Of all the things that have happened in a matter of years, I feel as if this has now came to mind.

I began to reflect on that one time while I was still living a somewhat normal life in the village. My parents and grandmother were long gone and I spent most of my time in a mysterious but welcoming brotherhood. One day, I entered a contest where I would meet a CEO of a fancy company that mass produces advanced robot-related technologies, even going as far as spend one luxurious week with the man himself. I couldn't believe it; I was actually going to meet the CEO himself. This was before I met... "her".

But now that I began to further reflect on it, this incident still crossed my mind as of today and I am deeply regretful over what I've done in part. The CEO showed me two brand new robot humanoids that had human-looking faces and body parts, though their interiors were still robotic parts all put together. Over the course of one week, I was very foolish to have feelings for this one particular robot, who made me believe that the CEO could not be trusted. However, when the man himself caught on to my intention of freeing her, he explained to me that by manipulating me, she demonstrated true intelligence successfully. Before long, he knocked me out and had me locked up in a room somewhere in his home, as he felt like he regrets bringing me to his home. As much as I hate to admit this, I believe that he does as well as the fact that I also regret choosing a robot over someone who gave me a week's worth of hospitality and kindness.

I woke up and saw her heading straight for the exit despite my best attempts to get her to free me. She flat out ignored me as she left, intending to leave me to die alongside the CEO in his own home. I don't know how long was I trapped in that hell hole, but somehow, I managed to get out as I was exhausted, hungry, and dehydrated, even going as far as cutting myself on glass just to get one final knob unlocked. Worse, it took longer before authorities found me via helicopter as they declare me a missing person.

However, I honestly don't believe that it was just simply my fault for not listening to him, although I knew I should have listened to my instincts and just let him reprogram the robots. But now that he's dead, there's nothing I can do to atone for this horrible act... except the incident in the village when everyone though I was some kind of rapist and murderer, especially Tessa who was also foolish enough to believe the strong false evidence against me.

She made the same mistake as I did to the CEO, which I do find very ironic, but I don't blame her. Of all the different things that could have been done in other ways, I would say that this is karmic retribution for allowing a robot to kill a person that I also considered a friend. He showed me around his home and gave me some degree of joy in my life despite losing my family... and I felt like I've betrayed him very gravely.

In case if he was still alive today, I wanted to tell him that I'm sorry for doubting him, for the events that led him to his demise. I made the mistake of trusting a robot since he explained to me that robots can even manipulate humans, therefore demonstrating true intelligence in a successful matter. I won't seek forgiveness from him since I will not ask for it because it would be his decision. More so, I wouldn't blame Tessa for following in my footsteps as I would treat this as karma getting back at me for what I did to him. I feel like a hypocrite, but with the fact that I haven't seen her or her friends in years, I know I have to move on with my life. One day, I will atone for everything that I've done, but I will make sure that I'm presumed dead to all those in the village, especially Tessa and even though in the brotherhood I was in.

I'm sorry, everyone, I really am. I never had a chance to give off any final goodbyes, but I hope this will be the last anyone will ever hear from me ever again. Farewell to our old lives when we were friends as I am now presumed dead.