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. Valentine's Journal .
. . . . . .
The History Of Gaia . Prt 1 .

Enchiridion is a failure.
I will just tell of the summery of gaia's lore.
Presenting : The History Of Gaia .

part one


....Ya know...
I started to create this book to talk about the lore and life
of gaia in detail, one location at a time. But just before
my departure , i happened upon one of Lancer's notes
before leaving....

I don't wish to discuss what was written, but it's
demotivated me enough to stop before I start....


Perhaps I will just instead write one overview sum of giaia's written history
all in one go, and leave it at that. No one is interested in a full book
of details and history anyway... well cept for those at ********** , but
I'm sure they wont mind if " I " don't do it this time round' .

I'm already back in my Lab.
....But where to begin...



Gaia's known history began long ago during Goddess Gaia's
more active days. She wanted a world of love and balance....

And thus created the 5 Gods.

However , these gods where amoral, and had limited
understanding of the suffering of mortal beings.
They created life of all kinds without regard, to
satisfy curiosity. And they let it rule itself.

This world was savage and cruel.

Some of the most ancient forms of life where the
angels and demons. They existed somewhere
between gods and mortals, able to move through
both realms.

They differed only in that demons delighted in toying
with mortals, while angles preferred to remain aloof.

....After some time, some angels began to develop a
sense of empathy for other beings. They felt responsible
for lesser creatures and endeavored to protect them.

Other angles disagreed, and didn't understand what made
their berthern desire what, to them, seemed illogical.
THESE angels began to feel offended that their empathic
kin would rather spend time with lesser creatures.

.... They began to feel Jealousy ....

The leader of these angels, Azrael , devised a plan.
The few who followed him where not enough to
oppose the others, and so, he and his companions
slipped into hell...

And slew their leader.

During the old ruler, a contract was made to keep peace
so that life for mortals would be less harsh and cruel.
It was hard to make that pact.... and many demons
hated it.... with a desire to run free again.
Azrael promised them just that... free reign of the
surface once more. It was not in their nature to
refuse the opportunity to cause some chaos ....

The Demon Armies where far more massive than the angles' by far,
and more vicious in their warfare. Their leader, Ciro, faced terrible odds...

But he understood better than any of them
what wrongness was, what justice was... what kindness was...
And so, he would fight HARDER than anyone.

.... This war lasted centuries. Until...

Gaia awoke from her slumber, and found in shock the state of
her world.... and shed a single tear. This tear , in a dark time,
created a mysterious portal... and stepped through, where
warriors from another era in the future, to help determine the
fate of their world.

However, the events of this time have been shrouded in
mystery for millennia, and so, no one is sure which side
was meant to be victorious...

It's no hidden truth that the warriors that came through the
portal where average-day Gaians... bored from average life
and finally free of the G-High energies that ravaged the lands,
they where offered a chance to take part in the baseline
history of Gaia itself.... to the most extreme.


And yet it was not enough, and Azrael was winning.

With Ciro's army defeated, Azrael raised his sword to strike
the final blow.... however, he didn't know that the Warden,
the old leader of demons, survived... and formed a treaty with
Ciro to retake Hell.

In his years of exile, the Warden had come to understand the
concept of justice, that evil is best done to those whom deserve it.
And so Ciro agreed to give the demons control of hell, the souls of
the corrupted dead, and limited access to the surface world...
....in exchange for leaving mortals alone to determine there own mortal paths.


The allied angel and demon defeated Azrael, severing his sole wing,
and shaming him in front of his hordes. He would never again lead an
army, and would always roam the two realms, never to find a home or
any kind of peace from suffering. The few other angels in his command
fled and scattered, and The Warden earned the respect of his army.


The first gods, whom had been observing the war from the start,
began to understand morality.... and the preciousness of life.

Eventually, they swore on a sacred code between them, to
prevent unneeded suffering from happening whenever they could.

And upon finally learning this lesson, Gaia forgave them , and
began to create the ways they would do this. Though to this
day, these ways are not fully known or understood.

.... And thus , the world became safe for mortal species to thrive ...

Goddess Gaia erected unbreakable stone walls the will one day
become Towns Town... a safe haven for mortals to relax.

And it was good.

..... For a time .


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