Tepid Vessel
I come as a whole,
a set, a bowl.
Split my friends and I apart
and you will never feel the power of my amazing start.

I feel complete
when I have the others with my heat.

The yolk glistening in the light
matching its counterpart of white.
Not to mention, the fat faintly gleaming off of the soft pork.
As unhealthy it sounds,
it is the piece that takes the most effort and time.
Soft and warm rice is best put under the eggs and meat.
The fat seeping out and making the dish far from looking neat.
Take a bite,
a lack in sight
but a mind so bright.
The warm fat bursting with flavor.
The meat is not the only thing to savor.
A warm "melts in your mouth" feeling.
The gushing gelationous food becomes more revealing.

Heat and Smoke.

There is not much effort needed to chew.
The perfect complement to the pieces of parsley laying askew.
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers


Note: Hello Birds of a Feather, happy be-lated New Year. I sincerely apologize for not writing for a pretty long time. School and depression has been a pain to my side, but I have not given up. Afterall, this is a start of a new year and it is way too early to give up. I hope Christmas and New Year has gone well for you all and wish nothing more than happiness and prosperity to all my fans. I plan on resuming on writing more poetry as well as working on that surprise I mentioned previously. Thank you so much for the support and reading my work! Happy Reading. heart