I have been really out of the whole journal thing, and still don't really know what to say. Guess I'll just go at it and delete everything if I can't write anything worthwhile in my low standards.

I guess the most important thing to get out out of the way is about the Gaia's December beg box scare, if this site ends up going belly up you can find me from Discord as OctoCamo #6593 and from Reddit as OcTokoro. And I have some other links on my profile.

It feels like there wasn't a lot of excitement in the year 2018. I did see family more than I normally do. Me and my brother went to my father and grandfather for a week during the summer and we saw our cousin who was expecting his firstborn then. He got a girl in early December. Closer to home we spent more time with my aunt's side of family consisting her husband, two of my cousins and my cousins kid. There was this nice rental lakeside place with sauna and a beach that we went to handful of times since it was open for all in specific dates. It was welcomed since it was record hot year. For some reason without much precedent this was the year my cousins kid decided that we were really close, and he asked my aunt if he could come to my place to play video games together, and another time he wanted me to go over to my cousins place so we could play there. I managed to get him excited about Super Nintendo, so that's pretty cool, he's never played anything that could be considered retro before.

Only "special event" I attended was my class reunion, and to be fair it was real fun. I met few people who I haven't seen in over a decade or at all after primary school. We also got our old teacher from grades 2 to 6 give us a tour in our old school of grades 7 to 9. Honestly not much had changed, hallways and even some class rooms were exactly how we left them, but it was fun reminiscing the past. Sticking with the past theme I also had an annual-ish meetup with three of my friends from vocational school.

And to further go down the rabbit hole of the past, I took a 4 - 6 month course in CAD technical drawing, and it was at my old vocational school that I graduated from almost ten years ago. It was pretty fun, but the school didn't really have much more function than providing us with tools for independent study. The whole thing was poorly organized and our teacher suddenly going on a leave we were left with a substitute that was completely clueless and only tried teaching really basic stuff everyone was way over with for months. But I guess it's something I can put on my curriculum vitae.

Probably because I didn't do much else, I spent this year on gaming. I spent more time gaming and focused on finishing the games I started. I also didn't grow my backlog with as many new games as I have a habit of doing. Here is my spreadsheet for this year, and for the previous two years for comparison. Open image or click it for full view.

User Image

And the MOST PRESTIGIOUS GAME OF THE YEAR AWARD, awarded my me, goes to:

Honorable mentions:
(Applicable as long as I played it this year)

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As for anime there's only four series that I can even remember watching.

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For anyone who enjoys Aggressive Retsuko, PLEASE!


And my favorite movie was

There were also Deadpool 2 and some MCU movies.


Also I moved from living with my mother to my own apartment in December 2017, so 2018 was my first year living on my own, but it's not that interesting so this is more of a sidenote. But now I can buy and display the dumbest s**t and no one needs to know.
Disclaimer: I'm not a furry. It's more like a real life s**t post performance.

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Meme of the year was Ugandan Knuckles.

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k bye