Happy News Years! Here is some things to avoid today in case you need even more of a reason to be lazy.

Don't take anything out of the house. Not even trash. If you do you might end up losing things in the year. You could also be throwing your luck away.

No crying! Tears today will lead to sorrow all year.

No laundry. Washing clothes today will wash away a loved one and/or luck. This also goes for doing dishes and washing your hair.

Don't pay out anything or make loans. Doing so will signal that money will be leaving you.

What you do today today will reflect what you do all year so stay away from activities you don't want to be stuck doing.

No sweeping your floors or you will sweep away your luck.

Don't eat chicken today overwise you too will be scratching at the dirt for your meals this year. In other words you might end up in poverty.