Just writing this for myself, since I really needed to get this off my chest.

When I was about 16 I had a friend that I really liked hanging out with. We were together, like all the time. He lived pretty far away, but we were still able to meet up with each other rather often.

We had so much stuff in common. He liked anime, I liked anime. He loved drawing, I loved drawing. Everything was perfect.

Till at one point he said that he actually loved me, and wanted more then just friends. I at that time, didn't care about love at all. Yes, I loved BL manga's, but that's the closest thing I got to actual love. Soafter awhile I told him that I didn't want to go a step further.

I just wanted to stay best friends forever.

But that's not really what he wanted. After this he kept making more and more sexual jokes which bothered me bit by bit. It was getting akward at times.

When visiting him I would always sleep over. Since he lived so far away from my own home. It wasn't anyhting special untill one day.

We were sleeping like usual, his bed lying closely next to mine. It was very late, past midnight for sure. I was almost fully asleep until all of the sudden I felt something on my blanket. So, I opened my eyes and I suddenly saw a hand, slowly creeping over to my private parts. I was shocked, I didn't know what was going on at all.

I yelled ''STOP'' very hard, and sat up straight in bed. I looked at him, but all of the sudden he was pretending to be asleep or something. Not knowing what was even going on I couldn't sleep anymore and just stayed awake the whole night in fear of him.That he would go any further.

The next day he didn't mention anything about it at all. I tried to ask him but I couldn't. After going home I texted him about it. He denied it all, and said he wasn't even awake at that time.

I was scared of him. I couldn't sleep over anymore. Thinking he would do something similar. I slowly stopped talking to him all together.

After awhile he suddenly messaged me again. He kept telling me about his kinks and whatnot. I really didn't know anything about that stuff back then, and I was disgusted he would say something like that all out of nowhere.

It kept bugging me and in the end I broke off our friendship. I just couldn't be friends with someone who did that to me and then tried to hide it off like it was nothing.

I keep thinking about this every now and then, even when it has been 7 years ago already.