last time I watched the sun set into the ocean. It feels like a lifetime ago.." He was looking her over as he lets out a low cough. "You're really keeping that?" "Your darn right I am, it's so snug, and it fits." It was still hard to find clothes, that fit her properly it was still just as annoying. "Besides, I'm totally rocking the look." She wiggles her brows at him as he just shakes his head at her. He had to wonder at times. She turns as she slowly moves closer to him. "You know, it is strange, I never did picture myself ever returning this close to the ocean. But I kind of like it, it's different, just as long as we don't run into those Mirelurks..."

He takes a quick glance around before he slides his arms around her and pulls her close. She blinks but says nothing as she leans her head on his shoulder. "Word of advice, never do it on the beach. Never tried it myself, but the stories of sand ending up in places...really kills the mood." He was slightly thankful he was standing behind her now. His hands slowly working over the fabric of her new outfit. In spite of the fact it had been down there for so long, it was in good shape. Kind of smelt like that wine they passed by. He made sure to sneak a few bottles for himself in his armor when no one was looking. She shivers a bit as he bushes his lips over her neck. What he wouldn't give for just a few minutes alone with her. Without anyone taking notice. He turns her around as he looks into her eyes. "I feel I should thank you.." She tilts her head at this. "For what?" He looks down for a moment. "Everything, I never realized, how blind I've been to everything that's been happening out here." He pulls her closer to him. "Seeing these people, how they work together, they'er no different from the Brotherhood, even if their methods are different. But they are still working on making a difference...I would had never considered helping them....not like this." She smiles at this slowly, he really was changing for the better. He just needed someone to help show him the way. He had always mostly been on his own, learning his own way in a sense. She places her hands on his neck as the music kicks in. She blinks at this and slowly starts to laugh, it slightly startled her.

She smiles at him as she starts to move to the music that was playing. She wasn't the best dancer but he places his hands on her hips as he moves with her. "Such a gentleman." He tips back her hat as he dips her and kisses her. She giggles at this as she holds onto him tightly. Once she was free she bats her eyes on him. "So does this count as a date?" He brings her back up as his brows knit. "What's a date?" She hangs her head a bit. "Oh boy, really?" She looks into his eyes, he was being serous. She sighs a bit, trying to find a way to explain this. "It's...just a way for couples to get to know one another better. Mostly involves dancing, food, a bit of wine..." She smirks at him, she had seen him sneak off with some bottles. "Didn't think anyone noticed." "You're a crap thief Arthur, but I don't think anyone else noticed.." He sighs a bit as he just keeps moving with her. So far no one had bothered him and he was slightly thankful for that. Little did he know that Danse was on top of it as Nate looks up. "Are they...dancing?" Danse lets out a low laugh. "That's what it looks like." Nate gives it some thought as he smiles. "Keep an eye on them, I have an idea.." Danse tilts his head, but didn't get to ask as he runs off to get Preston and the two of them head into the Castle. He turns his eyes up, making sure they were still up there. He wasn't to sure what Nate was up to, but he smiles nonetheless. He would have never imagined things would work out like this.