Yoohoo minna-san!
Right now I feel an urge to write something here and I don't know if it helps but I'm gonna write it anyway.

So firstly, I had a test today which was freaking difficult since it started like 8 at the morning. Like, would you be able to think anything in the morning? confused
Most of my answers is a definitely no. Being stressed out every day and all the assignments are piling up like skyscrapers. Plus I also have sleep problems... how fun. emo

My main issue is how I'm able to keep my motivation and get my stuff done. My personal problems are affecting my schoolwork and I can't help it. I have talked with school counselor and the school nurse about it. Didn't help so much as I expected. The only thing that really helps are watching anime, drawing or watching a YouTube video sweatdrop

Right now I need to chill down and hopefully find solutions to my problems...

P.S Still in school (LOL) emotion_donotwant

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