Happy New Year btw...

Kinda got caught up in all the festivities. T'was fun! cat_blaugh Now it's time to recovery from all that fun and also lose a little weight cause I ate like... a buncha fooowd, and yeaaah! cat_3nodding

Currently in Towns... Not much happening in the Isle of Gambino. As for Cat Cafe, there's some people in here. However they're all acting like tress right now. Some nice to look at, but completely still. Anyway, I left cause they seem to be boring.

Made some new music. Sounds kinda nifty. My next project will be something happy I believe. Something to cheer you up and hopefully paint a picture in your head when you listen. yum_cupcake

Haven't drawn anything lately. I'm thinking of just drawing avatars for the time being... If I can even do that. I dunno, I haven't been inspired to draw. I think I said something like this before, but when I make music it sometimes convinces me to draw something. cat_rofl

I think that should do it for meow. Stay warm or cool... Maybe fluffy. cat_blaugh