------Theres this image in my head that I can't get get out of my head. I was wowed of how beautiful you look under the red Christmas lights that ran through your hallway as I left your place. The dark silhouette of the fake vines that ran along side it blurs in the background as I focused on your face. You said you had them on for halloween and never really gotten the time to take them down. Thank you for making dinner by the way. That gumbo was delicious and, I was kinda embarrassed to ask for seconds even though you offered me. I know you'll never see this and I hope you never do but, I just need to get this out of my head before it turns into toxic thoughts. In a way you remind me of me. Its kinda scary to be honest. I know our futures is a bit grim and that we both see the possibility that tomorrow we could be dead. But I hope you stay strong. I hope that you succeed in the endeavors you pursue. I hope that you learn from your mistakes and press on rather than regretting. I hope for your future happiness because you remind me of me. And, I hope for my future happiness too despite how grim it feels.

In the event that I don't ever see you again. I'll have this entry to remind me of you.

Take care my friend, Anikacy out