Sorry for the lack of said updates. Work has been, less easy to deal with as of late, thanks to the winter season. It normally gets rather stressful, mostly because, we have to keep an eye on our labor. I still work for McDonald's btw. Thing is, there's times where business short of lags and we have to send people home. Thing is, it never fails, we can be running the store with three people. Myself and two others, and things just quickly hit the fan. I mean, not only am I taking orders in drive through, I'm also doing what I can to help in grill, while getting complaints on why it's talking so long. Look it's not the perfect set up, but I honestly wish people would stop being such jerks about it. We're doing the best we can, with what we got. With that being said, it gets tiring, been doing this for six years and it's still a giant pain in the butt.

As for my uh....story, I think I'm just going to nuke it, I've lost interest in it, been enjoying Fallout 4 to much to really put time in effort into something I just lost interest in. Might try something new I'm not really sure yet, but I think for now, I'm taking a major breather. Doesn't mean I'm disappearing, just means I'll more then likely be ignoring my journal for a bit. Which is why there's been so little updates. Well that and I kept rewriting the story I was working on more times then I can count and I'm still not pleased with it. We'll see what the future holds and maybe when I feel up to it, I'll try something new. Until then I'll be around as always~