Salty yet Tender Streamers
She comes in many forms.
Wet or dry.
Hot and never warm.
It is no lie
when I say this food is one that is common and will never die.
Her scarf waves without mistakes.
Wavering wildly in its wake.

Flesh so tender.
A taste and texture easy to remember.
Transitioning from white to brown.
There is no wonder why she passes through with the perfect sound.

Lips so lush.
It takes no need or effort to pull or push.
Gentle but at times tough.
Take a bite.
And, you may get a minimal crunch.

Last but not least,
the final piece.
A touch of green.

The closest segment to nature
as we, as a society, tumble ceaselessly away from maturity.
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers